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How Paul Scrivens, Mike Rundle, Colin Devroe, and Tyme White All Made Billions In 12 Months

Written by Mike Rundle on August 4, 2006


TAMPA, FL — Hot on the heels of BusinessWeek’s impressive journalism regarding Digg founder Kevin Rose “making” $60 million in just 18 months (a number extrapolated from imaginary figures, stuck on the cover of the magazine), 9rules, Inc. would like to announce that the four people behind 9rules have made billions of dollars in just the past 12 months.

According to industry experts (and 9rules members, friends, their parents…) 9rules is reportedly worth an estimated $99,000,000,000.99, a conservative figure that could possibly be too low if growth continues. Paul, Mike, Colin and Tyme all own part of 9rules which means they have actually made billions of dollars according to random, pulled-out-of-our-butt estimates, which are obviously 100% true.

“Having a wad of billion dollar bills in my pocket feels pretty good”, says Paul Scrivens, CEO of 9rules, “although the dollar bills are see-through and unspendable, the idea of me being a billionaire was just too good to pass up.”

Paul Scrivens continued discussing what he will do with the imaginary billions he is now worth:

“You know what son? With all this cash I got flowing through my pockets now, I can go hire me one of dem speech doctors and stop talking so gangsta and sh*t. Not saying I don’t wanna keep it real or anything, but these bustaz hating on me everyday about the way I talk wears an Ol’ G like myself down to nothing but diamonds and dust. Ladies love the diamonds, but they don’t want the dust.”

Although the dollars are fake, Web 2.0 industry insiders are feeling the palpable heat since this steps up fake company valuations tenfold. Some are saying Facebook is now worth more than all of Europe’s GDP, a number that is only eclipsed by the U.S. National Debt.

  1. nate Says:

    Aww, hell naw!

  2. Eric Allam Says:

    I heard Jason Fried just bought the Yankee’s, and Michael Arrington is starting his own charity organization that’s going to put the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to shame.

    Haha! I love it. I’m actually kind of curious about that “Tree Huggers on Wall Street” article.

    Congrats on being a bazillionaire. Send some of those invisible bills my way!

  3. Fred Says:

    Hot. Those are some fancy black billions right there!

  4. Patrick Haney Says:

    Nice, Rundle. As soon as I saw that 37signals post on Kevin in Business Week, I just knew either you or Scrivs would jump on it.

    Now how do I go about becoming one of those “Web 2.0 industry insiders” exactly?

  5. John Beales Says:

    Brilliant. I suppose by these standards I should at least be able to buy a really nice house & car……. wait a minute….. the realtor won’t take my imaginary money!

  6. Matthew Oliphant Says:

    I still have my shares of 9r floating around here somewhere… does that mean I am at least a millionaire? Cool! Now I can open my own casino! With Blackjack! And hookers!

    Maybe businessweek is all like, “Hey man, it’s like, Money 2.0! All hyped up, but no one can actually use it!”

  7. weisheng Says:

    Haha, I’m just imagining Matthew in his Avalonstar apparel standing in place of Scrivs in that picture.

  8. Josh Williams Says:

    I just sold Rundle’s business card on ebay for $10,000.

  9. ScrivsTyme #56 » ScrivsTyme Says:

    […] The 9rules crew is rich […]

  10. Skeptic Says:

    Are you kidding? I made a billion and a half just by registering my domain name!

  11. Eric Schwarz Says:

    Haha – nice. You guys always have a way of cracking me up…

  12. Kevin Rose is 60 miljoen waard? · BlueAce Says:

    […] BusinessWeek schreef recent een artikel over Kevin Rose, de frontman van Digg. Volgens het magazine zou hij goed zijn voor 60 miljoen dollar. Bij 37signals zetten ze daar echter terecht vraagtekens bij. Er wordt gespeculeerd dat Rose rond de 30 tot 40 procent aandelen van Digg zou bezitten. Een ander gerucht onder ingewijden is dat de site inmiddels een waarde zou hebben van 200 miljoen dollar. Wat is 30 procent van 200 miljoen? Juist: $60.000.000. Een erg rommelig stukje wiskunde dus, oftewel: “BULLSHIT!”. Bij 9rules dachten ze trouwens zelf ook gelijk hun ego te strelen door een soortgelijk bericht uit te brengen. Het resultaat is een prachtige vergelijking. Rechts de echte, links de parodie: […]

  13. AJ Says:

    Haha, nice guys

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    […] 9Rules is also getting in on the act. […]

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    […] Hat tip to 9rules; don’t believe everything you read! […]

  16. Those Bastards! Says:

    The Digg Story: Dude, where’s my revenue model?…


  17. Brad Fults Says:

    Nicely done.

  18. Demozi Says:

    This news is a heart pumpin!
    Let’s get enrolled to 9rules!

  19. Dennis Says:

    Thats bangin’ dog!

  20. Paul Stamatiou Says:


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    […] Digg And Bubble Math is a more realistic look at the Kevin Rose BusinessWeek cover story. Scrivens has jumped in with a tongue in cheek article on the imaginary dollars in nine rules. I’m seeing a lot of bubble math around over the last year. […]

  22. Ben Gray Says:

    Nice, very nice :D.

  23. ~ Chris Pirillo Says:

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  24. Digg is Worth More than $60m ~ Chris Pirillo Says:

    […] How Paul Scrivens, Mike Rundle, Colin Devroe, and Tyme White All Made Billions In 12 Months […]

  25. Chad Lapa Says:

    Tree Huggers on Wall Street! Hahah – where is the picture for that? Nice job Mike 🙂

  26. Devin Says:

    With all the rivers of money out there I guess I got in the right business! I thought I was doing it all for the heck of it. Thanks for the encouragement

  27. Alvin Says:

    Whee! I’m expecting calls to buy my blog for millions anytime now! 😛

  28. Ben Says:

    Make sure you spend some of that money on some badass grillz. 😉

  29. Ivan Brezak Brkan Says:

    I think it’s time to buy 9rules stock… 🙂

  30. Paul Says:

    I’m up for 9rules shares too! 2 millions lot pls! I’m up to be partners too!

  31. tech.no.philia » Blog Archive » Says:

    […] And guess what, 9rules has gotten into the act too by posting this tongue-in-cheek spoof here. « OhMiBod OMB 411: Music Powered Vibrator […]

  32. Mrad Says:

    That’s freaking hilarious! Jason Fried would be proud.

  33. Plutor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Four random Saturday links Says:

    […] Don’t believe BusinessWeek’s bubble-math – Web 2.0 plus shoddy journalism equals a firm foundation for another bubble. BusinessWeek takes a made up number, multiplies it by a rumored percentage, contradicts itself several times, and most readers are probably just thinking “Wow, what a smart kid!” Related: A hilarious parody. […]

  34. LorriM Says:

    I love this!! It gave me a big laugh.

    Keep those goals…dreams can turn to reality! 🙂

  35. CalacANUS Says:

    Don’t forget to keep up to date on all the latest news regarding the envy of Digg at http://www.calacANUS.com

  36. Jacqui Says:

    Mega bucks anytime is a good thing.

    Can’t find a link on here to join 9rules. Brain fart or something. Help?

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    […] Tekst powstaÅ‚ w oparciu o notki: “Don’t believe BusinessWeek’s bubble-math” Signal vs. Noise, “Business Week on Digg: Smells like bubble spirit” Wordyard i How Paul Scrivens, Mike Rundle, Colin Devroe, and Tyme White All Made Billions In 12 Months  […]

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    […] It is rare to have a job you truly enjoy, surrounded by people you actually enjoy being around, have a flexible work schedule and have the ability to impact people’s lives. Scrivs, that is what you created when you made 9rules. Now with 200+ sites we enjoy interacting with each other. We have a lot of fun. Mike, Colin and I enjoy working with you and the members – we are one big family. We have the love and support of our readers/listeners and we’re super duper rich…life doesn’t get much better. […]

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    Web 2.0 Valuations In Perspective…

    Just in time for Friday, the 9rules bloggers have posted an interesting take on the valuations of Web 2.0 companies. Also, Paul Graham writes his take on the Kiko affair. In my initial post, I mentioned that starting with less…

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    […] I’m sure everyone remembers clearly the mini-fiasco behind BusinessWeek’s cover of Kevin Rose proclaiming him to be the $60 million boy (at age 30) (9rules’ take on things). For one reason or another it seems people want to see Digg make it big and succeed, but don’t seem to look at what it would take for it to do so. Now, I can’t claim to know the future plans of Mr. Rose, but it’s hard to see Digg having the impact on the web that everyone is proclaiming it has in its current iteration. […]

  42. The Overjustification Effect and User Generated Content » Wisdump Says:

    […] The issue of rewarding users for helping your site grow and producing content is a very interesting one. Digg is one of the fastest growing sites this year due to the amount of content people are putting on it. More content = more pageviews = more money. Kevin Rose gets a profile of himself done on BusinessWeek and is labeled as the “$60M Kid” because of the work of a couple hundred thousand people that he doesn’t even know. Do they deserve a piece of the pie when Digg gets bought? […]

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