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Tyme comes out of hiding and announces new members

Written by Tyme White on August 22, 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve announced new members. I’ve reconciled I’ll be going through submissions for the rest of my life lol. Nothing like contacting someone who submitted their site months ago and they are shocked I’m still going through them. It is a good feeling.

We have three new members to 9rules:

hthth (my9r) – Think Artificial (site)
PilotJohn (my9r) – Pilot John (site)
TheAnimeBlog (my9r) – The Anime Blog (site)

Brave souls these three…coming in during a transition. I want to thank them for their patience. We’re doing things a bit different as we prepare for Ali2.

Once again…if you haven’t received an email from me I haven’t reviewed your site yet so you weren’t rejected unless you get an email from me saying you were…and why. I’ve only gone through perhaps 1/3 of 3700+ emails (I stopped counting because the number was throwing me off) and that’s having one on one interactions with each person (ranging from thanks for the feedback to help in improving their blog). For those statistical people, yes I am announcing 3 out of about 500 but the difference is there are people working on issues whereas in previous rounds either a site made it or they didn’t…without knowing why. The end number might be 50 – who knows? 🙂

Congrats to the new 9rules members! Glad to have ya.

Scrivs gets one year closer to 30…

Written by Tyme White on August 14, 2007

It’s Scrivs’ birthday…wow that year went by fast. A lot has changed with 9rules since I wrote that entry…Scrivs has changed a lot too. That’s how we evolve – from year to year we’re supposed to be in a better place. Stronger. Better. Smarter. Wiser. A year’s worth of experience to get it right and move forward.

Here’s to you kid…happy birthday. Keep moving forward.

I’m closing the comments here – wish Scrivs happy b-day here….it’s where the party is at.

Sorry Folks, My Time Is Up

Written by Scrivs on August 7, 2007

First let me apologize to Kyle for copying and pasting the whole entry, but really I have nothing more to work with.

I never was a fan of 9rules.

I think the key to every great relationship is starting with an open mind, just like Kyle and 9rules have done. We also know that not every relationship is not love at first site or even like at first site, but that doesn’t mean we don’t shake hands initially. I remember vividly the first time 9rules and Kyle met, it was a bit awkward, nobody knew what to say and then the wind blew our skirt up and all we could do was laugh. What an icebreaker.

Recently when I visit the site I just keep on getting slammed with boring content.

It is an interesting phenomenon I must admit to have over 200 sites and their content posted on the site along with over 70,000 Notes and not a single one is fascinating. We too at 9rules have been sitting around for 2.5 years waiting for that one piece of interesting content and if you find it before us Kyle let us know. One unspoken benefit of being a member is the slamming insurance that they receive. We know what type of injuries that can occur from slamming and we want to make sure we do not ruin any careers from our constant slamming.

Now sorry to all you 9rules fans, but seriously, did you think this would last?

Kyle, we know all great things must come to an end. What you and I had was great for a while, but we were two different people moving in two different directions. We never expected it to last, but we knew we would have fun along the journey.

Not to mention all the near sited opinions, and random fan boys lurking in every corner.

See, we know you meant to say “near-sighted”, but it is these little mistakes that make us love you so much and why we will miss you. Hopefully, you come back to say hello every once in a while because honestly you will be in our thoughts. We kind of like walking around a corner and not knowing whether we are going to get a fan boy, fan girl or an Oompa Loompa. In any case, the surprise never gets old.

Sorry Scrivs, your time is up.

You are right, I have talked for too long. Good night everyone.

Damn Thing Taking Forever

Written by Scrivs on August 6, 2007

From start to finish 9rules Ali didn’t take us that long to complete. We put our heads down and barreled through code, design and content changes to push out our best 9rules yet. Of course we think each new iteration of 9rules is the best one yet because nobody likes to create something new and go backwards. Ali2 is taking a bit longer…well much longer actually and there is a very good reason for it.

We are passionate about what we do (whatever that may be) so when we work on something new, usually we push the first version out the door because we want to share it with everyone. With Ali2 some pages have gone through four, five and even six revisions already because we are stepping back and seeing already what can be improved. In addition this version of 9rules is at least 3x the size of the current one so you can imagine it is taking us a bit longer to develop.

What is really great about working on this version is how we are challenging ourselves to think a bit different how to approach each individual page. If you have followed 9rules since the beginning you know that each design we do is usually a radical departure from the previous one and this time it is no different. Some pages needed more information on them to the point where you might think information overload is going to kick in, while other pages lost a ton of weight and yet became more useful.

It is always easy to tell developers and designers to test, test and test some more their new stuff before they release it, but while you are developing the site everything becomes second nature to you so you begin to assume it will be second nature to the users. With the current 9rules we know that isn’t the case. We get user questions daily and although I am sure we will eliminate a ton of them soon, more will pop up and we are trying our best to find them before we release.

So yeah it sucks that Ali2 isn’t out yet (we joke about a 2010 release date) because we want to show everyone what we are working on, but we are also not frustrated that it is not out yet because we are trying to do things right. With the amount of stuff being added on top of what is already a great site it seems that 2010 was more of a realistic date than we expected.

BREAKING NEWS: Tyme has just informed me of some more 9rules structural changes that will need to be made so you know what that means…