New additions: 12-12-06

Today’s additions to the network: Brazen Careerist | feed Evolving Times | feed Glenn Wolsey | feed Tales from the Reading Room | feed The Glass is Too Big | feed | feed Congrats! You’ll be hearing from me shortly. 🙂

New additions: 12-11-06

Another day and another few new 9rules members to welcome! | feedAsk Patty | feed Congratulations!!! You’ll be hearing from Tyme very shortly 🙂 A quick note regarding there only being 2 new members today. No, we didn’t slack off this morning and only go through a handful of sites, we actually went through […]

New additions: 12-08-06

Today’s additions to the network: Ekonoline | feed I want to thank Brian for being a good sport yesterday. I can only imagine what he thought when he logged into Facebook and saw my status essentially saying wonder how long it will take Brian to realize he’s in 9rules? Thanks again Brian – you’re IN.. […]

New additions: 12-07-06

Today’s additions to the network: Computer Science of Canada Blog | feed Creampuff Revolution | feed Devin Reams | feed Have Laptop Will Travel | feed Karoshi | feed Tales of a Designer | feed The Daily Sunrise | feed Trading What I See | feed Who Is Andrew Wee | feed Congrats! You will […]