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Go Clipless

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

I can’t describe Go Clipless better:

Many people ask about the name “Go Clipless.” The idea is to capture that turning point when bike riding goes from being a recreational hobby to one where it becomes part of your lifestyle. For me that turning point happened when I made the move from standard pedals to clipless pedals. To me the term “Go Clipless” captures the idea of “finding a passion,” “becoming serious,” or “taking one’s skills to the next level.”

Welcome Go Clipless.

I Ate a Pie

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

I Ate a Pie reviews healthy diet foods. Anything marketed towards people trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Some foods are outstanding and others, well not so good but it’s not all about reviews. Do you know what a food scientist does (Tanya has her degree in Food Science)? And nothing hits you when more then when you’re fooled by product marketing (I was fooled too). I bookmarked the site – I suggest you do too.

Welcome Tanya.


Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Internet stuff is great but we live on a planet that we often take for granted. greenr focuses on making energy, community and our personal lives greener and better. Did you know Greenland’s glaciers are shrinking or there is a crisis going on in our seas? Or the very humbling fact 1/3 of the world’s population is suffering from a shortage of water? Awareness is important.

Welcome greenr.

Get A New Browser

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Get A New Browser provides insightful meaning to what is currently happening in the world of technology. In about two minutes I learned about IE7 and CSS changes, how GANB uses Google’s software, an extension for Firefox to backup my extensions. Ok, I have to leave the site now because no one else will get announced. 🙂 You don’t have that excuse. Go.

Welcome Get A New Browser.


Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Chris’ blog is about technology, “the priority being overclocking and performance modifications of both hardware and software.” Yes, to some that sounded complex but Chris has a nice mix of articles. The Digg Effect. What’s up with those hosted applications like Google’s Writely? How does the internet work? From novice to advanced Chris has a little bit for everyone.

Welcome Chris.