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UPDATED: Ladies and Gents, this is 9rules ROUND 9

Written by Jayvee Fernandez on October 12, 2009

UPDATE: For those who received emails but did not see their sites on the list, it means that the latest post we made was overwritten by an autosave. Talk about the odds. As long as you received the email, it means you are in. We’ve updated the list. Apologies.

Here are the sites that made it through the screening process. We look forward to working with you! After this, you will receive an email with instructions for what to do next. In the meantime, please savor the moment πŸ™‚

Congratulations once again!


  1. Cody McKibben Says:

    So what exactly are the criteria for selection again? I’ve entered 2x for 9Rules, but I have to say this selection is the most unimpressive ever! What did you “new overlords” do? just slip in all your own blogs and those of your friends?

    We have some hentai, thoroughly boring personal photos, ad-laden splogs (http://www.gameops.net/ are you joking?).

    What a waste of time. Thoroughly disappointed with the new direction and poor quality of selections.

  2. Iain Broome Says:

    Well cor blimey and whoop-di-doo! I’m very pleased indeed. Thank you. *checks email*

  3. Keith Dsouza Says:

    Oh wow, this is great. Thanks for selecting Techie Buzz to the 9Rules network πŸ™‚

  4. Techie Buzz is Part of 9Rules Network Says:

    […] premium blogging network, which showcases the best content of the Independent web. Techie Buzz was selected in round 9 of blog submissions, along with several other popular blogs. There were more than 150 blog […]

  5. Jessica Doyle Says:

    You know… I’ve come back to look at this list quite a few times today in awe.

    Today (Monday) is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

    I am thankful to be on the list above.

    Thank you 9rules!

  6. BlogrPro Says:

    My friend Keith’s blog is in this list. Congrats Keith. Meanwhile it’s bad luck for me once again.

  7. jepoy Says:

    @Cody McKibben – thank you for calling our site, GameOPS, an ad-laden splog.


  8. Anil Says:

    What a rubbish, total ridiculous not because their selection but the process. Rewarding to people who check on your website regularly and came to know about 24 hrs deadline. You can not do your homework. Glad our website is not going to part of this so called mesh.

  9. Aaron Hockley Says:

    I’m flattered that you selected my site amongst this group. I look forward to getting the email with more details.

  10. Bernard Says:

    Thanks for letting my site in, awaiting details! πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah Badr Says:

    Wow, what an honour! Thanks so much for including Pieces at Random on the 9rules list.

  12. Mubashar Iqbal Says:

    Very pleased to have been accepted, and looking forward to being part of the community.

  13. Andy Says:

    Wow, so much animosity Anil. I can tell that you really didn’t want to be part of this πŸ˜‰

    You did have six days notice about this β€” the first announcement was posted on 25th September. Still, I presume you won’t be bothering to subscribe to the RSS feed to find out about future rounds because you don’t want to be part of the community anyway.

  14. HiHu Says:

    I’ve received an email saying that I had been selected, but I’m not on the list !

  15. Iain Broome Says:

    @Anil I found out about the submission window through Twitter, not through 9rules.

  16. Ali B. Says:

    I did receive an email today and followed the instruction to the registration process. I can’t, however, see my site in the list above. So which one was the mistake? πŸ™‚

  17. Victor Boba Says:

    http://www.8164.org is on the list and one of the best design sites I know of. I follow it religously. Jin Yang did a great job with this blog.

    He’s also got a new blog over at http://www.ClearTypeMedia.com regarding government web standards and design.

  18. Laura Says:

    I’m not on the list here but I got the email saying my blog was selected. πŸ™‚

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  20. C. Holland Says:

    Thank you for selecting Missionary Confidential!

  21. Pablo Lara H Says:

    Woooaw, Thank you‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

  22. John (Human3rror) Says:

    yay! i’m in! πŸ˜‰

  23. HiHu Says:

    It seems the issue has been dealt with πŸ™‚

    I’m very pleased to be part of your wonderful community !

    See you soon 9 rules πŸ™‚

  24. Ammon Says:

    Thrilled to be listed here with so many other great bloggers. I look forward to participating in this network.

  25. I am 9Rules and 9Rules am I. – Human3rror Says:

    […] recently been awarded the opportunity to be a part of a select group of bloggers in the 9Rules […]

  26. These hands made it into 9rules Says:

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  27. Eat Smart Age Smart Says:

    Wow – I’ve applied quite a few times and I’m still not sure what to do to be considered.

    When will have another selection?

    Could you please detail the criterion your consider?

    I ask because I was awared “Top 200 health blogger” for the healthy eating category of WellSphere (out of 3000 bloggers) and I’d love to be part of the 9rules family.

    Thanks for letting me know more.


  28. Sven Quandt Says:

    It’s great. Many thanks for including my site to the 9Rules network

  29. Regis Says:

    Could you please make Paul Scrivens and Tyme an offer to work for your company? I just got back from Iraq. It was a shock to see low quality sites added to 9rules but more shocking to see zero negative comments on this entry. Have things gotten so bad that no one cares to speak up? 9rules did not delete comments even when they were negative. How many entries are on this site from Tyme about accepting negative criticism?

    Why bring them back if you can?

    1) You save months of people learning how to work together. Paul and Tyme already know how to work together. They are a veteran team who can jump in and get to work.
    2) Paul is like Jesus to websites. He can resurrect your dead sites into good ones. He can come up with a plan to fix all of your sites.
    3) The person fixing the mess can’t be the one who works with the people. Everyone knows that. That is why companies have Human Resource departments. Tyme is like the Egyptian goddess Isis or the Battlestar Gallactica Cylon-Human hybrid character who used her powers to heal people. She takes care of everyone and is better than Human Resources.
    4) Who better than Tyme to work with your bloggers to write better? Isn’t that what she did with people who were rejected from 9rules? Who else can turn around the crappy blogs you allowed in 9rules from the last round? A blogger serious about their writing wouldn’t want to pass up that opportunity.
    5) Paul has balls just like Jesus. He isn’t afraid to do something different.
    6) None of your bloggers can legitimately complain about Paul and Tyme being placed over them as they are more qualified. Your company doesn’t seem to have a place for your writers to go or anyone managing them (Human Resources).
    6) No ego clash. Paul loves being the spotlight, Tyme doesn’t want it. Paul likes to run things, Tyme can but prefers not to. If one of them gets sick, the other can fill in. Paul wouldn’t have to worry about anyone being after his job or vice versa.
    7) It would be a coo to get them back if you can. It would make people happy, relieved and curious what comes next.

    Perhaps you do not care and like collecting sites. If you care about your readers and your writers you will do what is best for your company. I’d like to see strong arguments against asking Paul and Tyme to return. Don’t assume they won’t come back. For us that still want to believe in the sites we like, ask them. It is one thing if you make Paul and Tyme a reasonable offer and they turn it down (you tried your best and you can show your staff and community that) but if you neglect to make them both a reasonable offer, and do not find replacements that work better than them, it will show your lack of dedication to your company. People loved 9rules so much they tattooed the logo on their bodies. You owe them this. Other than Paul and Tyme I can’t think of anyone else as qualified. The B5media man left but he didn’t run the company well from what I read. The Weblogs people have their own projects in full swing.

    I guess I’m about to find out if you delete or moderate the bad comments. If you do, Paul would call you a p-u-s-s-y. Tyme would shake her head at your weakness to accept negative criticism.

  30. Devin Says:

    Congratulations to all, but what happened to Paul and Tyme?

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