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Scrivs turns 26

Written by Tyme White on August 13, 2006

It is rare to have a job you truly enjoy, surrounded by people you actually enjoy being around, have a flexible work schedule and have the ability to impact people’s lives. Scrivs, that is what you created when you made 9rules. Now with 200+ sites we enjoy interacting with each other. We have a lot of fun. Mike, Colin and I enjoy working with you and the members – we are one big family. We have the love and support of our readers/listeners and we’re super duper rich…life doesn’t get much better.

Scrivs, thank you for being there to lead us, support and guide us. Thank you for inspiring us to laugh and enjoy life. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. And yeah, we know you’re 26, but you don’t look it…

Scrivs all cool like

Happy Birthday Scrivs!!!!

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    Happy Bday old man…

  2. Derek Says:

    You definitely don’t look 26. Happy Birthday anyway!

  3. Mike Rundle Says:

    Happy Birthday homie! I’ve known you almost as long as I’ve known anybody on the ‘net, and you can be sure that you’ve not only got a business partner for life, but more importantly you’ve got a friend too.

    BAD BOYZ 4 LIFE…. THE IX 4 LIFE…. baleed that!

  4. chris rhee Says:

    Happy Birthday, Scrivs! Cake in the 9rules break room at lunch time?

  5. Scrivs Says:

    Careful, there is a stripper in there. Thanks everyone.

  6. Lea Says:

    Happy Birthday, Paul! We ♥ you.

  7. Alvin Says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  8. viperteq Says:

    Happy Birthday fam. I remember when I was 26…….awwww, good times!

  9. Michael Says:

    Happy Birthday you crazy man.

  10. Michael Says:

    That being said I think it’s amazing how you manage to remain close to everyone on the team aka, partners, members and readers.

    About a month or so ago still I had no idea what you were like but after eight or so months I’m finally getting an idea of what you, Colin, Tyme and Mike are really like.


  11. Gordon Says:

    Happy Birthday man.

    Lose the cigar though… all that smoke… yeuch.

  12. Rida Al Barazi Says:

    Happy Birthday mate 🙂

  13. Cas Says:

    Happy birthday!

  14. David Demchuk Says:

    Gee, I *don’t* remember what 26 was like! (Maybe that’s a good thing.) Hope you had a great day, and that you have a terrific year!


    David D.

  15. Andrew Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr S.

  16. karmatosed Says:

    Happy birthday toooo you. I would say you’ve got the best birthday month but I’d be being biased 😉 Damn 26, don’t know if I can remember that far back lol.

  17. JC Says:

    Happy birthday, man.

  18. Nicole Says:

    Happy Birthday Scrivs!

  19. Mark Says:

    1980? Damn, I remember that like it was yesterday.

    Congrats on getting that photo posed just right — oh, and happy birthday too 😉

  20. Mike Stickel Says:

    Happy birthday Paul.

  21. Matthew Oliphant Says:

    Happy Birthday, my friend! Today was a travel day for me, otherwise I would have said congrats sooner. 🙂

  22. Karsh Says:

    Happy birthday Scrivs!

  23. The Other Technosailor » Real Cigar, Please Says:

    […] Scrivs, smoke a real fucking cigar, please. That little “black cherry” stuff makes you look like a very small man. […]

  24. Mrad Says:

    Dude, where’s the party? I’d make it ALL week if I where you…

  25. Kirk Says:

    Happy Birthday! But I have one questions does 9rules have a drug testing policy because that looks like a blunt. 😉 LOL

  26. Natalie Ferguson Says:

    Happy birthday!

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