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Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on August 25, 2010

It is already week 4 of this series, summer is coming to an end here in Europe. It is very windy, rain everyday and getting darker earlier. The one good thing about autumn and winter is that the amount of content published gets more as we spend more time inside. This week I’m sharing four posts that are a nice and good read. Even short posts have their charm and are better actually as online readers have a short attention span.

The Doctor’s Office

It’s always my fear, though, that one of these days, in the midst of an intense check-up, as we’re considering some serious condition, the doctor will stop, think for a minute, and stand up.

What Perfect Is

Perfect is the way we are born. Perfect is the way we are now. Perfect is exclusively unique.

Top 5 Most Annoying Blogging Clichés

How many or the articles you read on this topic go further into exploring the ways to give your content the deserved spotlight? My take is that without due promotion, aesthetics and a good network, your content is nothing but a king without a kingdom!

Just Another Windy Day

It’s a windy day, you’re walking along the sidewalk, coffee in hand. The wind is nice, just strong enough to blow the cobwebs out of your head, yet not so strong you’re having to hold onto things in order not to blow away yourself.

While going through this week posts I kept being amazed how since I started reading weblogs back in 2003 how commercial weblogs have become. I’m not talking only about ads but content written specifically to link to products and motivating their readers to purchase them. There is a difference in recommending something you really like and recommending something because you make a profit out of it.

Remember how weblogs used to have a blog roll or link list on their site? Most list where strictly sites they read and liked. Now you don’t see that anymore, the link list has been replaced by the banners column and affiliate links.
While I understand we all would like to make some money, hosting and domain only cost minimal 100 dollars a year. It is just there are weblogs that are about money making first and content second.

That’s what makes it a challenge to recommend good content, going through all what’s out there and selecting the best ones in your opinion.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on August 18, 2010

It’s week three and in the highlight we have weblog posts about food, books, health, comics, fiction and business. Like I said before personality is a very important part of a weblog. This week selections show this again with a story about a husband attending a corporate party of his wife’s company. An inspired post about laughter, a writer engaging his readers to participate on his weblog and another one sharing a family recipe.

Posts like these is what keeps your readers returning and maybe even to share something themselves in the comments.

Are You Freelance or Self-Employed?

One of the worst things about having a spouse in the corporate world is the support you may have to give, which sometimes includes being present at corporate social gatherings. And this is the situation I found myself in the other day.

Shift Your Mood With A Laughter Experiment

I was inspired to write this post by the lovely Kathy Popplewell after reading one of her newsletters.

Awesome Arena: Wonder Woman vs. Ms. Marvel

Care to see if our latest combatants can one-up the battle we had last week in an internet inspired confrontation between DC’s Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Ms. Marvel?

Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce

I grew up eating this dish so this is true taste of home-cooked food to me. Salty and savoury, this dish goes really well with rice and steamed buns (for kong bak bao ???). Every family has a different way of cooking this dish.

Little Ms. Massacre

With L’il Ms. M, you gotta wait for her to want you to ask her before actu­ally ask­ing her out for tea. She’s shy that way, if that’s what you call shy. She refuses, of course, when you ask her, but goes out with you anyway.

Book Review: Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas

Scarlett Thomas likes to write about big ideas. She doesn’t deviate from that in her latest novel, Our Tragic Universe. In fact, the novel is built around portentous issues like immortality and whether we are all living in a simulated universe — and the storyless story.

From personal experience I can say even if you don’t get comments there are people regularly reading your weblog. You might not have a huge audience but you are reaching someone out there. I sometimes get unexpected email or once even a gift from people I had no idea where longtime followers. So keep writing with passion, for yourself and for your readers may it be one or thousand.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on August 11, 2010

It’s week two of ‘Noteworthy Content of the Week’, I have been keeping up to date with the 9rules feed and keeping track of content that attracted me. It has been said many times that a good title is half of the work and this has been proven true again.

Which brings to mind, when you write a post do you come up with the title first or leave it for the last? I for one prefer to write down the whole post and then I’ll think of a fitting title. This works best for me especially as during writing I might change the original purpose or the tone of the post.

The thoughts in my head are culminating into a divergent rant about ADHD, relationships and e-commerce

Can I just cry? Right now. Right here in front of you and say you know what, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve been given to work with.

The MasterChef Cookbook Review

I remember watching the original version with my parents when I was a child, and wondering if I would ever be good enough to go on a program like that (note: I’m still not).

Rabbit Hash and Wine … and a Dog

There was a cop stationed on the porch of the General Store, but we figure he was there to combat stupidity (don’t go falling into the river) as opposed to breaking up fights.

And then, I lost the dog. Almost.

An office door opens, and there is the Consul. A smiling, friendly, neat looking man. He says hello, and bows. My hand twitches back from almost reaching out to shake his when I see he’s not going for it. No hand shaking in this culture, I guess?

Apple – The Cult in Technology

Microsoft’s success quite often is due to its consistency in maintaining perfection and achieving a status quo, while Apple on the other hand survives and grows through its creativity in developing novel products.

Committing to scan and read all posts that come through the 9rules feed is helping me discover new things which I might not know about. As a foodie for example the MasterChef Cookbook is a nice discovery. You also probably noticed that all posts mentioned above are full of the writers personality. I don’t know about you but with an internet full of text I prefer reading posts in which I have a feeling I know the author and not that I’m reading just another generic post.

Noteworthy Content of the Week

Written by Darice de Cuba on August 4, 2010

Starting today I will post each week a list of entries from the 9rules feed that has caught my eyes. The entries can be something fun, sentimental, educational, informational or just personal. The ones I list are the ones that got me interested to read them.

Simple Writings Bring Simple Pleasures by mom advice.

The windows were cracked and I could feel the fresh air blowing into our house and the smell of freshly cut grass. I look down at my daughter as I feel her deliberate and persistent tapping on my leg.

Remind Remind Remind by Corey Vilhauer.

All things are relative. We reminded ourselves that every time we felt like falling back into complaint.

Blog Ethics: Writing a Disclosure by Word Grrls.

If you write book reviews, even if you are not paid in money, you should write a disclosure policy for your blog. Having free books from the publisher is payment of a sort. A disclosure would help your credibility as an unbiased reviewer.

Back of the Bookshelf – The Mystery of Disney World by Carole Marsh by Julie.

I got the urge to stop by the library and browse the shelves for new titles to read. I love just wandering through the aisles, stopping and looking at any book that catches my eye. I don’t go with a specific book in mind, I just drift around and grab whatever looks interesting.

HTML5 for Web Designers Book Review and Giveaway
by Jonathan Christopher.

If you’ve read about HTML5 here and there and you can’t stop hearing other people talk about it, HTML5 for Web Designers will get you into those conversations.

Mad Men Monday: Indulge Yourself by Wine Girl.

Really, what I saw going on in this episode was a series of overindulgence. Keeping in mind that I’m all for indulging yourself, but between the smoking and the drinking … wow.

Hopefully this wide range of entries topic will inspire you to write something of your own. If you liked a particular entry from the 9rules feed let us know in the comments.