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The fat CTO

Written by Colin Devroe on May 29, 2006

If Paul is known as the Oreo CEO, than I must be known as the fat CTO. But, I’d love to change that, as would others. So, we are going to have a community diet. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join us. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 500, you should consider doing it with us.

Head on over to the page describing this thing, then sign up if you would like to join in the fun. Go through withdrawal with all of us.

Round 4 Update

Written by Scrivs on May 25, 2006

Next week we will be publishing a master list of all the sites that were accepted into Round 4 and after that we will start with the individual writeups on the sites. We figured it would be better this way since no one will have to wait weeks/months to see if they got in or not. So stay tuned.

Biting The Dust, But Not Yet

Written by Mike Rundle on May 19, 2006

Hey guys, the very nice post that Paul wrote up earlier tonight (and all the great comments!) was switched to a draft and unpublished. It will be published soon, but not right now. Not that it wasn’t great, but the timing is a bit off since people we needed to talk to regarding the news don’t know yet, and if they happen to read this blog before hearing from the horse’s mouth, well, I’d be dead meat!

And if you’re totally confused about what this post is about, don’t worry, it’s all gravy 😉

Round 4, aka the 700 Club, is Over

Written by Scrivs on May 18, 2006

Now it would be easier for me to say that we had 699 entries or even 701 (which Colin predicted a couple days ago), but I must admit that we landed on exactly 700 entries when Round 4 closed about a hour ago. I guess I should take this as a sign for good things to come or at the very least I have a cool nickname to give the Round 4 submitters. To everyone that submitted I would like to thank you very much because without your sites we have no Network and I know it’s not easy to expose your hard work for some strangers to judge whether you should get into a Network or not.

We are definitely looking forward to going through each and every site and introducing our newest members shortly. Let the fun begin.

Tell your friends, before round 4 is over

Written by Colin Devroe on May 17, 2006

We launched our communities earlier this year and, to be honest, they are not even close to what we actually have planned for them. Obviously, we have many communities that we need to fill out. We have communities that we have yet to add, and we have big, big plans for our community pages.

We hope that you can help us to make this a reality. The communities are nothing without great content and members. So to everyone that has submitted thus far (going well over 600 sites at this point), go find the best blogs that would fit in the communities you think you’d be in, and tell them to submit before midnight.

There is no such thing as competition in the 9rules Network, those sites can only help your site gain more exposure. Call it, a melding of content, minds, and audience, all in one swoop.

Spread the word, before this round is over. And get all of your friends to submit their site.