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So it’s Mike’s birthday today….

Written by Tyme White on March 26, 2007


You’re 24 today. 24. Man, you’re getting old and you’re starting to feel that “one step closer to 30” pressure. Actually you’re one step closer to 25: the year when you can no longer get away with stuff you were once able to get away with. 🙂 That “shocking” middle year before 30 where the expectation is raised but no one sent you the memo. Luckily for you, you don’t have to worry about that. Because you’re da man right now!

Mike, it’s been a little over a year since I “really” started working with you and I cannot express this enough: I’m glad you’re my business partner but more importantly, I’m glad you’re my friend. It’s so tempting to go into minute detail on how much you’ve grown this year to the point your Mom will smile all day with pride and your face will turn bright red so I’ll keep it short and say you have grown and matured this year. You’re learning to balance fun with responsibility/maturity and I’m proud of you.

Shame I don’t have a baby picture to insert right here
Yes, Tyme got sappy…I’m the girl, it’s expected

Happy Birthday Old Man. Scrivs declared today a National Holiday.

Canceled: Scrivs’ Refresh Miami Speech 3/21/07

Written by Tyme White on March 21, 2007

Scrivs was supposed to speak at the University of Miami tonight. Scrivs was at the airport, using the free WiFi, ready to go…then received the news the flight was canceled due to a malfunction with the plane.

It’s going to be rescheduled – we’ll post an update once it has been rescheduled. Thank you to everyone who was going to come.

Speaking in Miami

Written by Scrivs on March 16, 2007

At Refresh Miami next Wednesday. I will be talking about 9rules, community journalism and many other exciting topics with that Scrivs flair that you guys hate and I just happen to love. If there are some things you would like for me to discuss just let me know and I hope to see a lot of you there.

It’s Miami…

Think about it…

Submitting your site to 9rules

Written by Tyme White on March 8, 2007

Time to answer some questions:

When is Round 6?
How do I submit my site to 9rules?
Tyme I sent you an email, I haven’t heard from you!

Let’s talk. =)

Round 5 we had 1100+ submissions…and all hell broke loose. Major hosting companies had serious issues resulting in many losing their entire site. Poof! There was downtime, change of URLs…you name it, we experienced it last round. We ended up going through the sites during the holiday, under the pressure of “we haven’t heard from you”, “you rejected my site, why?”, “when will you be done?”. The massive problems made what we normally enjoy doing a chore never to be repeated again.

So what next? Well, I’m thinking on that but until the time you read that amazing announcement (*rolls eyes) if you want to submit your site to 9rules, follow these instructions.

If you emailed me since Ali’s launched, I’ve got it. Since Ali, I’ve been busy fixing member issues or administrative stuff so honestly I haven’t looked at any of the site submissions. That means you couldn’t have been rejected if I haven’t looked at it. I will begin going through the submissions the week of the 19th.

Round 5 people – email me again. I was looking at the sites today and too many URLs changed, feed changed or other issues to be efficient to go through those lists again.

Ok, that about does it. Questions? Let me know. If you’re going to SXSW, have a great time…and take pictures of Mike please. He always avoids the camera. Thanks. Appreciate it.

The Best Web Hosting Providers Guide from The Blog Herald

How to find us at SXSW

Written by Scrivs on March 8, 2007

We know a lot of 9rules Members and my.9rules peeps will be at SXSW this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. Mike will be arriving in Austin tomorrow with his fiancee, Eleni, and I will be arriving late Saturday afternoon. I’m sure many of you have not seen pics of us and it is no fun running up to read everyone’s nametag so we are posting a pic of ourselves to make things easier for everyone.

We aren’t sure if we will bring our grills or not, but as you can see we still have distinguishing features that should help us stand out. So if you see Mike and I don’t hesitate to come up to us and introduce yourself. We are not as scary as we look. Promise.