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The Group Face of 9rules

Written by Scrivs on November 27, 2006

Last week I wrote about the public face of 9rules and got a lot of great responses, but none signifies what 9rules is better than what Thomas Silkjaer has done. The true value and the public face of 9rules will always be in the company it keeps and the community it builds.

When you work like that it can be either a horrible thing or a great thing. We like to think we have a good thing going on here and as long as we get done with the Round 5 list before 2008 we should be kosher for a bit longer.

The Public Face of 9rules

Written by Scrivs on November 20, 2006

What is the Public Face of 9rules? Is it a professional corporation? Is it an elitist cult? Is it solely a place to find good content? Maybe it’s a place where you can post your thoughts and see what others think. How about a place to build connections and discover new friendships?

Do the people who run it represent it well? Is it okay to wear a purple hat or act like a fool in front of the camera? How do you approach keeping hundreds of people happy? What is professionalism? More importantly who are the people that have to represent the public face of 9rules?

We are:

  • cocky
  • humble
  • smart
  • idiotic
  • ugly
  • cute
  • kids
  • old people
  • horrible singers
  • bad dancers
  • human

Most of all, we are ourselves and that’s how we will always be. We will correct our mistakes when they are made (and we make a lot of them, trust us, we know), but we won’t “fix” the idea that being true to ourselves is the only way we know how to operate. This place is run by humans, you can go find the robots somewhere else (there’s that cockiness). However, these humans will always strive to make themselves better and can only do so when people voice their opinions (there’s the humble side).

Warning: The size of my nostrils may cause heart problems.

Round 5 Update

Written by Tyme White on November 16, 2006

You want a Round 5 Update, huh? I know, you curious people…

I’m more than 3/4 through the list (first pass). That’s when I bumped into some serious organization problems. What worked with 700 sites doesn’t work with 1191 so…thanks to Scrivs helping me out today, Tyme is more organized.

My goal is to finish the first pass this weekend, start the second pass (smaller) by Tues. All the sites (over 100) that were down should be restored and functioning. If not, email me and let me know. I’ll post another update next week.

What are the guys doing? Going through the list when they aren’t programming “stuff”. Ha, thought I was going to give up details, eh? So they can kill me? Don’t think so, but I must say they’re awesome. Wouldn’t trade them for anything or anyone. That is all.

Another update next week – thanks for being patient with us.

On Branding And The Future of 9rules

Written by Mike Rundle on November 10, 2006

Over at Bloggertalks.com I was interviewed and talked about lots of fun stuff.

Some things that came up in the interview:

  • We don’t care about a blog’s traffic figures when considering them for admission, contrary to many other networks. It’s all about the content, baby.
  • A 4-figure bribe from a wannabe member, sorry man!
  • What’s going on with Featured and 9rules Live

Good stuff!

Feedback For The Next 9rules.com

Written by Mike Rundle on November 10, 2006

We’ve been hard at work on the next version of 9rules.com for a bit now, and will soon be getting various parts of it out to our members for beta testing. The current version’s codename is Phoenix, which represented our blossoming into something beautiful (take that how you want!) and the next version of our site is called Ali, as in Muhammad Ali. Paul and I have been busy rewriting a lot of the 9rules codebase to make things faster and easier to manage, and we wanted a name that represented tremendous strength and agility, thus Paul came up with Ali, one of the greatest boxers there ever was.

Ali TeaserNow our upcoming Ali release represents a lot more than just sleeker code, it also heralds the release of 9rules Notes 2.0 (many new features, bug fixes), 9rules Communities 3.0 (making our great Community pages even easier to use), and a brand new section called 9rules Live which I’m keeping my trap shut about 🙂

The challenge with this website is the tremendous volume of content and types of content we need to display. We have over 200 members (soon to be more!) across 30+ verticals, all their entries, favicons, titles, screenshots, etc. For 9rules Notes we have over 700 entries, 6000 comments, and about 1500 registered users, all of which need proper visibility and highlighting. Since Communities and Notes work with and drive traffic to one another, their integration is key to make the user’s total experience as valuable and interesting as possible.

We’re not really into formal surveys (I always hated quantitative usability testing!) but we do have 2 questions we’d love everyone to take a second to answer: Keep in mind that more RSS feeds and profile editing are already in the works!

  • 1. Do you use 9rules Notes? If not, tell us why… if yes, tell us what we could improve upon.
  • 2. How can we improve browsability? More/less entries on the homepage? More excerpts on Community pages? Something else?

Any other feedback, please let us know!