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Podcast Free America

Written by Scrivs on December 20, 2005

One thing about technology is that it always seems to make us geeks more excited than the general public. It happned with blogging, which is finally starting to catch on maintstream and it has happened with podcasting. Podcast Free America aims to bring podcasting to the masses and if Ryan keeps it up he should do it in no time.

Podcast Free America is website that promotes podcasting for everyone. Podcasts are hip, cool and getting a lot of attention. However, most of the talk of podcasting is very technical and geeky. Podcast Free America hopes to bridge that gap with simple help guides and writing on non-technical applications of podcasting.

Welcome Ryan.

  1. Greg Says:

    Few people know this but Ryan toured with the Stones as the lead sound engineer during the farwell tour.

  2. I.A.I. » Blog Archive » Podcast Free America Says:

    […] omoting podcasting for everyone,’ but it’s a good site none the less. [thanks 9rules, now give me an invite!] « Penny Arcade! talks […]

  3. All about all Says:


    More information on this topic is here

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