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Using Wiki in Education

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Using Wiki in Education is blog on wiki use in education. Stewart includes product profiles, wiki uses and interviews on his blog. One incredibly cool thing about this blog is that all his entries are automatically podcasted so you can listen to them in iTunes. See…bet you learned something.

Welcome Stewart.

Giant’s Drink

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Jordan writes about a wide variety of topics, and that’s great, it’s his personal blog. Jordan explains the method behind his writing:

I tend to get carried away, and that’s why if you’re lucky enough to read one of my essays immediately after it’s been posted (usually late at night 🙂 you’ll see a number of grammer errors and inconclusive thoughts, as well taglines and quotes that sometimes lack some sizzle.

Well, that happens because I only write about stuff that gets me excited, and when I get something in my head that excites me, I just can’t wait to share it with anyone and everyone.

If only all bloggers only wrote when they were excited about something…

Welcome Jordan.


Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

IndieHQ is a great site for those interested in independent music. They have free music, interviews, and frank discussions. The most blogged about band to DRM management to rants about Starbucks pulling out of a coupon deal…IndieHQ covers the essentials.

Welcome IndieHQ.

Geek and the Freak

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Nik & Darren have a podcast Geek and the Freak. If you aren’t into podcasts they do post technology related articles. Never know what they might say in their podcasts. Check ’em out.

Welcome Nik and Darren.

Google Sightseeing

Written by Tyme White on August 31, 2006

Google Sightseeing tries to take you to the world’s best tourist spots using Google Earth and Google Maps. Island of the Dead, Ship Breaking, Underwater Plane and Gun Lake…check them out. If you’re like me and don’t travel as much as you used to, Google Sightseeing will give you that umph to travel…or at least learn something like the longest conveyor belt in the world.

Welcome Google Sightseeing.