The Dancing Executives

I don’t know how this started, but it has definitely gotten out of hand and more than likely will only get worse. Wednesday: The 9rules Network Dance Challenge Thursday: The Dancing CEO Friday: The Dancing CTO Every since we started this Network, people wondered how we would make money. Those questions have finally been answered.

9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge

If you missed it, last week was b5media’s 6 month anniversary and while I didn’t congratulate them at the time, I figured it’s never too late to say congrats so I am saying it now. More interesting though is the conversation that happens in the comments between Jason Calacanis, Jeremy Wright and Darren Rowse. Calacanis […]

The day I met Mike Rundle

For those of you that don’t know, Mike, Paul, and I have never actually met in meat space. We’ve kept our relationships strictly virtual, until today. I am currently in North Carolina visiting my brother while he house-hunts, and Rundle lives only one hour from here. So, he hopped in his hot-rod and made it […]