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Happy Halloween

Written by Scrivs on October 31, 2006

Upgrades Happening

Written by Scrivs on October 29, 2006

In the process of doing some upgrades to the 9r site so if you see anything wrong give us a couple of hours to work things out and then tomorrow we can reflect on how stupid of an idea it was.

Round 5 Analysis

Written by Mike Rundle on October 26, 2006

To say that our Round 5 with 1,190 submissions was big is a real understatement. We got blog submissions from all over the world, on a variety of different platforms, on dozens of different subjects, all from people who are passionate about the blog they own, run, and love.

Here’s a graph depicting how Round 5 stacks up against our first four membership rounds:

All the 9rules rounds

Round 5 was by far our largest round, but it’s also many other things. Here are some statistics I thought were pretty interesting:

  • If you break it down per minute, we received an average of more than 1 blog every minute for the first 19 hours.
  • If you add up the total number of blogs from all networks it’s still less than the total number of blogs submitted to 9rules in just one day. But quantity doesn’t mean quality, I’ll get to that in a bit.
  • We reached 500 submissions twice as fast as Round 4.
  • We beat Round 4’s total number of submissions in just over 9 hours, or, before I woke up πŸ™‚ (Paul says he went to bed right before 9am)
  • We had over 170 comments on our number guessing game.
  • One person submitted their site three minutes after we shut down the form, we have no idea how that happened… I think he/she had the form loaded up in their browser ahead of time and then just left it there past when we removed it. Go figure!
  • Our IRC room had dozens of people in it, with a max number of them in right around midnight. The chatters counted down to the end of the round like it was New Years… very cool to see. Happppy New Round!

Now just because we got over one thousand applications doesn’t mean that we’re accepting anywhere close to that, of course who knows, maybe every single one is amazing! Traditionally we’ve added between 8-16% of the total number of submissions to 9rules, so if that holds true then “you can assume” we’ll pick about 160 blogs this time, but obviously that’s totally up in the air right now so no promises can be made. One thing I can say is that with every round the blogs who submit get even better, making our jobs all that more difficult πŸ™‚

Other News

N. Korea Uses Racial Slur Against Obama Over Hack

Lai dai han Legacy

The 1200-10 Club

Written by Scrivs on October 25, 2006

Well it is over and done with and to say our expectations were eclipsed would be a huge understatement. I’m not sure any of us expected 1190 sites and if we did we wouldn’t admit to it. We are excited and very exhausted from what has been going on over the past 24 hours, so we will keep this entry low key and you can expect a more thorough analysis of Round 5 tomorrow. For now we would like to thank everyone that submitted. We know it’s not an easy thing to put your work in front of others for critique, but you took the plunge anyways and for that you deserve our congratulations.

We will also go over the Number Game to see who came out on top. And finally thanks to our Members who have stuck with us through all of our mistakes and trust us with the direction of this wonderful Network. You are about to have some new brothers and sisters soon.

Now when will everyone find out if they made it? Let us wait for the dust to settle then next week we will nail down a date to post the final listing. Thanks for your patience.

Scrivs in 9rules IRC

Written by Scrivs on October 25, 2006

I’ll be chilling in the 9rules IRC room from 3:00-3:30pm EST if anybody cares to get in some realtime chat. The info is:

  • irc.freenode.net
  • Room:#9rules

I might be a bit delirious from poor sleep, but oh well even a better time to talk. Careful though, I’m not exactly sure what proper business talk is…