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Behind 9rules: Lunch Time

Written by Scrivs on May 23, 2007

Lunch time at 9rules is pretty consistent. It happens in three stages every single weekday.

  1. Tyme prepares her lunch around 11am. There is a 95% chance that it will involve chicken. There was a time period where I swear she ate chicken for 11 months straight.
  2. Around 1pm (or more depending on when he gets up) Mike will ask me what he should get for lunch. Back in the days this was easy because I could say anything and he would be down for it, but now that his wedding is approaching he is on a strict diet and therefore his choices are a bit more limited. Now he asks me what type of grass he should eat today.
  3. Between 1pm-5pm my stomach will begin to tell me that in most cultures it would be considered lunch time or Mama Tyme will ask if I have eaten yet. Now this is where I break off into two directions: 1) I’ll go get something quick or 2) just forget to eat.

Very rarely though do we all go get lunch at the same time.

Sidenote: I wanted to make this edition in video form, but my iSight isn’t cooperating. It’s almost forcing me to buy new toys soon.

  1. peroty Says:

    Lunch is a completely optional thing. I usually eat anywhere between 1 and 4pm. Often times I’ll totally forget about food until I get home from work and can’t figure out why I’m so hungry.

  2. Scrivs Says:

    Thank you, that lets me know I’m not alone. Tyme and Mike think I’m crazy when I tell them I simply forgot to eat.

  3. Justin Kistner Says:

    I remember a day where I was so focused on getting a project done that I didn’t eat, go to the bathroom or even move from my desk until 9:30pm at night!

    These days, I eat lunch everyday at noonish. Why? Cause I’m a manager now, not a doer. I like managing. 😉

  4. pelf Says:

    OMG.. Point (2) is sooo funny..! LOL.

  5. Christian Says:

    Putting myself up for criticism, I’m curious about something. I really value the 9rules network and was honored to be invited in last year. And I was pleased to add this blog to my RSS feed to keep track of larger conversations.

    While I appreciate the banter, I’ve always been curious why there’s not more of a blend of posts talking about the blogs in the network, the tools being developed, the larger market of networks that bloggers are joining, etc.

    If this weren’t the “Official” blog that offers “the latest 9rules announcements” I wouldn’t even have asked the question. Again, not trying to get rid of the banter, but still curious why this blog doesn’t push harder on the content specific to the network/technologies/business itself? From a strategic positioning POV, will the 9rules team use this blog in similar ways a year from now, 2 years from now, or will other networks manage such a balance better…and essentially take away the 9rules network blog by blog?

    Respectfully asked; truly — Look forward to learning more.

  6. Scrivs Says:

    Some good questions Christian. I like to think that the Behind the 9rules series does touch upon the business of 9rules. It actually goes beyond that and gives some insight as to how we work. If you read today’s entry you will see that the lastest announcement involves the 9rules Stream, which falls under network and technologies.

    As for actual Network news itself, we intentionally slowed down on that because we have a ton of sites to go through from when we had open submissions 2 months ago. To think that we can report on the activity happening across 200+ sites is giving us a bit too much credit to our abilities. That’s why we have put in place the tools for Members to promote their own works and our putting even more effort in the next version of 9rules in making those tools even better.

    As for how we use this blog a year from now, 2 years from or whatever, I honestly can’t answer that. As for taking away the 9rules Network blog by blog I think you will find that for every quality site that may go another route with a network, we have 2-5 more waiting to take their spot.

    But as I mentioned in the private forums (that you can see Christian) there will be more type of content flowing on this blog, but for now you get stuck with me rambling behind the scenes.

  7. Scrivs Says:

    Oh and if you didn’t notice, check out Notes to see where a ton of the communication is happening.

  8. Real Estate Wiz Says:

    Number 2 is hysterical. I thought brides were the ones on a diet for their weddings?!?! My recommendation: pig out – that way, when people see you 5 years later, they can say “Wow – marriage has really agreed with you. You are so buff/trim now.”

    Instead of the standard “Ugh, what happened to you after you got married?”

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