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Ali2 and Advertising with 9rules and TLA

Written by Scrivs on September 28, 2007

With Ali2 (2010) right around the corner we thought this would be a great time to let everyone know that they can still get in on some nice exposure for their business and website by advertising across our 33 Communities with TLA. We serve text link ads across all community pages so you can cater to the audience that best fits your company. Prices range from $50-$80 per link for a month of advertising and with Ali2 that means some great exposure at a low price during the month of October.

Ali2 is the next version of 9rules that promises to improve upon the great 9rules formula of providing you with great content. We are not hesitant to say that this is our most important launch since Version 1 and can not wait to show the world what we have been working so hard on for months. Members have been playing around with it this week and the reception has been extremely positive.

Sorry about the hype talk, back to the advertising. We also offer more comprehensive advertising packages, all you need to do is contact us to let us know your needs.

TLA pages for each Community are listed here:

Being a pain in the ass has its benefits

Written by Scrivs on September 12, 2007

While we are approaching the final lap of development for Ali2, we have started to migrate 9rules Members from their secret lair into a new secret lair that integrates with the 9rules site itself. The problem is there is a key feature in the prior secret lair that they aren’t too pleased isn’t in the new secret lair (Kyle being the ringleader of this rogue bunch). So being a kind overlord I assured them that I put the feature on the list for development, but it couldn’t be done right away. Then a couple more people spoke up about missing the new feature.

Then a couple more and a couple more. They weren’t being annoying or anything like that, they just wanted to get the point across that they really liked that feature and would really love to see it brought over to 9rules. I pushed it aside, but apparently my subconscious did not because while coding today I think I came up with the solution for developing the feature.

Somehow the Members had infiltrated the deep recesses of my brain and programmed the solution into it. Usually I would not encourage them to be a pain in my ass (they are angels more times than not), but this time it paid off for them. So if you are at work and you really want something from your boss don’t be overbearing, but make sure he knows what you want and drop little hints to work on his subconscious because you never know what will happen.

Blogging is easy…oh wait, it’s not

Written by Tyme White on September 10, 2007

Interacting with the bloggers that submitted their sites, I noticed many common beliefs. The one I’m going to talk about today: blogging is “easy”…uh oh wait, it’s not. Yes, it is easy to start blogging however, depending on the goal of the writer; it soon becomes obvious how difficult it can be. Especially, once the writer has an audience. Most writers pray for an audience but once they have the audience, the awareness of the responsibility it entails sinks in. There is the flipped situation as well, pouring your heart into your blog to receive no comments, no interaction, and minimal traffic. In each case the writer can begin to wonder whether it is worth it? The “fun” is sucked right out blogging.

That is when it is time to step back and evaluate things. Are you doing things the right way, meaning could things be improved? Why aren’t people commenting? If people are commenting why is there drama on your site? Are you writing about what you are truly passionate about? There are many considerations.

I had a moment like that recently where I questioned whether it was worth it. Is it worth going through all the submissions? Is it worth the tough decisions I have to make and being considered the bad gal? It can be frustrating at times because it is impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. The good news is that usually, the hard work pays off, sometimes when we least expect it.

This morning I received a private message via my.9rules from LorriM. She read on Jark’s site about how Japanese experts published an Internet Train Map.

9rules on the Internet Train Map

You cannot imagine my shock to not only see 9rules on map but to be listed with 37 signals, Slashdot, DeviantArt (which Jark is a co-founder of) in the article…it was exactly what I needed to revive me. The hard work does pay off. It is worth it. Thank you!

Then I started thinking that, although wonderful I received my boost, what can I do to help others? Not like I’m the only one right? So here is what I’m going to do: I read a lot of blogs but you never know I am there because I don’t comment. I rarely comment because that can be hard to keep track of. I’m going to get back to writing about the things I come across and sharing them. Perhaps that will help give others that rejuvenation we all eventually need.

When Scrivs logged on, I was ready to hit with him this news. I’m the girl of the triad. They have to put up with these things. He casually says, “You read the Independent link?” and I thought “crap, so much for wowing him with this” and he played it cool…but I know he was smiling a cheesy smile. And I’ll get my chance…probably with fantasy football or something. 🙂

Cache Test

Written by Scrivs on September 9, 2007

A cache test means you should just ignore this entry. If not you must leave a random comment about a random topic. That is all.