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Attn: Round 4 members

Written by Tyme White on June 23, 2006

If your site was accepted in Round 4 and you haven’t heard from me, please send me an email at tyme [at] 9rules.com so we can get you going. I’m receiving some bounce notices.


Google Weirdness

Written by Mike Rundle on June 21, 2006

Last week I was over at Google and decided to do the typical vanity search: either your name, or your site or company, etc. I Google’d 9rules and came up with about 3.2M results which was up from the last time I did it. Yesterday I ran the same query again but it only came up with ~1.6M results…. what?!? I was just talking to Paul a second ago on IM and we ran the query again so I could show him the weirdness, and now it’s back up to around 3 million.

I realize that query results can change and shift, but dropping 40-50% in a matter of a day or two and then popping back up seems pretty odd to me. Do you guys know what could be causing this?

Tyme & Jeremy Wright Chat

Written by Tyme White on June 14, 2006

Yesterday was quite a day for 9rules and b5media. At the end of the day, Jeremy and I sat down and do what we do – talk. We cleared the air, made some points, and learned some things. Now it’s time for you to learn some things.

Why does b5 launch so many sites?

What’s up with the stats Jeremy states time to time? Jeremy details how they are calculated.

Did you know Jeremy (at one time) was writing 25,000 words a day?

Our networks have challenges. Jeremy and I talk about some of those.

Which 9rules team member helped Jeremy out – on the highway?

Enjoy the podcast! (right-click/save as)

9rules wallpaper

Written by Colin Devroe on June 8, 2006

A while back we held an internal contest to create an official 9rules wallpaper. We had an amazing array of choices to choose from, all were extremely well done, but one stood out from the crowd.

Chris Tingom, of Brain Fuel, put together “snowflake”.

Right now, this wallpaper is available for 20-inch screens, at a resolution of 1680×1050. If you’d like to resize this, go for it, if you’d like to create a ton of different sizes for all the resolutions – please link to them in our comments. Enjoy, and congrats Chris.

Do It For The Passion

Written by Mike Rundle on June 7, 2006

9rules Members don’t blog for the money, they blog because they have a fiery passion for their favorite topic. They’re entrepreneurial, industrious, adventurous, and are excited by the prospect that they control their site’s destiny. They’ve worked hard, built something from scratch, and jump at the chance to see it grow and blossom. The 9rules Network offers these types of people the opportunity to reach out to a large community of other people just like them — people that strive to improve and love the risks associated with building something by themselves.

Over the past year, we’ve received thousands of emails and submissions from people who want to join 9rules, not because we’re paying them two digits per month to write for us, but because we offer them the chance to grow their entrepreneurial spirit and build something of their own.

9rules Members don’t blog because it’s their job, they do it for the passion.