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Cleo Magazine of Malaysia Recognizes 9rules

Written by Scrivs on October 17, 2007

Always nice to see your name in print, especially when it is unexpected. my.9r superstar Pelf has pointed us to an article in Cleo magazine that talks a bit about 9rules. My favorite part:

That’s what’s happening to blogs. There is a plethora of online diaries full of hogwash that makes it difficult to find stuff worthy of bookmarking, which is why projects like 9rules are so important, both for bloggers and their readers.

Much love to any publication that has the balls to say “hogwash”. Thanks for the plug Cleo, nice to see 9rules recognized across the world.

  1. Joe Lencioni Says:

    Congratulations! That’s definitely a nice pat on the back and I’m sure makes you feel all warm and glowy.

    Now get back to building a margarita machine. I won’t rest until 9rules serves me margaritas via robot.

  2. pelf Says:

    I was actually beaming with proud when I saw that article because I am a part of 9rules. I get excited whenever something I am a part of gets mentioned.

    Don’t we all? 🙂

  3. Scrivs Says:

    Indeed we do.

  4. shadowsun7 Says:

    Finally something in Malaysian press of value. Congrats, 9rules!

  5. loism Says:

    It was because of the magazine that I signed up for 9rules!

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