Round 7 Accepted Sites

Well, it’s that time. Below you will see the accepted sites. You’ll notice the list is short. It will most likely expand over the next month. Once again we had sites that were too young to add now but we had a slew of sites that had good content but finding something on the site was ridiculously hard. Why? The person picked a bad theme and the theme doesn’t help the end user browse the site…enjoy the site. Everyone does this sooner or later. I’ve paid for themes that didn’t accomplish the job. It’s a learning experience. Suggestion: if you get spam look at some of the spam sites. See what theme they are using. If your theme matches theirs, stop using it.

The other major reason: the content lacked depth. If you are doing reviews the more thorough the review the more the reader benefits from it. This does not mean it should be book length, but it should be thorough. “I watched the Eureka premiere. This is what happened. OMG, he’s gone! Overall I liked it.” lacks depth. Stretching those sentences into paragraphs doesn’t give depth.

Scrivs and I were talking about doing a chat or stream so we could talk to multiple people on these types of issues. Point out why some sites made it and why some didn’t so it can be a true learning experience. Don’t feel bad if your name isn’t on the list…that doesn’t mean your site won’t sport the leaf. 🙂

Other reasons why sites weren’t accepted:

  • The site was new: We require at least six months of consistent posting. Please resubmit your site in November so the guys and I can drool over them again. I cannot stress enough to resubmit.
  • No focus: The author of the blog used their blog to randomly dump information. Every blogger has their own style but our readers are looking for more focused content where the blog has a clear direction on the content being published.
  • Inconsistent posting: If you only write a couple of articles a month or write sporadically the content can be superb, but it would be lost on our site. Especially in the larger communities.

Those are the main reasons. For the sites we had questions on, I’ve already sent out the emails. I will be contacting the new members NEXT WEEK – NOT THIS WEEK – NEXT WEEK. Yes, that’s right, I said NEXT WEEK to get your sites set up. After I get everyone set up I’ll go back and open it up for those that weren’t accepted to find out specifically why, working with them. We always have sites that weren’t accepted get added – that’s one of the reasons why there is a gap between rounds. It gives me time to work with sites.

Ok…here’s the list…CONGRATS!!!!