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Matthew Cahill

Written by Scrivs on December 19, 2005

Hell, you might as well call the Network the 9 College Students Networks since everyone that gets added to the Network is another one where multiple topics are discussed and passion oozes out of it. Matthew Cahill had to be good to get into the Network because it fills a niche that is already overpopulated, but he stands out on his own through his insightful thoughts and discussions.

MatthewCahill.com was originally started as a creative outlet for my college experiences, but over time has evolved into a platform for me to discuss topics of interest, namely design and technology. I like to use my perspective as a student to discuss said topics and hopefully document my changing opinions over the course of my college years. I find the subject of web design and development particularly intriguing because it converges two intrinsically different methodologies, mainly art and science/mathematics, onto a single platform where they battle together in hopes of creating a harmony of logic and visual design. For the longest time I’ve felt my position should be between the two front lines, an intermediary between programmer and designer, in order to help massage that Internet utopia into a reality. Over time I plan to use my site as a launch pad for new opinions and skills I learn as I become more deeply involved in web design and development, and the 9Rules network is full of great members to interact and learn with.

Welcome Matthew.

Echo Faith

Written by Scrivs on December 19, 2005

If you would have told me some of our most popular sites in the Network would revolve around the subject of religion I would’ve scoffed at the idea, but we do have some good ones. Not one to break tradition Echo Faith carries the torch and carries it well.

Echo Faith is a blog of faith, design and a relevant life – primarily detailing my adventures as a christian, a graphic designer, and a creative director for a new churchplant, United Foursquare. Other topics covered are media (movies, games, books), technology, and currently – Project1001, a list of 101 goals I hope to accomplish within 1001 days.

Welcome Jesse.

Matthew Good

Written by Scrivs on December 19, 2005

Politics. Design. Music. Rarely do these three topics intertwine on a single blog and rarer still is when one site does each topic well, but that’s what Matthew Good seems to do. Known in many circles for his music, you can see one of his deepest passions is politics and the way he conveys is ideas is like no other.

Matthew Good has been writing on the web since 1997, when he first starting posting short fiction on The Matthew Good Band website. His monthly postings ended in 2000, after which they were published as 2001’s “At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say”. In 2001 Matt turned to blogging, and, in early 2005, finally got with the program and moved from Blogger to WordPress. He has since become enamored with blog design and the integration of various web 2.0 applications, most notably Ajax.

Welcome Matthew.

A guide to starting your business

Written by Colin Devroe on December 19, 2005

More and more people are taking the leap into running their own company. If you are one of those people, Particle Tree has recently written A Guide to Starting Your Own Business. Learn from the experiences, failures, and successes of the Particle Tree gang as they jot down the different steps that are essential to making your company a success.

For many of us, “running the business” is the hardest part of the entire process. If we’re opening a design or development company we know we have the skills to pull that off. But running a business can be daunting, and this guide makes things simple and easy to follow.

The Apple Blog

Written by Scrivs on December 15, 2005

To be honest I am surprised there isn’t more blogs focused on Apple in this Network. Maybe we need to get the king of Apple before we see more of them jump onboard. Till that day happens I am more than pleased to just have the Apple Blog in the house. And you know with a site based on Apple it has to have a great design.

The Apple Blog, published by and for the day-to-day Apple user, is a prominent source for news, reviews, walkthroughs, and real life application of all Apple products. The site offers the hands on expertise of a wide range of accomplished users, from IT professionals to college enthusiasts. It is the experience of these users who both realize the capabilities of Apple products and are committed to passing that realization on that make The Apple Blog a resource for both Mac community veterans and newcomers.