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Advertising With 9rules

Written by Scrivs on August 3, 2006

I can’t remember the last time I wrote about advertising on 9rules or if I have ever have written about it (a quick search shows that I have never written an entire entry focused on advertising on 9rules! What?). Damn, the more I think about it the more I’m surprised that I never talked about advertising. I guess now is as good as time as any. Guess my focus was other places. Anyways…

We know how important it is to get your company out in front of the people you are targetting. We also know how important it is for us to maintain a quality site that caters to our Members and readers, while also giving advertisers a fair chance at being recognized. With our latest design we feel we achieved this goal and I would like to talk a bit more about the opportunities that you have to advertise on 9rules.

1-2 On our new community page moved the two graphical ad spots from the right column to the top middle, similar to the homepage to give your ads a bit more prominence on the page.

3-4 Halfway down the page we introduced a premium text link. This is great placement for any sponsor because the ad is used to visually break up the page, therefore drawing the eyes of the readers.

7 Interior pages retain the two graphical ads in the right column to help maintain the consistency of these pages, but are still given enough visual recognition on the page to draw the readers’ eyes.

8 On individual pages that contain a right sidebar, sponsors will also have the option to buy a text ad. These ads will occur below the fold in most cases at the bottom of the sidebar and provides an economical alternative to our graphical ad options.

9 Our homepage will retain the 3 graphical ads across the top since this has been very successful with past and present sponsors. You won’t find a better ad location anywhere on the web.

Along with the advertising placements outlined about above, there will also be other chances for your company’s name to reach the 9rules audience. Our new daily podcast, 9@9 (first one coming at 9pm EST), will include shoutouts to our sponsors. We also have Community newsletters planned in the near future as well so your advertising goes above and beyond just the web.

The 9rules Audience

What’s wonderful about the audience at 9rules is how diverse it is. You don’t just get designers or web geeks, but also moms, photographers, historians and a ton of other types. With the new 9rules we can get your site in front of these audiences with our Communities and you also have the choice of getting in front of everyone that visits the 9rules site.


Now let’s get down to the pricing.

  • Graphical ad placement across the entire 9rules site (including our company blog, 6 ad rotation): $3,000.
  • Graphical ad placement in a specific community (5 ad rotation): $1,000-$2,000.
  • Premium text ad in a specific community (5 ad rotation): $800-$1,200.
  • Text ad in sidebar in a specific community (5 spots): $200-$500.
  • Text ad across all communities and company blog: $1,300.

Graphical ad size is IAB standard 234×60. We are open to discussing package deals and CPM advertising if that is what you are looking for as well. Send an email to ads{AT}9rules.com when you are ready to get started.

Also there are only a couple of pins left and they ship tomorrow so if you want get on the PinWagon make sure to get your’s.

  1. weisheng Says:

    I think you’ve struck while the iron is hot with this post. The new additions have added bulk in terms of viewership to 9rules and having a wider range of communities and the new Notes feature has probably driven quite a lot more traffic to this portal site. Advertising here is probably much more attractive than it was prior to Round 4.

  2. viperteq Says:

    Hey Scrivs, looks like things are going well. Props to you, Colin, Mike and Tyme for putting a great community together.

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask what happened to the explanantion of points #5 and #6 from the screenshots? You jump from #3 and #4 to #7. Just curious….

  3. Ken Says:

    How long is the ad buy for your pricing?

  4. Scrivs Says:

    Hey Viper,

    The images used above were also used to show our members the new 9rules before it launched and highlights new content features. That’s why you see the jump in the entry.

  5. Scrivs Says:

    Now I’m starting to see why I never wrote an entry before. I leave out the good details. Those are for 30 day slots, but volume pricing is available as well.

  6. viperteq Says:

    Duh, why didn’t I remember that?

  7. Blog Networks » Advertising with 9rules Says:

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  8. Mike McDerment Says:

    “What’s wonderful about the audience at 9rules is how diverse it is.”

    Paul – I think the way 9Rules supports and connects communities is great…However, most advertisers are not interested in diversity in their marketing efforts. They want laser precision and I’d venture to guess the appeal of 9Rules to advertisers is all the niche content…I’d be careful not to lose sight of that. I’m not saying you have, I’m just saying the sentence I quoted above did not really ring true for me….food for thought.

  9. Inner Sanctum Says:

    Designy Stuff…

    As one of the very few Rexanni employees (and the only “designer” on the Rexanni team) I am charged with the duty to code and design EVERY Rexanni site. But, to kick off the series of new designs I am developing, I want to show you the new …

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