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Open Source Powers 9rules

Written by Scrivs on October 24, 2007

When it comes to coding up this site we have three options:

  1. Do it ourselves.
  2. Put a blindfold over Tyme’s eyes and four keyboards and hope that after a week of solitude she pushed out something cool.
  3. Get someone else to do it.

We went with 1 and 3, but not in the way you might be thinking. The core of 9rules is powered by WordPress, bbPress and simplepie. Now you can’t get both of those packages, install them and all of a sudden have another 9rules. We customized them a ton to fit our needs, but without them as the foundation we wouldn’t be close to where we are now.

So much of the stuff that we do around here extends on the principles created by these two wonderful software packages. Too often we have visions of coding elaborate websites that do things that no one has ever seen before, but unless you are dealing with hardcore computations, most of the stuff you need has been done already in one form or another. Do enough research, a little bit of tweaking and you have your own version of whatever you want.

We never expect to have a technological advantage over anyone and in all honesty it is hard to imagine many sites having one anywhere on the web anymore. The value we bring to the many people that use 9rules will never be what we keep under the hood, but what we provide on the outside and that is where we want to maintain our advantage.

There are circumstances where putting the effort in the backend to give yourself a huge advantage pays off, but many times you just need to provide people what they want and it doesn’t matter what you use to achieve it as long as you do.

The Triad Launches 3by9

Written by Scrivs on October 22, 2007

We make a lot of observations here behind the scenes about the web and other things. IMs are passed around hourly laughing at someone’s blog entry or completely disagreeing with another’s prediction. Obviously since this stuff happens privately nobody gets to see it. We fill Notes up with our thoughts, but in the vast community of 9rules they get mixed in with others and our voice is no different (that’s a good thing) than the next person’s. Because of this I started to get an itch that I just couldn’t scratch.

I needed a site where I could voice my opinion and it would be found. I needed another blog. I spoke with Tyme and Mike about my itch and they had the same itch as well and no we don’t sleep together. We figured the obvious thing to do was start a site where we could all do some of the writing that made us known in the first place. With that said we came up with 3by9.

Remember when blogs were about writing something worth reading? Remember when you knew that when you visited a site you wouldn’t be disappointed? Those types of sites used to be all over the place and for one reason or another they are diminishing. People are moving on or the idea that the more stuff you write the better chance you have of being found is more popular than just writing great stuff. What do you get with us? Three articles weekly with a podcast mixed in.

That is three different personalities, with three different writing styles talking about subjects that interest them, while trying to outshine each other. Competition is good and it is even better when it is internal. We’ve already got some entries loaded up on the site so have a look and be sure to subscribe to the feed.

Digg.com + del.icio.us + Facebook = 9rules?

Written by Scrivs on October 18, 2007

This is the question that 9rules Member, Richard Ball, asks on his blog and it is a very interesting one indeed. It is a logical comparison because our feature set is on par with the cores of each of these services. Because of this I would like to look a bit deeper into each and see if the comparisons make any sense.

  • Digg: As great as Digg is, the site doesn’t go very deep in offering more than just showing you what links are hot for the day. Clips does the same thing and more in my opinion. They have gone a little deeper with the social networking features, but those feel more hacked on than included in the overall site’s functionality. For those people who really do just want to see what’s hot for the day in the tech world Digg is the perfect solution. For the ones that wish to have a deeper experience across a broader range of topics I think you will find Clips more to your liking.
  • del.icio.us: del.icio.us is referred to as a social bookmarking service, but to be honest I never understood the social part of it. You can view tags others place on bookmarks and you can setup a network of “friends” that see what you are bookmarking and vice versa, but that is as social as it gets. To me del.icio.us is more of a personal service and it does what it does extremely well. Again the 9rules equivalent is Clips where you can save your favorite links for your own enjoyment or share them with your friends and the 9rules Community at-large.

    There is definitely a social element behind Clips that you won’t find on del.icio.us since you can discuss them like you do Notes and actively share them with your friends.

  • Facebook: I suppose it’s better to draw this equivalent than Myspace right? Facebook is great at what it does, which to be honest I can’t say exactly what that is, but 40 million people have to like something about it. It does connect you to people, but beyond look at pictures and changing your status their isn’t much to do. When we created my.9r we wanted social networking capabilities that actually encouraged social networking. On my.9r you can play the voyeur like everywhere else, but you are encouraged even more to be a social individual across the site engaging in conversations and actively pursuing new relationships that have meaning behind them beyond thinking the person has a hot profile pic.

All three of these sites are great at what they do and have provided huge inspiration to us in the development of Ali2. We can only hope that we have added enough 9rules flavor to our offerings so you can see there is a difference between how we do things versus how they do them. However, if people wish to say we are a combination of all three then that is a comparison we will happily accept. Now just get us on the cover of magazines, billion dollar offers and all the free alcohol we can drink and the comparisons will be complete.

Cleo Magazine of Malaysia Recognizes 9rules

Written by Scrivs on October 17, 2007

Always nice to see your name in print, especially when it is unexpected. my.9r superstar Pelf has pointed us to an article in Cleo magazine that talks a bit about 9rules. My favorite part:

That’s what’s happening to blogs. There is a plethora of online diaries full of hogwash that makes it difficult to find stuff worthy of bookmarking, which is why projects like 9rules are so important, both for bloggers and their readers.

Much love to any publication that has the balls to say “hogwash”. Thanks for the plug Cleo, nice to see 9rules recognized across the world.

9rules Clips Added to Gregarious

Written by Scrivs on October 17, 2007

If you are on WordPress and use the wonderful Gregarious social bookmarking plugin then we have some good news for you. The latest version now gives you the ability to add 9rules Clips as an option to sharing your content so it really has never been easier to expose your content to the 9rules Community. If there are other plugins for WordPress or any other blogging platform that you use and involve social bookmarking links please let us know and we will see if we can get 9rules Clips added to it.