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Lorelle on WordPress

Written by Tyme White on August 24, 2006

If you have a WordPress powered site, subscribe to Lorelle’s blog. Actually if you don’t have a WordPress powered site, still subscribe. She writes tips and tricks for WordPress but she also covers general blogging tips. Everyone can benefit reading Lorelle on WordPress.

Another site design change but you have to admit the before and after comparison thing is pretty cool (check out the new design). New screenshot up shortly.

Welcome Lorelle.

  1. Ronalfy Says:

    This is an extremely useful website. I’m glad there is someone out there willing to write useful tutorials and lay out the peeves of having a blog.

  2. Mau Says:

    All right! I have it bookmarked. I want to learn more about it. So far I’ve been loving it.

  3. blulit | Blog-O-Mau » Lorelle on WordPress Says:

    […] I just found via 9rules an awesome blog about WordPress, the blog engine and CMS that takes care of blulit.com. […]

  4. David Demchuk Says:

    Lorelle is an excellent resource on WordPress, and a fine writer in her own right. Her blog has been hugely helpful in increasing my understanding of WordPress and its plug-ins, and she also writes eloquently about the joys and frustrations of blogging in general. Read and enjoy!

  5. Michael Says:

    Hello? I’m checking in too. I’ve been a Lorelle reader for about six months. I really look up to her. Great person.

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