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Time for Round 3

Written by Scrivs on November 7, 2005

I know that a lot of people have been waiting to hear this announcement and it’s time to let it out since we finally have 9rules 2.0 out the door along with the integration of 9rules Spanish. Round 3 for English submissions will start Monday, November 14 at 12:00am EST. You will have 24 hours to get your site submitted.

For all the people who entered Round 2 and failed to hear back from us I must offer the apology since it falls on my shoulders. There were simply an overwhelming amount of emails to send out along with handling our daily business duties that time simply continued to press on until we have reached this point. With that in mind, in Round 3 you will only receive an email if you are accepted and we will setup a cutoff date so everyone will no longer have to wait forever wondering if they got into the Network or not.

So get your sites ready and make sure not to miss the 24 hour deadline.

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  4. Chris Coleman Says:

    Outstanding. I’ll be spit-shining things between now and then.

  5. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    The time has come!

  6. David Says:

    That’s my birthday… Does that mean an instant-in for me?

  7. Scrivs Says:

    Considering they almost kicked me out on my birthday probably not.

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    The submission period is like Le Mans: 24 hours long (in almost all other res […]

  9. Avalonstar Says:

    Time For Round 3

    I must say some of the craziest times I’ve seen online in the past year or so have been the past two rounds of 9rules submissions. Now, it’s time for round three. Starting November 14th and running for again, one day only, you’ll be …

  10. David Says:

    Darn…well I will still submit my site anyways. :)

    Congrats on everything though. You got some great stuff going on here, and I can’t wait to see who is accepted to round three.

  11. Daniel Says:

    Interestingly enough, though you’re providing advance warning, you haven’t told us how to go about submitting. I don’t know if that’s par for the course and you’ll launch something later or if there’s something unspoken I’m *supposed* to know about…

    Just a little confusing for a relatively new 9rules reader.

  12. Scrivs Says:

    You will see a new submission page on the submit page. Sorry for the confusion Daniel.

  13. Paul Says:

    Other than extra traffic (which is probably a lot less per site now that the network is so big), what’s the actual advantage to joining 9rules for those of us who aren’t really interested in making money from our blogs? The bullet points on the about page state:

    “Admission to a growing community of slightly-too-happy people who share similar goals.” – There are literally hundreds of communities of like-minded people out there, both online and off.

    “Support on issues like technical problems, usability, design, comment spam, writing, or anything else you can think of.” – Again, dozens of mailing lists exist for that sort of stuff (e.g. thelist at evolt.org).

    I have half a dozen sites (commercial and non-commercial) that I’d consider possibly submitting to 9rules, but I honestly don’t get what’s in it for me, apart from an initial big boost in extra traffic and perhaps a larger pagerank. Both of those are goals that can probably be achieved over time regardless of 9rules membership (my technology blog in particular is doing quite well with no promotion other than using ping-o-matic and linking to it from my personal blog).

    (Just to point out that I’m not knocking membership, more wondering whether it’s worth being too concerned about).

  14. Simon Says:

    Please make make make a spanish sumission round the next day :) Please, make spanish boys happy :)

  15. Kyle Says:

    Last time i made a submission I never got a response back :(…I was waiting for that response to so that I could improve my website.


    Oh well, I will try again.

  16. Benedict Eastaugh Says:

    Paul: the essential benefit is the benefit anyone gleans from joining a group – community. 9rules is full of wonderful, intelligent people with a broad range of interests. There’s an enormous amount of potential for group projects, for helping one another out, and so on. Ventures are starting to get off the ground that would never have happened if 9rules hadn’t brought us all together. That, as far as I’m concerned, is a big benefit.

    Kyle: I didn’t initially get a response back either – I eventually got in through dint of sheer persistence, bothering Scrivs until he couldn’t ignore me any longer.

  17. Barry Welford Says:

    I presume 12:00am EST is not 12:00 Noon EST on November 14th but rather 12:00 midnight on November 13th. Sorry for being picky but people can get confused about that 12:00 time. :)

  18. Scrivs Says:

    Barry, that would be 13th midnight I guess if you want to look at it that way.

  19. Dave Munger Says:

    So what exactly is required for submission? Just a URL, or is there more involved. Can I submit someone else’s blog? My site got in through the back door, so I’m clueless as to what to say in an announcement.

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  21. Sherwin Techico Says:

    Nice. Will make things “sexy” after surfing the another hundred of Reboots =)

  22. Scrivs Says:

    There will be a submission page up with name, email, and url fields. Simple as that.

  23. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    Hopefully, we will be allotted a paragraph or two of persuasive argument ;-).

  24. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    Oops, several people beat me to the post.

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  26. Mike Rundle Says:

    The new submit page will be nice and snazzy to coincide with the new layout. It’s not like filling out DMV forms so don’t worry about it taking longer than a few moments :)

  27. Simon Says:

    Nobody else thinks that there should be a spanish submission round too? :(

  28. Marco Says:

    Great news there’s a new submission round!

    However, just before a lot of people end up wasting either your time or their own time: What is it you guys are looking for during this submission round? In other words: What does it take to get admitted to the network? I guess I’ve shown in some occasions that I’d really love to join but it’s very well possible the network is looking for a different kind of blog than mine. Can you post some hints on what kind of blogs the network wants / needs?

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  31. WorkHappy.net: killer resources for entrepreneurs Says:

    Happy Links

    9rules round 3 submission is Nov 14th for 24 hours. Polish up your blog and give it a whirl, these guys are insanely cool to work with. Jason Fried takes Bubble 2.0 to task. This is premature, cover-your-ass babble. Babble

  32. Mike Rundle Says:

    Hey Simon-

    The reason there isn’t another Spanish submission yet is that we haven’t gotten through our 1st round yet! We got a few hundred submissions and we don’t want to start asking for more people before we’ve given the first submitters their due diligence.

    Be on the lookout for a Spanish submission soon though!

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  35. Jennine Says:

    I’m looking forward to the next round of submissions, but I too would be interested in knowing what you guys are looking for so I don’t waste yours and my time if my content isn’t to your taste.

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    Two Weeks to Become a 9ruler

    The news is out as of yesterday and is being circulated online by various key members of 9rulers. I got my update from 456 Berea St regarding 9rules round-3 submission. What’s this about? Well, ever since they first started, 9rules…

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  40. C Montoya Says:

    Wow, I didn’t think this day would come so soon. Just finished my blog and now I can submit it! **passes out from excitement**

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  42. Gordon Says:

    Right. THIS time I’ll accept and join up (now that I know where I’m heading) – especially as I’m about to start some part-time work and could REALLY do with advice/contacts etc.

    Scrivs, don’t hate me. I won’t change my mind this time!!

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  44. biz-Story Says:

    Ooh, That’s my birthday, I’m a shoe-in. crosses fingers, checks to do list before enlisting.

    Good luck guys on wading through the submissions.

  45. Barry Bell Says:

    “Please, make spanish boys happy”

    Scrivs… something you’re not telling us?


  46. Scrivs Says:

    Haha, nah Barry, I’m clean man, swear it and I love my women.




    Over 18.


  47. Jens Meiert Says:

    Well guys, what about a German version?

    And by the way, why do you use “sp” for the Spanish version, and not an ISO 639 language code (“en”)? Just wondered about it.

  48. Scrivs Says:

    Other languages will surely follow once we get our feet planted with the Spanish members and then proceed to find help with other languages. We went with “sp” after speaking with people in the Spanish community and found that this would be much less confusing as “en” will be used for the English members.

  49. Scrivs Says:

    Paul: Sorry to wait so long to answer your question. I suggestion checking out Mark’s summary of the benefits of the Network as this should answer your question.

  50. Jens Meiert Says:

    @Scrivs – sorry, misspelled it, I of course meant “es”.

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    November 8th, 2005

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  52. i-steve.com Says:

    […] sites in the network and I think it would benefit me to do so.
    The actual announcement is here.Current Song: None, I’m watching the Daily Show November 8th, 2005 11:27 PM | General T […]

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    Round 3 of the 9Rules Network submissions is going to be happening next Monday the 14th of Novem […]

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    9rules and me

    By way of alerting people about the upcoming third round of submissions into the 9rules network I think I’ll also explain the reason why I decided to join the 9rules network. So before I get to my points make sure you mark Monday, 14th November …

  55. forgetfoo Says:

    maybe i’m just being a bit on the dense side, or need more coffee this morning, but doesn’t it seem more like joining and advertisement right for 9rules?

    again, i’m probably just missing something patently obvious.

  56. forgetfoo Says:

    *advertisement ring

    (yup, definitely need more java)

  57. Scrivs Says:

    Eh? Can you say that again so I understand what you are saying? :)

  58. Scrivs Says:

    Why do you see it as an advertisement ring? For this round we did ask members to let their readers know about it, but you can ask them, this is the only time in the history of this company (as long as that has been ;)) that we have asked the members to do something and hell I don’t even think it’s that big of thing to ask for.

    It would probably be foolish of us to assume that everyone reads this site to see when a new Round is, otherwise we would just be getting 140 web design blogs submitted and that’s no fun.

  59. forgetfoo Says:

    excuse the ignorance ;)

    i’ve seen and noticed the 9rules logo on quite a few sites and always sort of thought of it like some kinda designers webring… guess i just never understood how it works, or how you have it all setup.

    no offence, buddy… just kinda curious, is all *chuckle*

  60. Adam Teece Says:

    Good luck to everyone. Can’t wait to see the new sites to come to 9rules.

  61. Scott Vandehey Says:

    Hooray! This will give me the motivation to finish my weblog overhaul in time to submit! I’d like to second the earlier requests for some indication of what you guys might be looking for, though.

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  65. Lachlan Hunt Says:

    Sweet, I can’t wait to submit my site. Just to clarify though, by 12:00am EST, you mean 00:00 (midnight) Eastern Standard Time in the USA (UTC-05:00), right? We have EST in Australia too, and I’m sure so do a lot of other countries, but I guess that would make it late Monday afternoon for me.

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    Paul Scrivens of 9Rules Network about to open round 3 for English submission which will start Monday […]

  68. Ian Fenn Says:

    5am start here in the UK. I better set my alarm… :-)

  69. cr4wley Says:

    Are freelance/personal sites allowed?

  70. Scrivs Says:

    As long as there is content.

  71. Kyle Says:

    Benedict, i’ll take your advise. Anyone know Scrivs’ email?

    Muahaha, ok no I would never do that.

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  76. biz-Story Says:

    Well Phooey, No acceptance letter. I thought for sure I’d get a decent look with the entry date being my birthday and all. But According to my logs, 9Rules only looked at 2 pages and left.
    I must suck.

    Oh well, good luck to the rest of ya’ll. Maybe next round will be on a Friday the 13th, those are always lucky for me.

  77. 3 Says:


    If you want your files to be available longer, use the new YouSendIt website where files last for 7 …

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