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The Dancing Executives

Written by Scrivs on March 31, 2006

I don’t know how this started, but it has definitely gotten out of hand and more than likely will only get worse.

Every since we started this Network, people wondered how we would make money. Those questions have finally been answered.

9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge

Written by Scrivs on March 29, 2006

If you missed it, last week was b5media’s 6 month anniversary and while I didn’t congratulate them at the time, I figured it’s never too late to say congrats so I am saying it now. More interesting though is the conversation that happens in the comments between Jason Calacanis, Jeremy Wright and Darren Rowse. Calacanis believes you must measure success with numbers, while Jeremy and Darren feel otherwise. What do we think? Well, instead of writing about it Mike and I decided to show you. Introducing our first ever vidcast:

The 9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge.

Now I call ourselves a blog network in the vidcast for the sake of argument although we don’t feel we fit into that category. In any case, Mike and I are tempted to make this a weekly thing depending on how well this turns out. Sorry for the sound on Mike’s side, this was impromptu and the settings were a bit messed up. Let us know what you think and also if you think any other blog network out there (hell any other company) stands a chance against our nasty dance skills.

Doing The Architect

And yes, this is the kind of stuff we do all day if you must know…

9rules In Web 2.0 Awards

Written by Mike Rundle on March 28, 2006

Over at the Web 2.0 Awards our little community got an honorable mention under the category of Blog Guides. Cool! Thanks guys 🙂

The day I met Mike Rundle

Written by Colin Devroe on March 27, 2006

For those of you that don’t know, Mike, Paul, and I have never actually met in meat space. We’ve kept our relationships strictly virtual, until today.

I am currently in North Carolina visiting my brother while he house-hunts, and Rundle lives only one hour from here. So, he hopped in his hot-rod and made it over here for lunch today.

Colin D. Devroe and Mike Rundle

We had a great time at lunch, it was great to finally meet one of my team members. Now I just have to get myself down to Tampa to see Paul before he buys an island and I’ll need an appointment just to talk to him.

The 9rules Asteroids Challenge

Written by Scrivs on March 23, 2006

Over in the Games Community I have issued a challenge to all readers and 9rules members to see if they can achieve the highest score in Asteroids by the end of the week. If you finish at the top maybe I will throw in a prize, but I kind of see that as pointless since I will be the top score at the end of this week anyways.

Who knows, it might be fun giving myself a prize for being the best.