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Sorry Folks, My Time Is Up

Written by Scrivs on August 7, 2007

First let me apologize to Kyle for copying and pasting the whole entry, but really I have nothing more to work with.

I never was a fan of 9rules.

I think the key to every great relationship is starting with an open mind, just like Kyle and 9rules have done. We also know that not every relationship is not love at first site or even like at first site, but that doesn’t mean we don’t shake hands initially. I remember vividly the first time 9rules and Kyle met, it was a bit awkward, nobody knew what to say and then the wind blew our skirt up and all we could do was laugh. What an icebreaker.

Recently when I visit the site I just keep on getting slammed with boring content.

It is an interesting phenomenon I must admit to have over 200 sites and their content posted on the site along with over 70,000 Notes and not a single one is fascinating. We too at 9rules have been sitting around for 2.5 years waiting for that one piece of interesting content and if you find it before us Kyle let us know. One unspoken benefit of being a member is the slamming insurance that they receive. We know what type of injuries that can occur from slamming and we want to make sure we do not ruin any careers from our constant slamming.

Now sorry to all you 9rules fans, but seriously, did you think this would last?

Kyle, we know all great things must come to an end. What you and I had was great for a while, but we were two different people moving in two different directions. We never expected it to last, but we knew we would have fun along the journey.

Not to mention all the near sited opinions, and random fan boys lurking in every corner.

See, we know you meant to say “near-sighted”, but it is these little mistakes that make us love you so much and why we will miss you. Hopefully, you come back to say hello every once in a while because honestly you will be in our thoughts. We kind of like walking around a corner and not knowing whether we are going to get a fan boy, fan girl or an Oompa Loompa. In any case, the surprise never gets old.

Sorry Scrivs, your time is up.

You are right, I have talked for too long. Good night everyone.

  1. Article19 Says:

    Who the hell is Kyle?

    Did he write the ‘blog union’ post that was deleted?

    What the hell is the point of a Giraffe?

  2. nick Says:

    Well he should thank you for doubling his traffic.

  3. estarla Says:

    Haha. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

    But what do I know? I’m a lurking fanboy from this corner.

  4. anonymous Says:

    you’re kind of a dick, scrivs.

  5. Cappuccino Says:

    Some people are just too leet for 9rules, Kyle is one of them. Cherish what the Kyle has give you Scrivs, you are blessed.

  6. Nils Says:

    Who? What? When?

    Lemme say: 9rules rocks my world.

    Seriously? You guys are just at the beginning of what will (okay, may) become the first and best, real, social network the web has ever seen.


  7. Brendan Says:


    I know you were simply trying to inject some humour into your responses, but with respect, it reads like a monologue that depreciates the author in favour of smart remarks.

    Why is Kyle wrong? Where are the reasons?

    You should be above a pissing contest – really.

    And could the unthinking lemmings please try expressing an actual, genuine thought, rather than rushing to defend 9rules. Sure, bring forth valid reasons why Kyle might be mistaken in his views, but this is supposed to be “the” network that inspires better from people.

    When I questioned the outcome of the 9rules round 5 back some, Tyme bothered to actually answer the question(s) I raised without degenerating into “we’re so much better than you, so long and thanks for all the fish” remarks.

    If you want this social network and experiment to go beyond a fan club + groupies, start acting like it.


  8. Ben Says:

    @Brendan: Pissing? Who’s pissing? I’m not pissing, Scrivs wasn’t pissing, he was typing. Are you pissing?

  9. Brendan Says:

    Typing? Perhaps. The tone of the piece is unmistakeable, it’s less a case of answering Kyle with reasoned sense and more a case of simply making jokes at his expense.

    Where are the examples and reasons of why 9rules doesn’t match Kyle’s comments? We all know (roughly) how many 9rules members and notes there are – is there more to it than ‘size’?

    The post above isn’t full of answers and reason, it’s a cheap shot at someone who effectively asked “what is so special about 9rules?”.

    This isn’t the first time someone has genuinely asked “what’s so special about 9rules?” and has been handed their ass in return.

  10. ralph dagza Says:

    who is kyle? I think he needs Jesus

  11. Scrivs Says:

    Brendan: Which one of the questions that Kyle asks should I answer? Going back over the entry that he wrote I see no question. I see generalizations. Everything to him might be boring, how would you prove that otherwise? He uses Alexa as a case for 9rules declining, when I have spoken on a number of occasions about the increase in activity across the site.

    Sure this doesn’t mean quality is up because quantity is up, but when have we not expressed our desire to be a quality site all around? He never asks what is so special about 9rules and looking in the past I can find a 100 people that have asked and have gotten 100 great answers because of it. Kyle simply told us that he was never a fan (which is fine), we have boring content (which is fine if that’s how he sees it) and that MY time is up.

    My response was me taking his entry in stride and making light of it.

    In fact, you do no better by calling everyone here “the unthinking lemmings”, but I won’t get into a pissing match with you over that. Tyme answered your questions because you asked questions. Again, what exactly am I supposed to answer with Kyle?

    We have a site with over 200 9r members and over 10,000 my.9r users and through all the great content that comes across the site, he thinks every single piece is boring. I have no answer to that.

  12. Kyle Schembri Says:

    Hi Brendan.. firstly I would like to thank you for posting a comment. An actual comment. One without any bias thoughts. The same, Nils, I would also like to thank you. You also posted a comment. Even though your comment was against me, you still looked at both sides and came up with your thoughts. Your OWN thoughts.

    My point here?

    Whether it was for me, or for 9rules, doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is, you both looked at the sides, and came up with an opinion. One based on your thoughts alone.

    That is the point I am trying to make here. The reason I dislike 9rules is that half of the people, sometimes blindly take sides and trash some of the authors. Both in the notes, and in the blogs.

    Now I’m sorry to point at names here, but take Cappuccino’s comment here in this blog post. It is merely an attempt to downgrade me. It is not a comment, but more of an attempt at just downgrading me. To tear me apart.

    See the difference folks? That is what I dislike. And I know there are thousands and thousands of examples on hundreds of other websites of this happening.. but the fact is you can see it happening here the most above everything else. Which is why I never was a fan.

  13. Kyle Schembri Says:

    @Scrivs: Scrivs you are correct. I did use big generalizations. And if you look at the rest of my blog posts, they’re all filled with it. I never was much of a writer.

    But was it necessary for you to come back at me like that, tell me, why couldn’t you have responded like: “Tell me kyle, if you know everything, show me facts on why you dislike 9rules.” Instead of turning it all into a big joke?

    My above comment post attempts to sum it up a bit, as with my response on the blog. So I won’t retype everything here.

  14. Scrivs Says:

    Kyle, you really got me scratching my head here. So what did you want out of my response? I really had nothing to go on you, you don’t like 9rules because you think ALL the content is boring. Now you don’t like it because we have passionate people who jump in for us? I’m not saying it’s right one way or another how people respond to these types of things, but you go on and make another generalization saying that 9rules has a bigger case of it than any other site on the web?

    Maybe there were a couple of 9rules Member Blogs that you didn’t like and fortunately or unfortunately for us their tone was associated with 9rules. It happens, it’s the price we pay for bringing them in, but we the risk is well worth it. It’s sad to see you (not even point out any examples here, yet I guess I was supposed to) of people bashing others, yet fail to mention the many times people involved in 9rules help each other. You see it in Notes daily and all over the web.

    When people wish to present something to me and join in the conversation I am more than willing to respond back in a reasonable manner. To be honest, nothing in your entry led me to believe you were looking for a response. In a sense, you called us ugly, we shrugged, smiled, had a laugh and moved on.

    And when someone calls me out personally well then in all honesty it becomes a different type of game.

  15. Brendan Says:

    > I see generalizations.

    And responding in kind is the answer? I made some generalisations in my comments on post-round-5 — that didn’t stop Tyme from breaking it down to explain.

    > In fact, you do no better by calling everyone here “the unthinking lemmings”..

    Of course. But when (at least) two people above my comment automatically ‘defend’ 9rules without actually explaining why they think Kyle was perhaps incorrect in his view, certainly doesn’t make it wrong.

    Anyone who questions, tends to be torn to shreds. Does it happen so often one might tire of it? Sure! But if you’re going to set up a network that prides content and quality above quantity, then surely encouragement is more valuable than mockery?

    I’m taking the time to explain my comments, because it’s worth my time to do so. I am pointing out why I said, what I did, because I value 9rules enough to make the time to explain.

    > Again, what exactly am I supposed to answer with Kyle?

    Educate. Why is Kyle wrong?
    .. is it because 9rules fosters a community? why is that important?
    .. is it because of the content? what values do you seek?
    .. is it because of the people? why do people matter?

    At no time did I defend Kyle’s views – indeed I believe 9rules has a huge amount to offer, both via notes, via the amazing bloggers who make up it’s 200+ strong member community, the leaders who help guide the good ship.. and the tens of thousands of notes users, without whom 9rules would simply not be where it is today.

    The community is growing, everyone has a voice through notes and everyone has something new and unique to contribute. The whole benefits as a result. That is why 9rules is amazing and that is why Kyle isn’t actually right.

    But by amplifying that persons failing’s, you expose the raw side of 9rules. The ugly side where sometimes it’s easier to gently (or not so gently) deride those who seek to learn. 9rules is better than that.

    Not everyone is born a writer, or great orator.. some of us have to work extremely hard to get even the most basic thoughts across. And we all gain benefit from guidance. And that is what 9rules offers Рguidance, support, a community, strength, care and, well, it may be a clich̩ but perhaps even a little love.

    I have taken a good deal of time out to write this. Because I think Kyle deserves a better answer than “you are wrong and you spell funny..”.

  16. Ben Says:

    I don’t know what everyone is getting all bent out of shape about. I mean, it’s not like Kyle was presenting any kind of essay in his post. It’s a brief thought blurb. He doesn’t go into detail in anything he says, he’s just making goofy generalizations based on his own meandering opinion (boring content) and a stunted statistics metric (Alexa). Scrivs responded in turn with a light hearted post. Neither Kyles post nor Scrivs response had any real substance.

  17. Cappuccino Says:

    I call it like I see it Kyle. Your message came across as pompous to me, did I make a snap judgment about you based on a limited review? Damn, didn’t someone just do that about 9rules? Oh that’s right.. Cursory review can be a bitch can’t it?

  18. Kyle Schembri Says:

    This wasn’t meant to be an argument, this was meant to be a quick opinion. If it was pompous I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean it that way. My first post was a quickie, disregarding the facts, like all my other posts, however, my second went a little bit more into detail.

    I’m dropping the subject, unless people want to discuss it more. Otherwise I don’t want to argue. That was never my goal.

  19. Brad Says:

    Where are the reasons?


    You should be above a pissing contest…


    If you want this social network and experiment to go beyond a fan club + groupies, start acting like it.

    Well said.

    Maturity can go a long way.

  20. Tyme White Says:

    And I know there are thousands and thousands of examples on hundreds of other websites of this happening.. but the fact is you can see it happening here the most above everything else.

    Bull. Off the top of my head, I can say Digg has it more than we do. Try saying something negative about Digg on Digg and see what happens. It is buried – by their community (the community decides what is displayed). Oh wait…I get it. You said “you can see it happening here at 9rules” and you can’t see that on Digg because it gets buried. Gotcha.

    Let’s look at the truth shall we? Out of the blog networks (which I do not classify 9rules as one but the community has) 9rules is the most talked about, positive and negative. Unlike other networks, we do not gag our members and stop them from saying anything positive or negative about 9rules. If they say something, what happens? Unlike other networks, it is aggregated on 9rules…pushed out not only to their readers but ours. Reality check: if they said something negative about 9rules we help spread the word on what they said, and those entries are given the same treatment as any other. And to say our members don’t say anything negative is a lie. Here’s an example….and when was that said? August 6, 2007. You can see it here too, right on 9rules. There are networks that contractually stop their members/writers from saying negative things. That’s not 9rules.

    Out of the social networks, again with the exception of MySpace and people saying the sites are ugly, 9rules is one of the most critiqued. Our traffic is monitored (by 3rd parties because they want to). Everything we say is judged but we do have areas – in two spots (the blog and our community) – where people can openly express their opinions. And they do, positive and negative. Reality check: unlike most social networks we went above and beyond the blog. A my.9r user can create a topic in The Rulers community and…

    Wait for it…

    …it’s put on our front page. And on the front page of notes. When Ali2 launches it will be spread even more. Again, we don’t sugarcoat anything and to say that we receive nothing but positive comments is a flat out lie. I just wrote about this and here’s the irony: while you are saying that we only receive positive comments from our “fans” we are receiving a bunch of negative opinions on blogs based on one person’s entry on their experience with 9rules.

    In your entry Kyle you were remiss to disclose how you started a topic on my.9r and people didn’t agree with you. After that day (unless you did it under another name), you did not post or respond to another note. That does put things in a different light,doesn’t it?

    You wanted some attention and don’t say you didn’t because you prompted people to email you. You picked 9rules because you KNEW you’d get a response some way or another. You threw a virtual punch and you expected to get one back. Then you make an excuse for your purposely vague entry: “Scrivs you are correct. I did use big generalizations. And if you look at the rest of my blog posts, they’re all filled with it. I never was much of a writer.”

    Here’s an idea – say it right the first time. Don’t come back trying to clean things up and explain things. And don’t question Scrivs on his writing style if you are unwilling to change yours. Scrivs responded exactly as he always has so why would you ask him to change who he is without first striving to be a better writer? Don’t ask people to do what you are unwilling to do yourself.

    Is my time up as well Kyle? Or Mike’s? Because I can tell you right now…I’ve just begun.

    This response was brought to you by Tyme: heavy in sarcasm but filled with facts.

  21. Brendan Says:

    .. and Tyme brings forth fire, brimstone and feeling.

  22. Alexander Says:

    Honestly, as someone who just breezed by, I don’t have the foggiest idea why the original post was relevant enough to bother writing about (let alone work up such an overt display of the aforementioned fire and brimstone). Honing in on such a small point of criticism and delivering this fiery rejoinder sends the message that you’re insecure about the points that were raised. I don’t think this entry advances anyone’s interests… but then again, maybe I missed a memo, and this Kyle character is really famous somehow. If not, you’re certainly helping.

  23. Alexander Says:

    To follow-up, I know where you’re coming from… I’ve been involved in big projects that went public and earned a fair share of both praise and criticism… but when you’re big and secure (as you should be with a smart looking site like this) then it lowers you to address this kind of thing. I’d say, don’t worry. The fact is, you can’t please everyone all of the time (as the saying goes) and that seems to apply ten times as much to the internet, where people are more likely to verbalize their thoughts in a time capsule (such as a blog). In regular conversation the words escape into air and are gone pretty much as soon as they are stated… it doesn’t matter… and neither do Kyle’s unembellished comments. Let it go.

  24. Eddie Says:

    As much as “professional” writing and eloquent usage of the keyboard makes it look to the contrary, you guys look childish and completely unprofessional arguing here. I mean, seriously.

    It’s a shame. Of course I’m slightly biased. I never received an email back to questions I sent months and months ago, after promises of emails being replied to; and then emails sent again, not replied too, etc. Not hardly a big deal in reality, but it does shed some light, given the unprofessionalism being displayed now.

    Given that, I still read 9r occassionally; however not as much as Digg, for what it’s worth.

    Here’s to hoping the childish banter stops …

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