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Round 6 Accepted Sites

Written by Tyme White on May 22, 2008

As promised, we’re announcing the blogs that were accepted for 9rules membership from Round 6. We will not be releasing statistics on how many sites submitted, the percentage of sites accepted vs. submitted, etc. This moment is about those sites that were accepted without the drain of analytical observations.

The sites we did not accept basically fell into several broad categories:

  • The site was new: We require at least six months of consistent posting. We received submissions for some awesome sites that were too new to accept. Please resubmit your site in August so the guys and I can drool over them again. I cannot stress enough to resubmit. If you want to know if your site falls into this category please do not hesitate to contact me at tyme@9rules.com.
  • Content was a mashup of another entry: I talked about this in a previous article. An example: “Scrivs wrote about People Differentiation on 3by9. It’s a cool topic, check it out!” We aren’t looking for those types of entries. However, it is wonderful to be inspired by an article and add your own twist and original content. We did not accept blogs that mashup content from other sites.
  • Bad navigation: If you watched the stream where we went through sites you saw an example of us clicking through sites trying to find archives, a contact page or just navigate through the site. A reader will not take that much time trying to find what they are looking for. They’ll go to the next site.
  • No focus: The author of the blog used their blog to randomly dump information. Every blogger has their own style but our readers are looking for more focused content where the blog has a clear direction on the content being published.

Those are the main reasons. If you have any questions about your blog, let me know. For the sites we had questions on, I’ve already sent out the emails. I will be contacting the new members next week to get your sites set up.

Here is the list of accepted sites before you guys kill me. Congrats!

Round 6 Accepted Sites


  1. Joe Lencioni Says:

    Boya! New members :) Congratulations everybody.

  2. Elyse Says:

    Congrats all! :)

  3. david Says:

    Indeed. Congratulations everyone.

    Some great sites I already know on that list, and tons more I’ve never seen before. I look forward to seeing both categories on 9rules.

  4. Arthus Erea Says:

    Boo-ya! I’m in. :)

    Thanks! Congratulations to everyone else as well!

  5. Ollie Says:

    Congratulations everybody. Also pleased to see some sites I already know are in. As well as all the great new content I’m no doubt soon to be addicted to! :D

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  7. Josh Says:

    Congratulations everyone. It’s great to have you all on board. :)

  8. Kabitzin Says:

    Grats to everyone that was accepted!

  9. Lindsey Says:

    Awesome! Congrats to all who made it. I can’t wait until August when I will finally be ready to submit my site! Some really great new sites too add via RSS.

  10. karmatosed Says:

    Yay new peeps. Congratulations everyone.

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  12. Shan Says:

    Eh, I guess that means I have to resubmit in a few months after I’m past the 6-month minimum… I definitely won’t quite be there in August.

  13. Nils Geylen Says:

    That’s a lot to take in in one go. I know two of them, one from Chawlk. The others don’t ring many bells but will soon, no doubt.

    For now, though, let’s just congratulate all these people and welcome them to the club. What a treat!

  14. Tiara Says:

    On the other post (about the streams) it has my blog, but my blog isn’t in this list and I haven’t received an email about it.

    Am I in or out? :)

  15. banji Says:

    Thank you to all involved in handpicking the blog for their time. Really appreciate it.

    I’m in! :) What a pleasant surprise, thanks. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  16. Tyme White Says:

    Congrats to you all!

    @Tiara – Yes, your blog is in. I won’t be sending out emails until next week. I’ll probably post an update on the blog that I sent them out. :)

  17. Edrei Says:

    Woohoo!! Congratulations to everyone accepted. The stream is going to be quite busy after this. :)

  18. Mel T Says:

    Yippee…I’m in!! Congrats to everyone who got accepted, and thanks to the judges, you guys rock!!! :-)

  19. Devin Says:

    This is all very exciting! Congratulations to all, and go team!

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  21. Mike Says:

    Wow, thanks, this is great news! Congrats to everyone else as well.

  22. Pamela Slim Says:

    Thank you so much for including Escape!

    I am so thrilled to be included in such great company.

    Made my month. :)

    All the best,


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  24. Edrei Says:

    I just realized one thing. There is a lot of anime blogs accepted this round too aside from Malaysians. This ought to be interesting.

  25. Eli James Says:

    Very interesting, Edrei =). Only know one, from Chawlk. The rest are brand spanking new to me. Congrats, everyone!

  26. Brajeshwar Says:


  27. pablopabla Says:

    Woohoo! This is a pleasant surprise for my blog to be accepted. *grinning from ear to ear*

    Congrats to the rests! So…now I wait for an email or something?

  28. Eric Grey Says:

    Wow! I’m so honored! What great company to keep! :)


  29. LiewCF Says:

    wow! I am in! Thank you! :)
    (another Malaysian in 9rules)

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  31. rajesh Says:

    nice list..very well deserved!

    how come u guys missed http://www.pluggd.in?
    I guess its quite an amazing stuff..but not sure whether that was submitted.

  32. Todd Defren Says:

    w00t! Thanks for including PR-Squared!

  33. Alex Blackwell Says:

    Congrat Everyone! Thank you for including The Next 45 Years.

    – Alex

  34. Nekonron Says:

    Yeah! I made it in :D

    And I see plenty of familiar faces being accepted as well.

    Thanks and congrats, guys!

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  37. HellYeahDude Says:

    Wow, I am very honored! Thank you very much everyone at 9rules, especially Scrivs! Great job everyone!

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  39. Chris Wysocki Says:

    Awesome, thanks for including the Wyblog. I’m honored and humbled to be selected, and this is a great way to kick off my second year of blogging (my Blogaversary is tomorrow).

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  41. Ali Says:

    Thanks so much for this cool opportunity. I learned about 9rules through Leo’s Zen Habits site + am exited to be a part of the group.

  42. Alanna Says:

    Hi Tyme,

    I’m simply thrilled that you’ve included Kitchen Parade in Round Six! Thank you! I look forward to sharing the news with my readers!

  43. Daniel Says:

    Thanks 9rules! Congrats to everyone else that made it!

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  46. Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy Says:

    Wow, I’m excited to be included and I look forward to hearing more! :)

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  48. Armen Says:

    Along with everyone else, I’m very humbled to be included in 9rules now.

    Once I get word from you guys, I think I’ll have to give my site a fresh look, accompanied with my new members badge!

    Well done to everyone else too!

  49. PChere Says:

    Its an honor you selected QOT to become part of 9rules. Thanks so much.

  50. Rolf F. Katzenberger Says:

    It’s an honor to be accepted, thanks! And congrats to the others as well! Reading this during my vacation on Crete, so I’m a bit late, sorry.

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  53. George Andare Says:

    t’s an plesure to be accepted, thanks! And congrats to the others as welldone Reading this , so I’m a bit late, sorry.

  54. Hige Says:

    Wow, I’m surprised and honoured. Thanks for the recognition! Also, grats to everyone else who has been accepted.

  55. LorriM Says:

    Congratulations to all who were accepted!

  56. Jason Says:

    I got in!


    Thanks guys, just got the email today. Going to fill ‘er out and get that badge on the site!


  57. Rick Anderson Says:

    Just got word in my e-mail, and I am pleasantly surprised. A big thanks to you guys and especially Tyme.

    I have worked very hard to bring good content on the field of Landscape Design and to give back to my community of Designers-young and old.

    This was the original reason to start the Whispering Crane Institute blog, and I appreciate the help 9Rules will now bring to my efforts.

    This old guy wants to pass along his thanks, and I hope to continue to provide good content, good info, and insight into my profession.

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  60. Selina Says:

    Wow! Congrats to all! :D I wish about my blog will put in this list! :P

  61. Francesca Says:

    Thank you for a great blog, I will be sure to bookmark it.

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