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Written by Darice de Cuba on October 27, 2010

One of this week selected entries focus on how writing is mostly a lot of thinking and I partly agree. Whether it is a personal inspired or just fact writing. I spend a lot of time thinking when writing my opinion or just stating facts, on how to formulate it and if I’m not coming off stronger then intended.

Back in highschool we had to write an essay for an exam, which meant we had an hour and a half to write a short essay. We did not get the topic before hand or anything, they just tell you to write an essay about a topic which you are given right there. Needless to say there isn’t much time to think but just write and think as you go. An hour and a half to formulate your opinion, write it down in perfect grammar as it is a language test. Once done check it for mistakes and write the final version. Getting essays for homework is much more easier then doing them during exams.

Telling you this I mean to say that writing from the heart is always there, you just have to edit yourself instead of publishing right away. I think I mentioned this before, that when writing a long post I always let it sit in draft and take a look again at it at another time before publishing it. Most of the time I end up editing it before publishing.

With weblogs, especially ones with high traffic, thinking is a must. “With great power, comes great responsibility”. I would like to say we are not responsible with what people do with information and opinion they get from us, but the contrary is true. Fact is a lot of people don’t have an opinion and will take others their opinion as their own, politics is a great example of this.

10 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Doing Well

You had lot of enthusiasm when you started your blog and it has been quite sometime now. However you find that your blog is not getting much traffic and you are clueless why your hard work is not getting noticed.

Advice for a New Blogger

Ideas flow for a new project when you still have all your passion. Later, when you hit a rut or things seem to be plodding along, you need to still have the interest, the drive to be able to keep the blog going.

A change of seasons

I’ve been wait­ing for the snow to come. Even with the has­sle and the mess and the bit­ing cold, it’s still worth it to wake up to a white world.

An entry that feels like a short story aided with pictures. We can often recognize ourselves in personal entries written by others, just like with books.

The best writing comes from the head, not the heart

The best writing come not from the heart, but from research, practice and a willingness to learn from experience. The one thing writers absolutely need to do is think. And think hard.

Increase Your Word Power

Think you are good at English? Try out Rob’s word quiz.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on October 20, 2010

I have come across entries around the web and tweets where people express their opinion, that if you can’t think of something to write you are not passionate anymore about it. Basically implying there is no such thing as writer’s block. I have given this opinion some thought and I must say I disagree.

Personally what keeps me from writing a lot is my perfectionist nature that only wants to do something if I’m sure it will be good. Secondly, personal life issues influences motivation and creativity a lot. While some people will use that to get writing a lot, others like me just can’t find a starting point.

I find it short sighted to imply that one has lost its passion to the subject they write about. Of course that can happen but it is definitely not the only reason people can’t think of something to write about. If you find yourself without ideas set a simple task, e.g., I write book reviews or about a new food dish I cooked. These kind of posts are mostly opinion posts which will get your thoughts flowing.


You walk into a strange city, a place for­eign to you. You know this as soon as you arrive. The peo­ple, they look dif­fer­ent. Their faces are friendly but they are strangers. You are, my friend, far away from your home.

A beautiful written entry about the City of Kuching located in Malaysia. The atmosphere is conveyed so well it will make you want to take a trip there.

My quest to become an endurance athlete

So why am I doing this? To challenge myself. Unlike team sports where you depend on others to compete against unknown variables, in endurance racing, the only person I have to worry about is myself. I’m not out there trying to win these races, I’m out there trying to beat my previous records. I’m out there to prove to myself that I can do something I didn’t think I could do.

Today I was again confronted with the subject of challenging myself. If I don’t have an external push I will not feel very motivated to achieve the best. E.g., websites for client absorb me a lot more than if I’m working for something personal. It’s all about delivering something good on time and surprising clients with extra’s they didn’t expect.

I have to work more on my own personal goals and motivation and get to a point that I can be completely absorbed by what I’m doing and not get distracted. To me that is one of the challenges I face.

Are You “Mathematically Challenged?”

Recently I ran across an interesting blog post on why old phone numbers used to begin with letters instead of being all numbers. That’s why the old rotary dials had letters as well as numbers. Those letters carried through to push-button phones and now cell phones All of that was the precursor of texting on cell phones with letters on each key, except the placement of the Z.

I was never good at math, I love numbers but numbers don’t love me. I still have my highschool calculator and recently even had to use the calculator to calculate a number to the power of n. Miraculously I remembered which key to use for that.

Cross off the Annoyances

Make a list of everything bugging you, annoying you, peeving you off and just making you want to have a royal fit or an old fashioned temper tantrum.

I did just this a week ago, instead of listing things I just wrote down about a big issue bothering me. As for things to be thankful for, almost every day I sum that up in my mind. We don’t realize it but we are very lucky to have a home with heating, clean water, whatever food we want, a comfy bed with clean sheets and more luxuries.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on October 13, 2010

Facebook Announces New Groups Feature

The new Groups app allows you to add anyone you want to the group and they can add anyone they want to the group and you’re added. No permission asked or needed. In order to get out of a group, you have to actually opt-out. This seems to be a privacy issue. . . but Facebook gets around that by setting the default option on Groups to private. That means that your business will only be shared with a hundred people you didn’t want to friend and not everyone on Facebook.

I always marvel about when I’m wondering about something I almost immediately stumble upon the answer in a weblog post. A discussion was started in the 9rules forums if maybe Facebook groups would be a good replacement for the forum. I never used the group feature and was wondering what its functionalities are, especially if I have to ‘friend’ everyone who joins the group.

4 Amazing Life Lessons from Scrooge McDuck

Like in every person and duck, there are both good things and bad things in Scrooge. We can learn from both the positive and negative sides of the world’s richest duck.

Here in the Netherlands we have a weekly comic book about Donald Duck and a couple of years back I spend a year buying and reading them. I never really put thought on Scrooge McDuck or the other characters on how lessons could be applied from their personalities. I really enjoyed this article, how a hobby can inspire someone to find valuable lessons in it and share it with us.

Organize your writing, J.K. Rowling style

The grid outlines the chapter, month, chapter title, explanation of how that chapter relates to the over-arching plot of the book, and then columns for each of the book’s six subplots […]

This is why the Harry Potter series has way fewer plot holes than Twilight series. I knew for a long time already that Rowling planned her books before writing them and taking her time also not rushing to get them published. This outline grid just proves how methodical she was about planning her storylines.

This is a good example that taking time to write your weblog entry pays off, instead of rushing to publish it. I myself was guilty of this and now I write down what I want to convey in my longer and personal posts on my own weblog. It is very easy to get off track when writing longer posts, writing down notes will help you keep your thoughts clear. A good advice also is to let the post sit in drafts for a day and read it again with fresh eyes before publishing.

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada

When you aren’t writing to impress anyone in particular and you know your family and friends won’t read it and think any less or more of you, what does Thanks giving mean to you?

Canada just recently celebrated Thanksgiving while the U.S. celebrates theirs in November. When writing from personal point of view it is indeed good practice to write down your opinions on personal matters. A lot of authors pour inspiration from their personal experiences. Holidays is something we can all agree brings up the best and worse of people. This article may have even inspired me to write a satirical article about a memorable holiday spent with family.

If you rather not publish it you should just write it for yourself or make it a complete fiction piece.

Something Fishy

We discovered a lot of things about caring for goldfish and fish in general. We also realized that we had been doing a lot of things wrong!

This is what I love about personal weblogs, those little nuggets of information you wouldn’t care for knowing but once you know them they can come in very handy. People who write personal weblogs tend to share a lot of what they learn and find out on a daily basis in their lives. While Gizmodo might know about the next iPhone, the personal webloggers in your feed reader will provide information you can actually use and apply in your daily life.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on October 6, 2010

The hottest recent news is about AOL acquiring TechCrunch ran by Michael Arrington. Arrington started TechCrunch as a hobby and build it to one of the most influential tech blogs in Silicon Valley. He made the dream most webloggers have a reality and he did it in five years.

Selling your weblog for 40 millions dollar is like starting as a jobless actor and making it as top A-list actor. Only a few get to make that dream come true. That doesn’t mean you can’t have success with your weblog, you just have to set realistic goals and milestones.

I listed a few entries from the 9rules feed that focus on improving your weblog and how to keep the passion going. We can all use a reminder on the most basic tips about weblogging.

5 Lessons Every Blogger Can Learn From The AOL TechCrunch Acquisition

If you want to succeed in blogging, you have to be the kind of person who doesn’t mind saying your own name… a lot.

5 Tips to Getting Out of an Assignment Rut

Work on your passion project. You’ve got one, right? If not, you should. Just because you are living the dream as a developer doesn’t mean you’re working on projects that you are passionate about.

12 Basic Blogging Tips That Really Matter

when a readers finds something useful for himself on your site he/she then immediately tries to find out who’s behind this site and looks for an “About me” page. This page contains some basic information about yourself and in-detailed info of the blog. This creates a sort of trust on you

Are Tags and Categories Too Much Work?

What are your thoughts and experiences in dealing with/ using tags and categories?

Using Smell To Improve Your Fiction

The trouble with smell is it’s often better experienced than described. It’s a shame, because smell has the potential to help create strong scenes in a way that sight and sound simply can’t.

Life Unexpected

Truth is, being a young father, and having experienced dreadful losses in my family at this age, I have come to appreciate and relate to programs like this. It’s one of those shows where characters can be both the good guy and the antagonist.

In last week entry I mentioned how important it is to have a good hosting company. While content and layout are very important the technical details need to be taken care of also. Tags and categories for example make it easier for your readers to browse content.

To wrap up more advice on writing and the most important tip; always keep writing.