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Still a lot more to go

Written by Scrivs on November 30, 2005

There are still a lot more sites to go through by the end of today, but since I said everyone would know by the 30th if they are in or not, that’s what I am sticking with. Don’t know what I was thinking.

  1. Zach Inglis Says:

    So does that mean if you don’t get an email today, you’re not gonna get one saying your in?

  2. Elliot Swan Says:

    About how many sites are left?

  3. Scrivs Says:

    If you don’t get an email by tomorrow you should assume you won’t get one, but crazier things have happened.

    How many sites are left? More than 100 and less than 500 πŸ™‚

  4. Christopher Says:

    Hundreds of people will have their hopes crushed by the end of the day. How can you live with yourself Scrivs? πŸ™‚

  5. Scrivs Says:

    I take a lot of naps.

  6. karmatosed Says:

    And he sleeps soundly ….. heart of stone lol. At least the wait will be over for good or bad.

  7. Zach Inglis Says:

    Ahhh. Well thanks for letting us know.

    Good luck to all.

  8. Web Coder Plus » Blog Archive » 9Rules Round 3 Draws to an End Says:

    […] that I didn’t make it in). Well with the last day upon us, and there is apparently Still a lot more to go. More than 100 and less than 500 was Scrivs answer to the numerous […]

  9. Fabian De Rango Says:

    Damn! Missed again! Maybe I be 4th Time lucky, when is the next round? I always forget to submit my site.

  10. Jennine Says:

    Well, I’ll have to try again 4th time round. Next time will make sure everything is set up the way I like it, then if I don’t get accepted I will still be happy with my site and just accept the obvious – 9rules and I have different tastes πŸ™‚

  11. Nick Says:

    I guess round 3 is winding down to the last few hours… I still have a little bit of hope that I might get accepted.

    I hope my site got a chance, since the server was down for a few days in the middle of this month. This is probably not the place to post this, but 9rules could use more sites in other categories, like sports.

  12. Jake Says:

    I take a lot of naps.

    mmm naps. once I had a nap when I was 6. and when I woke up, I was going to go to a friends house, but I over slept and couldn’t go over.. I cried.. but I still take naps, and still miss out on things.. but its either that or getting cranky and being sent home from things..

  13. HART (1-800-HART) Says:

    So .. is it over now? Just in case there was a glitch in the Internet and you had troubles .. please RESEND your acceptance email to HART@oblivious-to-all-common-sense-and-despite-it-all-is-quite-optimistic-there’s-still-a-chance-even-though-its-december-now.com

    lol … j/k

  14. Steve Says:

    At this point if I have not recieved an email does it mean that I am not in?

  15. SpiderMonkey Says:

    If you consider the release of FF1.5 to be a ‘noteworthy’ post, it’s fairly safe to say that your site isn’t really going to stand out …

  16. courtney Says:

    Wow that was rude!

  17. evan Says:

    Steve: unknown, sounds like they still have a lot of sites to go through.

    SpiderMonkey: if steve’s site was the first site i had heard about the firefox release, then yeah, i’d find it noteworthy. so chill out.

  18. SpiderMonkey Says:

    Chill out? I wasn’t unchilled, I just felt I was making a perfectly rational observation: (unless I’ve missed something) 9rules is looking for sites to fill niches and categories that are thus far unfilled. The category of following ultra-popular/mainstream technews (eg. Firefox releases) is pretty heavily saturated already.

    If a blog told me GW Bush was the President of the USA and I didn’t know that, I’d find it pretty damn noteworthy, so uh yeah, chill out.

  19. evan Says:

    SpiderMonkey: did you even read steve’s question? it had nothing to do with content, and you came off as being rude about it.

  20. karmatosed Says:

    While filling niches is valid, isn’t 9rules about more than that? Quality of content is also a factor. Least, that is what I also read from what I have seen about 9rules.

  21. SpiderMonkey Says:

    karmatosed: Yeah probably, but it really would have been out of place and unfair to start making comments about quality as well as editorial direction.

    In truth though, they both come under the heading of signal (as opposed to noise), right? It’s easier to be signal when you aren’t drowned out by a cacophony of voices saying the same/similiar things as you.

  22. Marco Says:

    Whoah looks like things are about to get nasty here. Chill… it’s December 2. Saturday even. Let’s relax!

  23. karmatosed Says:

    Ultimately for those of us who look like we haven’t got in, if we want to it gives us something to aim for. Having aims may not lead to being successful but will result in improvements and upping of games – so it can’t be bad. Personally, I can think of a lot I am going to work on in time for the next round and for the in the future of my blog. That is one of the great things about a website – it can be constantly evolving.

  24. garrett Says:

    No email for me πŸ™

  25. Rowan Lewis Says:

    I just had to have a server crash during the middle of this didn’t I πŸ™

    Should write a batch email to everyone who missed out :/

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