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Round 8 Is Closed

Written by Scrivs on November 5, 2008

Thanks to the 90 million people who submitted. It took us a while to write down all the information on index cards, but we were able to do it. I am proud of us. More so I am proud of myself because I only suffered five paper cuts through the process. Thank you for everyone that submitted.

I don’t have an exact date as for when the acceptance list will be posted, but it will be done much quicker than usual. The last submission round of 2008 is complete!

  1. Russell Wilson Says:

    That sucks… I read the submission dates as starting at 12 midnight on the 5-Nov which could be interpreted as the evening of 5-Nov going 24hrs to the evening of 6-Nov but apparently I was 24hrs off (and my bad for not reading the blog)…

    Crap, crap, crap…

    Poor http://www.dexodesign.com — a lower class citizen and non-beauty pageant contestant until next time.


  2. Elyse Says:

    90 million submissions and results expected faster than usual?! If only Washington state polls and vote counting procedures had improved that much for the recent election! :D

    Good luck and have fun going through the submissions, Scrivs, Tyme and Mike! I’m excited for the stream, assuming you hold one of course! :)

    And, as always, good luck to the sites submitted!

  3. SATISH -- Technotip.org Says:

    Best of luck to everyone who had submitted. And best of luck to those who will be going through all these submissions :)

  4. Shelly Borrell Says:

    Darn. I missed it. :(

    I had marked the date on my calendar too, but I was on California time. 90 million? That’s incredible! How about 90 million, plus 1 great one???

    Thanks for your time, Shelly Borrell
    Nibbles of Tidbits, a Food Blog

  5. 90 million submissions to 9rules! | SeoblogR Says:

    […] last submission round to inclusion in 9rules blog network in this year is closed. 9rules blog notifies of 90 million people who submitted their blogs to the network! I don’t have an exact […]

  6. Valeria | TimelessLessons Says:

    Can’t wait to see our blog in the list(fingers crossed!)… please make it as soon as possible. :)

    An thank you again guys for the opportunity.

  7. mikeyoung Says:

    WOW. If it really is 90 mil I won’t feel so bad if I’m not accepted. If it isn’t really 90 mil I’ll convince myself that it is so that I don’t get too depressed. Fingers are quadruple crossed.

  8. Relequestual Says:

    I submitted my site for the first time. Hoping I’ll get lucky. Good luck to everyone else!

  9. OpenSourceHunter Says:

    90 million submissions?? damzz


  10. Dennis Bjørn Petersen Says:

    90 million??!! Is that for real or does it feel like it? ;)

    Crossing my fingers.

  11. Johnson Koh Says:

    Unbelievable figure. 90 million!
    Thanks for going through our entries.

  12. john Says:

    90 million is a joke guys. Got to love the internets!

  13. Devin Says:

    Mazel Tov to the 90 million!

  14. Chetan Says:

    90 million submissions !!!!!!!!!
    I am one of them. Now it will be tough competition.
    and it will take considerable long time to review all.

  15. Bryan Chain Says:

    Do you guys honestly believe the number is anywhere close to 90 million, seriously?

    Think about that for a second.

  16. Mike Rundle Says:

    For those of you not accustomed to 9rules humor, there were not 90 million submissions.

    There were only 4,571,648 submitted, far short of 90 million.

    Carry on.

  17. Justin Brock Says:

    Good luck to everyone who submitted. Mine’s a brand new site [ justinbrock.com ], so I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t get in.

  18. Chetan Says:

    @Mike Rundle
    So this is the actual figure.
    But still its HUGE .

  19. Jack Says:

    Sarcasm is a lost art these days.

  20. Dave Says:

    Bloody hell, 90 million! Good luck with that :)

  21. kadavy Says:

    @Mike Rundle. 4,571,648…HA! ROTFLMAO ;)

  22. Motorbeam.com Says:

    When are they next rounds of submission?

  23. mike young Says:

    As I said earlier, if I don’t get in I’m telling myself it was 90 mil. You should do the same.

  24. Jeff Says:

    90 million seems about right to me. I submitted my site about 14,000 times. I would have done more, but I broke my keyboard.

  25. o0rebeccakelsey Says:

    I missed it! sob

  26. Jon Says:

    Well even 4 million is better than last rounds 10 entrants ;)

    good luck everyone!

  27. Adam Singer Says:

    Excited to see if I made this…loved your network for awhile and I made SURE to remember to submit this round (finally!)

  28. Apple Says:

    90 million submission is a lot! Congrats on the amount. I do hope my blog can be accepted. :)

  29. JP Says:

    My blog is pretty new, but I’ve been getting some steady traffic! If I don’t make it this time, I will be submitting every open day, until I make it!

  30. Shelly Borrell Says:

    I wrote a comment earlier, but kept thinking 90 million didn’t sound right. I should have called it earlier, darn — Now I look like an idiot for believing it, HA. My fabulous Food Blog must be added now. ;)

    Thanks, Shelly
    Nibbles of Tidbits

  31. Young Says:

    Hope I can be in this time.

  32. Erik Says:

    Just wanted to wish everyone who submitted a good luck. Got my fingers crossed for you.
    Finally got the courage to submitted my own blog as well this time.

  33. limeshot Says:

    Ahem, I did think 90 million was a bit much, but I believed it nevertheless. Ok, feeling like a dork now…

    Ah well, if it’s just 4,571,648 I’m SO in :)

  34. Bryan Chain Says:

    Its not even 4 million…lol

    Its probably a couple thousand.

  35. Dannie Says:

    oh boy this is crazy, kind of fun at the same time.

  36. Chris Berry Says:


    My guess is that of everyone who has commented here, you have the greatest chance of being accepted. Very nice site.

  37. DB Ferguson Says:

    We’re on Round 2 of trying. During my first application, I was having a particularly off few weeks – I was in the middle of the move, was on a work sabbatical between an old job and my new job, and the TV show I blog about (‘The Colbert Report’) was on hiatus, so my blog was not nearly up to par as I would have liked to have when presenting myself for this blogging community.

    We’re 100% on our game this month, however, and hoping for luck this time with our 9rules application.

  38. Zinni Says:

    Does anyone know how the SuperStream works? I never witnessed one before?

  39. George Says:

    I can’t imagine that I’ll be accepted, but I tried anyway- why not? my posts are decent, and I don’t have any of what they don’t want.. hah.

  40. Kyle Dylan Conner Says:

    90 million? Pshhtt, I’m definitely in.

  41. Damien Says:

    9Rules is a quality item. Glad I discovered the window and got in under the wire!
    I’m a fan even if I don’t get accepted Postcards from the Funny Farm accepted, but I hope I do ;) !

    Best with the sorting.

  42. Dainis Graveris Says:

    oh, wow how it can be? This is too huge number..:D huh, I am going to wait for the next round so good luck to everybody! I will challenge You the next time :)

  43. Miss Gisele B. Says:

    Thank you in advance for your consideration in reviewing my site!

    I’m confident that my content will stand head and shoulders above the other 89,900,999 other blogs that submitted their URL to be part of your prestigious network!!!

    Miss Gisele B.

  44. Motorbeam.com Says:

    When will the result be out :)

  45. Tyme White Says:

    @Motorbeam – We haven’t decided on the date we’re going to announce the new members. We’ll post on the site when we’re ready and I’ll post an update on my progress by Monday.

    One thing I can say – take a minute and make sure your feeds work. Subscribe to them so if you accidentally post weird characters or something (or a video embed that breaks it) you’ll know about it right when it happens.

  46. Justin Wright Says:

    Well at least now I know if I get declined it was due to the fact that there were 90 million submissions. I can just tell myself I was the on the edge of getting accepted but missed out.

    haha. Looking forward to the new blogs.

  47. Justin Brock Says:

    90 million, huh? I wonder if Jonathan Swift was met with the same gullibility when he published A Modest Proposal in 1729.

  48. OpenSourceHunter Says:

    Still waiting :P

  49. AboutOnlineTips Says:

    90 Million..I am nowhere now..

  50. Dot Com Dud Says:

    90 MILL10N? ZOMG, this is the 50th comment taking the Internetz too seriously!

    @ Justin Brock : Huge LOLs. I’ve never read the before, it’s awesome!

  51. Tim Brownson Says:

    90 million? Yeh right, what a load of BS.

    I hacked in and saw your stats and the actual figure was 89,631,955.

  52. hvdesigns Says:

    “quote mike rundle”

    For those of you not accustomed to 9rules humor, there were not 90 million submissions.

    There were only 4,571,648 submitted, far short of 90 million.

    Carry on.

  53. Niki Brown Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to go through all our submissions!

  54. Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome Says:

    @Tim Brownson

    You can hack? That explains the strange random messages appearing in my posts. I *knew* I had a stalker out there somewhere…

  55. Andy Gongea Says:

    Nice work! This really shows the importance of 9rules.com

    Good luck to all of you!

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