Round 6 Accepted Sites

As promised, we’re announcing the blogs that were accepted for 9rules membership from Round 6. We will not be releasing statistics on how many sites submitted, the percentage of sites accepted vs. submitted, etc. This moment is about those sites that were accepted without the drain of analytical observations.

The sites we did not accept basically fell into several broad categories:

  • The site was new: We require at least six months of consistent posting. We received submissions for some awesome sites that were too new to accept. Please resubmit your site in August so the guys and I can drool over them again. I cannot stress enough to resubmit. If you want to know if your site falls into this category please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]
  • Content was a mashup of another entry: I talked about this in a previous article. An example: “Scrivs wrote about People Differentiation on 3by9. It’s a cool topic, check it out!” We aren’t looking for those types of entries. However, it is wonderful to be inspired by an article and add your own twist and original content. We did not accept blogs that mashup content from other sites.
  • Bad navigation: If you watched the stream where we went through sites you saw an example of us clicking through sites trying to find archives, a contact page or just navigate through the site. A reader will not take that much time trying to find what they are looking for. They’ll go to the next site.
  • No focus: The author of the blog used their blog to randomly dump information. Every blogger has their own style but our readers are looking for more focused content where the blog has a clear direction on the content being published.

Those are the main reasons. If you have any questions about your blog, let me know. For the sites we had questions on, I’ve already sent out the emails. I will be contacting the new members next week to get your sites set up.

Here is the list of accepted sites before you guys kill me. Congrats!

Round 6 Accepted Sites