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Functioning Form

Written by Scrivs on December 21, 2005

Back in the days when I used to pretend to be a designer I would sit for hours in the bookstores believing that all the information I could soak up about design would allow me to become the greatest. One of the books I continuously returned to was Site-Seeing by Luke Wroblewski so it’s more than a honor to welcome him to our Network.

Functioning form is a blog about interface design. That is to say it is where art and technology emerge as experience, where message and medium meld, and where interactions are useful, usable, and enjoyable. In the context of interaction design, the user experience design process, and Web applications, Functioning Form explores themes like Visual Communication; Information Density vs. Visual Simplicity; User Friendly vs. User Empowerment; the next generation of graphical user interfaces; and successful unions of engineering and art, of emotion and logic, and of function and form.

Welcome Luke.


Written by Scrivs on December 21, 2005

I have always said that you can never have too many British sites in this Network and if you don’t think I have never said that before you obviously haven’t been hanging around me at 3:36am. Ben Gillbanks makes games. Fun games. Oh and good content. Great games and great content. That’s all that a geek needs on the web.

Binary Moon is my place to showcase and discuss my video games, web sites, and anything else that amuses me. Topics are broad, primarily based around video games and web design, but I’ll talk about anything I find interesting including, but not limited to, Video Games, Movies, Harry Potter and… um… David Hasselhoff (sorry).

Welcome Ben.

Retro Thing

Written by Scrivs on December 20, 2005

Are you an old school junkie? And when I say “old school” I mean old school. Not 90’s, but 60s, 70s, 80s type old school. Retro Thing is a great site showcasing vintage technology. Think about what I just said. “Showcasing vintage technology”. Too freaking cool.

Retro Thing occupies a dusty old virtual warehouse in a forgotten corner of the Internet. Each week I dig up a few forgotten pieces of vintage technology and put them out on show. It’s getting hard to find many classic items, but I’ll do my best to track down sources and ideas for getting your hands on forgotten old cameras, computers, turntables and whatchamacallits. Of course, this is all a pathetic ruse to hide the simple truth: I’m hopelessly addicted to old gadgets.

Welcome James.

Podcast Free America

Written by Scrivs on December 20, 2005

One thing about technology is that it always seems to make us geeks more excited than the general public. It happned with blogging, which is finally starting to catch on maintstream and it has happened with podcasting. Podcast Free America aims to bring podcasting to the masses and if Ryan keeps it up he should do it in no time.

Podcast Free America is website that promotes podcasting for everyone. Podcasts are hip, cool and getting a lot of attention. However, most of the talk of podcasting is very technical and geeky. Podcast Free America hopes to bridge that gap with simple help guides and writing on non-technical applications of podcasting.

Welcome Ryan.


Written by Scrivs on December 19, 2005

I have been around the web design community for about 2.5 years now, but rarely have I gotten the chance to watch the growth of a designer during this whole period of time. Lea is a talent that I have “known” for a long time and to watch her growth has been a spectacular thing and it makes me very proud to announce her into our Network.

Lealea means happiness or pleasure in Hawaiian, so I strive to keep my readers happy with pertinent entries regarding design issues on print and web, branding, communication, business, illustration and even comics from a fresh, female perspective. Boring is not on the horizon, so stay tuned for tips, tutorials, activities, and hey… maybe even a freebie or two! Because I’m not above bribes. 😉

Welcome Lea.