The Network

2010 Brings More Change

Hi, my name is Paul Scrivens. I’m the guy who came up with this domain name and am 1/10th of the collective brain that came up with the original concept for 9rules. Although it seems like half a century ago I’m sure a couple of you remember how 9rules was when we initially launched. A small community where we all got together and discussed anything in our forums and showcased great content that truly mattered. As blogs matured and moved on we tried to move 9rules along with it. There were some successes and some failures, but we could always say that whenever we tried something new we did it with the best intentions.

Last August, we announced our sale of the site to Splashpress. I agreed to stay on for a bit with 9rules to help the Splashpress team with the transition. During this time we even had a Round, but I didn’t participate in it and admittedly most of the sites wouldn’t have gotten in under the watch of Tyme, Mike or myself.

In November, I took over the reins of Splashpress and with this came managing 9rules all over again. Now when we first handed over 9rules we felt that it was a good thing because we thought someone else with a fresh perspective could bring some added flavor to the Network. With my mini-vacation I was finally able to sit back and see where 9rules was going and much of it I didn’t like. Fortunately, now that 9rules is under the SPM umbrella there isn’t a constant struggle to ensure that we are bringing in a ton of money, which admittedly was part of what clouded my judgements with 9rules before.

9rules doesn’t have to be the world leader in blogging or be a name that is recognized by all. 9rules simply needs to be what it does best and that is a place for people who love to write to come together. To do this though requires a lot of changes and one of them you can see over time is the removal of a lot of sites that just don’t match the quality that 9rules represents. One of the best times at 9rules was when we first started with 17 sites and we might very well get back down to that number. If you are a member and you don’t see your site up anymore then you probably haven’t been following what is going on in the forums. If that is the case you shouldn’t be too concerned. You are still a member in the forums so you can continue interacting with 9rules members.

There is also going to be a new model of how 9rules works. Every piece of content written by our members isn’t frontpage worthy, we realize that. If our job is to showcase the best content then we need to create a system where only the best content shows and that is what we are working on behind the scenes. I can’t promise a return to the glory days because those are behind us, but I can ensure you that the changes that do take place are ones that bring a focus back to why you came to 9rules in the first place.