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John Boyle Underwater Film maker Interview

Written by Colin Devroe on December 25, 2005

One of great things about being part of this Network, is our ever expanding diversity. Travel Dive has recently published an interview with John Boyle and Underwater Film maker.

The interview is really great, and goes into some detail about making films underwater and how John Boyle got started doing so. However, this interview isn’t just for those experienced in underwater film making.

Helen: If you could give one simple piece of advice to anyone starting out in UW filming what would it be?

John: Apart from buy my book:0)?! Do it – diving will never be the same once you have tried filming – it adds so much to your experience. For so many people a dive is simply a walk in the park – follow a guide around a pre-set route glancing at things as they pass. With any camera – still or video – you learn to stop, look and observe – and hopefully to create an image of what you are seeing that you can share.

Its absolutely wonder to read about people’s experiences doing such a wide range of things. Great interview.

Muffin Research Labs

Written by Scrivs on December 22, 2005

You can write original content or you can write ORIGINAL content. Stuart Colville does the latter. Seriously, I’m not even going to talk the site up, just go see for yourself. The UK invasion is almost complete.

Muffin Research labs is the online playground of Stuart Colville, Web Developer. In web development there are many areas of speciality but as Stuart is a greedy little monkey he likes to get his hands dirty with almost all of them. As a result the lab blog covers all kinds of web related information; from general tips and techniques through to tinkering with apache and Linux and everything else in between. As a web standards advocate one of Stuart’s goals is to provide useful information to anyone interested in creating sites with standards and help them avoid the many pitfalls along the way.

Welcome Stuart.

Crowd Control

Written by Scrivs on December 21, 2005

If there was ever a question to ask this year it would definitely be is Scrivs building online Rockafella Dynasty?. This question was asked by our newest member Jason Lynes and admittedly I am only trying to do so because I like me some Beyonce. If there is a Beyonce blogger you know how to find me.

Crowd Control is about what makes people happy. I have a love for the wildly popular, successful, effective, and well-executed aspects of life that just plain make people happy, and I tend to focus on nothing in particular. At the core, the site is about how to draw the crowds in, and how to acheive even more success through giving people more control. It’s culture, it’s design, it’s marketing, it’s new media, it’s new business, and a unique and quality outlook on the state of
happiness in our world.

Welcome Jason.

Smiley Cat

Written by Scrivs on December 21, 2005

I have known Christian Watson for some time indirectly through felow 9r member Keith Robinson and am mightily impressed the way his site has grown over this time period. Always active and always informative makes for a good site.

Smiley Cat Web Design Blog is Christian Watson’s blog on web design, usability, web content, SEO and all the other things that go into making successful web sites. Knowing full well the time limitations of web professionals these days, above all, he tries to address these issues from a practical standpoint..

Welcome Christian.

Bootstrap Analysis

Written by Scrivs on December 21, 2005

Chronicles and musings of an urban field ecologist. Okay, I admit to never even thinking a site on birds (yes I know it goes deeper than that) would join the Network, but after reading the site for a couple of days it really is interesting. Why let such a site as this one into the Network though? Well in a future entry you will understand the whole vision of 9rules, but we always said the best of the best would get into the Network and this is one of the best bird sites around. Simple as that.

Like most biologists, I have a specific group of organisms that I study. As an ecologist, I am able to view them in a much larger context, and as a field ecologist, I also encounter many other subtle or fantastic creatures as I go about my research. Bootstrap Analysis is my venue for communicating the discoveries of my own research and how it fits into the world around us – especially relevant and revealing to most people because I work on urban ecology. I also share natural history vignettes of all kinds of plants, animals, and phenomena that I never get to write about professionally. The understanding of science has never been more critical and seemingly lacking as it is today, so I toss in commentary, criticism, and interpretations of current events and research. Finally, there is a personal side to Bootstrap Analysis, because I want folks to understand that there are real people behind science, including women like me who value and exercise emotion as well as logic, wit as well as gravity, and along with a scientist’s skepticism, a frequent and enthusiastic sense of wonder.

Welcome J.A.