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Foxweb Are Innovators

Written by Scrivs on December 8, 2008

From foxweb:

Our innovative creative design team spends hours ensuring that your unique and suited to your needs.

Hm? Guess that means our leaf that we created 4 years before them isn’t unique or innovative…at least their grammar is unique.

  1. Robert Day Says:

    Where have I seen that before?

  2. seriocomic Says:

    OMG. blatant…

  3. justin brock Says:

    I’m not so sure . . . theirs is clearly on a black background, while the 9rules leaf is on a blue background. They might actually have a case.

  4. Erik Says:


    I found their statement even more funny after looking at their “contact us” page. Those standard joomla icons looks so nice and pixelated on the black background ^_^

  5. OpenSourceHunter Says:

    I have seen more stuff on there website that have been copyd by them….so i rest my case 😉


  6. Chetan Says:

    Just added a white box behind 9rules leaf, and now its unique !!

  7. Chris Berry Says:

    Isn’t the fox supposed to be on fire?

  8. thomas Says:

    omg … bad mistake. but you can say what you want: they are “unique” … *g*

  9. Tara Says:

    “Our sites aren’t just droolingly, ridiculously good looking….”
    Come on! Droolingly????

  10. Saad Kamal Says:

    LOL. They are certainly unique with their English!

  11. Alex Fraiser Says:

    Maybe we should start a list of people who steal the 9rules logo as their own. Like Panic did with their software icons!

  12. Goob Says:

    Check out their portfolio page. I especially enjoy the design with the creepy monkey logo.

  13. WD Milner Says:

    Shame that. I hope someone contacted them about it.

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