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What We Look For In A Site

Written by Scrivs on November 10, 2005

Tyme is right. I should’ve answered one of the most basic questions asked of us when we announced Round 3 and that is what we are looking for in a site. Our default answer is anything and everything, but obviously that isn’t true since we are selective of the sites that get into the Network so I will try my best to list the qualities that we are looking for.

  • A passion for the subject that you are writing for. This is evident from the writing on your site.
  • Quality writing. If it’s supposed to be funny then make sure it is funny. If it is supposed to stimulate the mind, then make sure it is intelligent. Mistakes happen within entries, but too many mistakes on too many posts definitely raise a red flag.
  • Consistency in writing quantity. We don’t expect sites to have entries on them every single day, but if you have a site that posts one entry a month we expect there to be at least one entry a month. If you write every single day for 6 months and then disappear for 3 months then we begin to raise questions.
  • Topics. Obviously we offer a wide range of topics (as can be seen on the homepage) and we are always looking to expand. If you have another web design blog or another blog that has its niche filled (10 or more sites) within 9rules you should make sure that you are offering a really kickass site.
  • Design. We don’t base our decisions on the design of your site, but a clean design definitely makes us look more carefully over your site and a unique design often shows a passion for your site.
  • Blogger/Blogspot domains. In all honesty I don’t like adding sites that are hosted by blogger or blogspot since there are so many other parts of the design of those sites which don’t really distinguish them from the rest, but if your site is worth it we will add it.

That’s all I can think of right now. Nothing too specific, but these are definitely things we keep an eye out for.

  1. Tyme Says:

    Excellent! Thank you for answering – and responding so quickly. :)

  2. Martin Ralya Says:

    This was a very useful post, thank you! It answered all of my questions except one:

    Are there any niches/topics that are simply outside your field of interest?

    For example, my blog is for game masters, the folks who run games like Dungeons & Dragons. I love this niche, I’m passionate about my subject matter and my blog, and it hits every other criterion on your list — but most networks don’t carry any blogs in niches even similar to mine. “Video games” is about as close as they get. ;)

    I’m not asking what my chances of joining 9rules are like, and I’m going to apply regardless — but will I be disqualified outright because of my niche?

  3. Scrivs Says:

    With the exception of some adult-oriented sites (those can go in the sex network…*cough*) I would say any niche is game (no pun intended).

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  5. Martin Ralya Says:

    Thanks, Scrivs. I’m looking forward to Monday. :)

  6. Scott Vandehey Says:

    Thanks for the followup information! I’m still planning on submitting, but it makes me curious if I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t blog on a single topic. My site ranges from web development to movie and video game reviews to personal entries and photos. I can’t be the only one?

  7. Benedict Says:

    Scott: no, you’re not.

  8. Hock Says:

    As an owner of a blog using the Blogger platform, I hesitate to switch to something else because I don’t want to lose all those pages that are already indexed in the search engines. Do you have any suggestions if I’m considering moving my blog to another platform on how I can maintain the archives?

  9. Martin Ralya Says:

    Hock: I switched from Blogger to WordPress myself, without losing a single post or comment. I wrote about it on my blog, and included links to the resources I used.

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    Tips Direct From 9rules

    This entry might already be late by 4 days but I suppose it’s something worth keeping over here in the case of anyone needing it. Scrivs who recently visited here and left a comment in my past entry, One Week…

  11. The Robot Report Says:

    9rules Round 3

    The excellent 9rules network will again be accepting blog submissions on Monday! I am definitely planning to submit this blog again. It seems like a great community and I really hope I will be selected to join. If you are looking for some more excelle…

  12. La Bella Says:

    I have a comment to make! LOL
    How come there are not that many ladies added to 9 rules? LOL
    The number of women that belong to 9rules is very low.

    You guys need more estrogen around here. *hehe*

  13. Jennine Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to submitting first thing Monday!

  14. professional web design specialist Says:

    nice post! thanks for this useful info.

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  16. Arun Says:

    I have looked through the site, and I cannot seem to find any info on when the next round for acceptance of new sites will be open. Is this a closely guarded secret ??

    Please can you update me as to how to ‘actually’ go about in tying to join this network.

    Many thanks


  17. Scrivs Says:

    Hey Arun,

    The next round of submissions will probably be in March and we will make sure to keep you updated on when this will happen.

  18. Arun Says:

    Thanks Scrvis, thats kind of you to do so.

    And thanks for the prompt response too.

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  20. Jeremy Says:

    Not that I’m applying, but what are the nine rules?

  21. Stephen Says:

    How do I find out exactly when the next round of submission will be? Do I have to subscribe to the 9rules blog? How often is this conducted anyway?

  22. Stuart Says:

    Heh… if you can count me in on the next submission round, I’ll be seeing stars… but then, I’m sure content won’t be a problem by then. Keep up the great work, guys.

  23. Steven Says:

    You guys need to check out Santa’s Journal and add him to your community. Santa’s Journal won best christmas blog by the blog herald and the site is fun. My kids love it! Just a thought. http://www.santasjournal.com

  24. Mark Says:

    How do I find out about your next submission date? I’m on blogger but hopefully you won’t hold that against me or you’ll help me figure out somewhere to port to and how to do that without losing my archive and my readership. You’ve got a great network going and I’d love to be a member.

  25. Jack Yan Says:

    It may be best for us just to add the 9rules blog to our readers and wait it out … I’d like to be added, too, after seeing that Guy Kawasaki is linked (and he has very graciously linked to me).

  26. Patrick Havens Says:

    It’s funny how a simple idea spreads and becomes the get in place to be.

    I’ve seen numerous 9rules bloggers and I have the say that the quality is great. Keep up the strong standards and for all the blogghers… the great writing.

  27. Morten E. Wulff Says:

    Can anybody tell me when the next submission round will be? I can’t say I follow 9rules every single day (3-4 times a week) and I might just miss it …

    Thanks …

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  29. Hans Says:

    This post has made it clear, yet again, that 9rules emphasizes good writing. But what about art or photogarphy or other types of content? There are only 3 photoblogs on 9rules (FILE mag doesn’t count), and they don’t have much writing. On my photoblog, the only writing is the title for each photo, and even then it’s hidden behind an “info” button. Is this a bad thing? Is 9rules only looking for good writing, or is 9rules looking for good content in general?

  30. Niero Says:

    This is an interesting project. While I do feel some of the posts on my site are rather well written and comedically buoyant, we are consistantly not the most prolific writers. Instead we deliver short lethal doses of text, often in g33k slang. We do however post 10-20 things a day and do have some longer articles from time to time. I’m curious if you’d find us a suitable fit. We’re a bit of a fanatical video game community that sprung up overnight – dtoid.com

  31. le barrablog ... avec de vrais morceaux de Barrabé dedans Says:

    The 9rules

    The 9rules Network est une communauté des meilleurs blogs du monde (modestie, quand tu nous tiens…). Bien sûr, il y a un bon fond. Les bloggers concernés doivent être passionnés, productifs. Comme il est assez difficile de trouver de bons blogs…

  32. milo Says:

    When is the next call? Are pure graphic sites allowed?

  33. Cagintranet Networks » The 9Rules Network Quality Factor Says:

    […] They only accept the best blogged content from around the world, and it definitely shows. While they mention in their rules for submission that a great website design isn’t required – they definitely boast a plethora of greatly designed blogs. […]

  34. Virtualburn Says:

    I would really like to submit my site but can’t find any info on when the next submission date is?

    Is there another coming up soon?

    Is there anywhere you can plug your email in to get updates?

    As there are only 2 sites listed in travel I’d like to join those :)

    9rules rules.. uhm.., 9rules rocks.. hmm…, 9rules.. The place you know, you want to be! ;)

    Cheers guys.

    ~ really nice to know there’s somewhere you can go that filter the wheat from the chaff

  35. Tyme White Says:

    Send me an email: tyme [at] 9rules.com.

  36. yoshi Says:

    It’s so interesting project, but how about blog written in another language other than English? humm…

  37. Jason Kolb Says:

    This post caught my eye. I’ve been running a series of posts on an open source decentralized social network as the future of the Internet, and one of the core ideas in the whole thing is the concept of owning your online identity. When I read things like the comments above (“As an owner of a blog using the Blogger platform, I hesitate to switch to something else because I don’t want to lose all those pages that are already indexed in the search engines.”) I realize just how important owning your own domain is. You might be interested in reading the relevant post here.

  38. Doris Says:

    Relationships are made of a couple, but before the couple make it to the altar and decide what they want they must be friends most of all….

    Your partner can be your best friend…I have been married for over 37 years….and I love my husband very much, its not a perfect marriage, but there is not violence, no hitting or putting down of one another.

    We are most of all best friends first and foremost, cause when the sexual part of the marriage starts to slow down you will see that if the man you are with is your best friend your relationship/marriage will last a very very long time.

  39. A day of continuous postings « Stud Master Says:

    […] But to be honest, they’ve lost someone who saw them as something innovative.  I remember in previous posts, I talked about Word Press being innovative.  Which it is.  Word Press is innovative, Google is innovative, Digg is innovative, Drupal is innovative,  but 9rules?  Nope, it’s not innovative.  Not when they do something like this.  The idea was good, but as mentioned in one of the comments in the College Startup – 9rules kicked me out post, 9rules now has so many people in their network, that the whole hype that it had before, isn’t there anymore.  The privilege, the want, to be part of this network isn’t there, because there’s now so many people added to their network, that no one is unique anymore.  Everyone is part of the thousands of people that’s part of the 9rules network. Imagine going to a conference, and you are speaking to someone and you’re like, “Dude, I’m part of the 9rules network, have respect!”, that individual is going to look back at you, produce a huge grin and slap you with this, “Dude, are you kidding me, so am I! We’re like brothers now!” And you can just imagine everyone looking around and saying, like robots; “We’re part of the 9rules network too!”  Hmm, I can just see it now.  That point is one that opened my eyes.  Before, I was working towards developing something impressive, so that I’d be accepted by the 9rules network.  Awesome, huh?  Now, I just honestly believe that they aren’t even worth my time.  I have no desire to visit their website.  I have lost all the little respect I had for them, and to be honest, I can see by next year, this network not being as it was before.  They seem to be highly hypocritical, and unresponsive to the fact that they are. Some sites get through their “tight” scrutiny, when they select websites for entry, that makes me raise my eyebrow at the decisions these people tend to make.  I mean, I’d be honest, some of the sites are impressive.  But, what’s the point with discriminating and discarding someone, who clearly is doing something that’s the whole reason behind 9rules.  I mean, what are they doing now then, if such sites as College Startup is not worthy to hold their logo anymore! […]

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    […] Whatever kind of religious blogging you do, I encourage you to sign up! Check out what they look for in a site, and if you are willing to stick with the membership commitments,[2] then be sure to learn all about 9rules Round 5, a 24-hour window to submit your site, and it’s just 10 days away! Submission doesn’t mean that you’ll be accepted, but you can always check out the 9rules blog for all sorts of information about what they look for when accepting blogs. […]

  41. Vinod Pillai Says:

    I maintain a blog on Blogger and i really dont see why Blogger blogs need a special mention of difficulty in acquiring acceptance in the network. I like Blogger and would like to stick to it and still be able to try to be accepted by 9rules.

    I cant really afford moving to my own website right now, but if you could mention the reason/reasons for mentioning Blogger particularly, i would and want to switch over quickly.

  42. Jorux Says:


    I am a Chinese web designer. And I want to know that a chinese webblog could be added to the 9rules group?


  43. Ryan Mapes Says:

    I’m new to 9rules and I must admit that I’m impressed with the quality of the content on this site as well as the blogs that they select to include in the community. I’m a serial entrepreneur and currently working with a successful startup. As a result, I recently began a blog of my own related to entrepreneurship and the latest business happenings. I know there are many other like this, so I’ll try to keep it as interesting as possible to my readers. Like everybody else here, I hope to gain a spot on 9rules!

  44. Alexander Røyne Says:

    One thing to describe this community: WOW. I was amazed, literally. One question arises though, when is the next submit date? I would love to apply!

  45. Lana Says:

    You don’t have a category for health or environment.

  46. peter Says:

    I have a blog focus on digital cameras, I hope I have the chance to join the big 9rules blog network, but I read so information about the blog network, but I really not know how to join this, would you explain the details, thanks:)

  47. Kari Pätilä Says:

    Is there a chance of getting to join your network’s education community with a Finnish blog?

    The focus of the blog is on teaching web standards and Internet security to seventh-graders and up, and basically doing that without a budget or decent equipment.

    My point being, that I’d be willing to translate the posts to English just to show off the potential of a community like this one.

  48. Ashish Mohta Says:

    I am awaiting for the next round of blog submission.It looks really great

  49. Geo Says:

    What i really want to know is whether you add non-english blogs or not.

    I have a well known blog in Greece talking about search engine marketing in the greek web.

    Of i dont have the daily traffic an english blog has because the market is much smaller but i m doing my best, to create quality content.

    Thank you.

  50. Michael Says:

    I can’t wait to be twenty and graduate from Random Shapes to try and join the leaf network! That’s awhile off though… :)

    I’ve been watching a few submissions over there and roughed up some tips that can be applied here to help applicants.

  51. Laurens Says:

    9rules is a an awesome initiative and I’ve been reading the blog and following the site for some time now. I would like to join the next submission round, but also have the question: do you include websites that are non-english?

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