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Spare Some Dough For Chris Rhee

Written by Mike Rundle on April 23, 2006

Hey everybody, got some pretty crappy news. Our friend and 9rules member Chris Rhee had $5,000 worth of equipment stolen from his car last week while shooting in San Francisco for his new stop tape collaborative venture.

He’s trying to fundraise the dough community-style, and your contribution will help get back things like a 15″ PowerBook, Canon S400 camera, 200GB external hard drive, and a lot more.

Please stop by the fundraising part of his site and donate what you can. If we can get 1000 people to donate just $5 each, we can make it back for him in a hurry. Thanks everyone.

Round 4: May 17, 2006

Written by Scrivs on April 20, 2006

People are always asking when the next round of submissions for our Network will be and we have finally decided on the date and figured we would tell you now instead of our usual 7 day notice. Why so far away?

  • We know a lot of sites are participating in the CSS Reboot and we believe their focus should be on putting together a quality site for their audience along with having enough time to work out whatever bugs they may come across.
  • This also gives some warning to the sites that may have started recently that wish to push the schedule of their postings so that we have a good gauge of how their content will be in the future.
  • Before then we like to think we will have the new features added to the Communities and Network so that gives us time to get situated and carry on momentum towards the Submission Round.

So if you are interested in joining the 9rules Network please remember that date as you will only have 24 hours to submit your site. Between now and then I will have a series of posts detailing what makes a great site (in my opinion) that should give some insight into what we look for when evaluating sites.

Look for a new Spanish submission round in the near future as well.


Written by Scrivs on April 20, 2006

I love videogames. I wish I played more…of a variety, but I seemed to be stuck in my World of Warcraft funk again and can’t get out. In any case, the Network already includes great gaming sites such as Aelon, Treasure Tables and BinaryMoon and now I am happy to bring FooGaming into the mix.

What Foogaming does differently than the other gaming sites in the Network is bring news daily on the video game scene while also suppyling in-depth reviews that are hard to find on most gaming blogs. Welcome.

Note: Nobody missed an Open Submission Round, these sites are run by current members who have the privilege of running any of their other sites across at any time. Next round will be in May.

How the CEO Works

Written by Scrivs on April 19, 2006

Well today we planned on releasing the first 9r vidcast, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the stuff to work so we settled for a podcast that I will get up this week. So to keep everyone busy I decided to post a video that I did yesterday over at Oreo CEO showing what I do during a typical work day.

Warning: Explicit lyrics in first 15 seconds.

If you YouTube is too slow here is the direct download.

Go Necks Go

Written by Scrivs on April 19, 2006

Quality sports blogs aren’t that easy to come by when the submission rounds come around, but it looks like we finally go another addition and honestly I never expected to get a site like this one in the Network. Go Necks Go is a site about a Canadian team in the National Lacrosse League. Yep, you read that right, and the site is pretty damn good for the sport it has to cover (*runs).

GoNecksGo.com is a site dedicated to promoting, discussing, and — when needed — criticizing the Calgary Roughnecks, my National Lacrosse League team. After catching my first live lacrosse game over 3 years ago I’ve become a regular season ticket holder and avid fan of the game. While my fandom is never in question sometimes my knowledge of the game is. From time to time I use GoNecksGo.com to explore some of the intricate details of the sport that myself and others may not fully understand. In the end I want to GoNecksGo.com to be a resource and community site for all Calgary Roughneck fans to gather and discuss their fav team.

Welcome Mike.