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Written by Tyme White on July 28, 2006

Volksbloggin is turning out to be a very nice resource for Volkswagen owners. They just celebrated their 200th post, which is very cool. They all work in together in Cincinnati, they love their VWs…and the fast.

Welcome Dan, Matt, Nik, Tim, Becky and Drew.

Back up and running

Written by Colin Devroe on July 28, 2006

As some of you no doubt noticed, our site was down for a little while this afternoon. It seems that a very big problem happened, one that was completely uncontrollable, and has now been resolved. If you’d like to see any details, I wrote a note about it on my blog.

We are more than happy with the way Media Temple responded to the situation, and we highly recommend using their services. It is nice to know, that even when faced with extremely difficult circumstances, they still care enough about 9rules, its members, and the entire community around it – to give us a call on the phone to let us know what was happening.

Thanks for your patience. We have another scheduled maintenance to be happening this weekend, so watch for falling debris during that.

9@9 Preview

Written by Scrivs on July 28, 2006

So what happens when you get 9 Member Entries and a tired ass Scrivs in the morning trying to talk about them in 3 minutes? Well you get 9@9 of course our new 9rules podcast that tries to bring a little bit of personality to how you come across 9rules content. Movie previews aren’t even 10% of the length of the real movie, but here at 9rules when we give you a preview of something, we know that 10% just isn’t good enough and technically its almost impossible to give you 10% of a show with 9 items because we don’t know how to offer 0.9 of an item.

Now this isn’t a full show and the show might not even sound like this at all. Instead, consider it a preview of Scrivs’ voice. You know something to get you a bit familiar with my voice so you don’t go into a state of shock next week. Anyways, here is the 9@9 Preview where I answer Gordon’s question about waking up on your day off.

Show starts next week. What day? That’s a question to answer for another time.

The Idiot Behind the Iron Mask

Written by Tyme White on July 26, 2006

Everyone should have websites on the blogroll that make you laugh. Seriously, you should. The Idiot Behind the Iron Mask is the personal blog of Wan Zafran and one thing that can be said about Wan – he’s not boring. From topics like The Burger of Death to Bonding With the GirlFriend, The Way Flowers Do It, you won’t be able to guess what Wan will write next, but you’ll be guaranteed a laugh.

Welcome Wan.

Desperate Curiosity

Written by Tyme White on July 26, 2006

If you read Desperate Curiosity, you’ll understand what I mean when I say after you read an article written by Andrew, eventually you’ll think of what you read again. Andrew has a unique way of giving enough details to prompt a mental image for the reader without dominating the image and allows the reader to be mentally creative with his words.

Welcome Andrew.