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Geek Entertainment TV Interviews Me

Written by Scrivs on March 22, 2006

I am in the company of some big time web people and my answer is definitely me and not ummmmm, what you would expect…hehe.

Good answers all around so make sure you enjoy it. 97′ was a good year since I started my Senior year of high school and became one year away from becoming an “adult” and yes I use that term lightly.


Written by Scrivs on March 17, 2006

9charitiesThe first purpose of the 9rules Network is to help its members connect with each other and with our readers. We have tried our best to gather the greatest talent from all niches on the web and obviously due to our strong roots in the web development community we have a great deal of resources to work with. A couple of months after starting the Network I thought it would be great to gather the talent within the Network to do some good for those who aren’t able to afford such talent.

However, as what usually happens with me, that idea got lost amongst the millions of others, but thankfully within the forums the idea came up again to help out some charities. This time the idea would not get lost and 9charities was finally born.

9charities is a simple thing. Within the Network we will select 9 charities every year and help build their web presence and provide them with hosting. There will be a great combination of designers and developers working on each project so each one will be unique and hopefully I can convince them to document their process every step of the way so the development community gets something out of it. Over the next couple of weeks and months you will begin to see the charities that we have decided to work with and their projects rolling out.

We still aren’t the next Web 2.0 IPO that many people are striving to become or the latest company to shutdown acquisition rumors, but that doesn’t bother us. We have left our mark with showcasing great content on the web and now we are looking forward to making our mark in other ways. I am very proud of the response this project has received within our forums and the commitment that so many of our members have put behind it. This is just the first in a line of projects that show we are not a blog network, but a community of people looking to make a change.

One of these days I am sure we will be the big company profiled in Business 2.0 and merging with Yahoo!, but for now why can’t we just be the small company with a tiny community making a difference on the web?

Guy Kawasaki

Written by Scrivs on March 16, 2006

If you are an entrepreneur then there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t know the name Guy Kawasaki. The author of the great book The Art of the Start and now writer of a great blog has been guiding budding businesspeople for years now and we are very pleased to include him into the 9rules Network.

There really isn’t much more I can say about Guy that hasn’t been said a million times over, but to add a site to our Network that makes it multiple levels better is a great feat.

Welcome Guy.

9rules Wins Best Community Site of the Year, Avalonstar Wins Best Weblog of the Year

Written by Mike Rundle on March 15, 2006

9rules Award Ceremony

Bryan Veloso Takes It Home

There’s a lot that can be said about SXSW this year, however the two most important things that happened in our world include 9rules winning Best Community Site of the Year, and 9rules member and close friend Bryan Veloso from Avalonstar winning Best Blog of the Year. These web awards just verify what we already knew, but it was nice to hear some major cheering from the entire ball room when our names blew up. A big thanks goes to everyone who is a part of 9rules or supports the thing we’ve got going here, like I said in the acceptance speech, 9rules wouldn’t be a very good community site without the community formed in and around it πŸ™‚

Other things that happened this year at SXSW include our fearless CEO getting really sick and needing some medical attention (he’s feeling better now); Business Logs co-founder Matthew Oliphant getting assaulted and then nearly arrested; me meeting Dan Rubin and realizing 1) he’s not dead, and 2) he’s really cool; some friends of mine redesigning Craigslist and doing a rockin’ job; and all of our 9rules members are a ton of fun in person. Here are some Flickr pictures from the event that describe the SXSW conference pretty well:

Paul interviewed for GeekTV

On the bus, going to bowling!

Matto and I

Dan Rubin and D. Keith Robinson

Paul and the podcast pickle

Jason Santa Maria

Headed To Austin!

Written by Mike Rundle on March 9, 2006

One year ago, today, Paul pitched me the idea of 9rules over dinner down in Tampa. I was a bit skeptical, just because our design firm was just taking off and I didn’t know how the two would blend, but after one year of doing both I’m now really happy that we had that chat πŸ™‚

Paul and I will be headed to Austin tomorrow and we’re really excited to meet many of our members for the first time. 9rules is up for Best Community Site of the Year in the SXSWi Web Awards, 9rules member Bryan Veloso is putting together an all-out Avalonstar Bowling Shindig where 9rules and some of our friends are sponsors, and we’ll probably have many a 9rules get-together over the weekend so be on the lookout for the inevitable Flickr barrage afterwards!