The first purpose of the 9rules Network is to help its members connect with each other and with our readers. We have tried our best to gather the greatest talent from all niches on the web and obviously due to our strong roots in the web development community we have a great deal of resources […]

9rules Wins Best Community Site of the Year, Avalonstar Wins Best Weblog of the Year

There’s a lot that can be said about SXSW this year, however the two most important things that happened in our world include 9rules winning Best Community Site of the Year, and 9rules member and close friend Bryan Veloso from Avalonstar winning Best Blog of the Year. These web awards just verify what we already […]

Headed To Austin!

One year ago, today, Paul pitched me the idea of 9rules over dinner down in Tampa. I was a bit skeptical, just because our design firm was just taking off and I didn’t know how the two would blend, but after one year of doing both I’m now really happy that we had that chat […]