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Round 7: August 6, 2008

Written by Scrivs on July 23, 2008

Yes it’s that time again already! With the new 9rules format we hold a new round every three months and the next round for aspiring bloggers is August 6 so mark you calendars. As usual we will have a page and link up for you to submit your site at midnight and will keep it up for 24 hrs. If you aren’t sure if your blog will make it or not, don’t worry as you can submit during every round and we will keep on looking at your site.

For site improvements, be sure to checkout the great tip articles Tyme has been writing even if you aren’t interested in joining 9rules. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and we look forward to meeting some new faces.

  1. 9rules Getting Ready for Round 7 : The Blog Herald Says:

    […] where bloggers can attempt to get in the popular blog network by submitting their blogs for review. August 6 is the date you need to mark in your calendar if you want in. As they did the previous time, a special page […]

  2. Devin Says:

    Looking forward to the new crop of freshmen, and freshwomen.

  3. Toblerone @ Simple Mom Says:

    Just to clarify – that’s midnight, August 6th EST? Or which time zone?

    I’m seven hours ahead of EST, so I’m trying to figure out exactly when that will be for me.


  4. Tyme White Says:

    Yes, all times are EST. I look forward to looking at your blog. 🙂

  5. 3by9 » Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies Says:

    […] time like that is coming up for me. The next 9rules round (#7) begins August 6th. As I go through sites I have to be honest and objective. And unfortunately I’m the one that […]

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