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Round 5: Another record broken 700+

Written by Tyme White on October 25, 2006

It’s almost 10am EST and we officially broke Round 4’s record of 700 sites. It’s humbling to see the excitement people have submitting their sites. Scrivs, Mike and I hopped on IRC last night (I watched the text fly by) and had some fun (we’ll be in there again today – not sure what time or if we’ll be in there at the same time). Good times but think about it. 2am there are people in our IRC chat room to laugh and joke with us. Awesome! We are so fortunate to have cool people like you supporting us. Thank you!

To those of you experiencing web hosting difficulties – submit your site. We aren’t seriously going through the sites right now so your host has time to restore your site. I make a point to check back a couple of times (not in the same day) so you do have time to get things together. Relax. Breathe. Think happy thoughts….

…because Scrivs, Mike and I are. Thank you!

100 Sites In 15 Minutes

Written by Scrivs on October 24, 2006

Well updates won’t come this fast, but I thought it was cool to say that we got 100 submissions in 15 minutes. Of course when we go to bed no more sites will submit…that would be the way our lives work. In any case things are looking good and we are quite pleased.

Round 5 Opens!

Written by Scrivs on October 24, 2006

Time is here! Submit your sites and sit back to enjoy the ride. Best of luck to all. If you have any questions this entry is the place to ask.

We will keep you updated throughout the day so no one is out of the loop. Also in the afternoon we will be in the Official 9rules IRC room so keep checking back on those times. Once again, good luck.

9rules Round 5 Contest

Written by Scrivs on October 24, 2006

Wish I could’ve gotten this info out sooner, but the details just got ironed out. Our wonderful hosts at Media Temple wanted to join in on the Round 5 action and have graciously donated three accounts to their new Grid-Server hosting program for us to give away. One account is life-time hosting, while the other two accounts come at a 50% discount. You could find cheaper hosting for sure, but with the case of (mt) you definitely get what you pay for and we have yet to be disappointed with them.

So how does one go about getting one of these special accounts? Well it won’t be easy. First you have to get into 9rules via Round 5 and then our Members will be presented with the new inductees and vote for their favorite three sites. The top 3 get the accounts, so as you can see it won’t be easy, but well worth it to the deserving winners.

9rules Members themselves get a 30% discount on (mt) hosting so nobody is ever left out of the goodies that 9rules provides its Members. As of this writing there is 6.5 hours till Game Time. See you soon.

Round 5 @ Midnight

Written by Scrivs on October 24, 2006

9rules is on the Eastern Time Zone so we abide by Eastern Time Zone rules. Yes this makes us Fascist Americans, but what would 9rules be without a little Fascism? (*insert joke here) If you have checked out the Numbers Game you can see there are some lofty expectations for this round. We haven’t sent out any emails or requests to our member to spread the word because honestly it will be interesting to see how things hold up on their own.

It is a bit crazy in my mind to think each round will be bigger than the next, but that’s how it always happens so I am trying to keep expectations low for this one (as I usually do). So to sound humble I am obligated to say we would be happy to have just 10 great sites submit…

We may not throw out business plans to appease certain individuals, but there is and always will be one plan that we have stuck by since day one and that involves truly connecting bloggers with each other and readers. As with any venture our Members have found that you get as much out of 9rules as much as you put in, so if you are submitting on the 25th don’t come in with the expectations that your life will magically change. Come in with the expectations that if you do get in you have more opportunities presented to do bigger and better things.

Where will this magical Submission page be? We like to keep things simple so it will be here and nothing will be there until 12:00am Eastern. If you have a problem with timezones look at this chart to figure out what time 12:00am Eastern is. On the chart we are the 7am grid.

Definitely looking forward to tonight and when the floodgates open they open fast for the first couple of hours. Best of luck to all who submit. Whether you get in or not its not the end all, be all of the world so please have mercy on us.