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Still a lot more to go

Written by Scrivs on November 30, 2005

There are still a lot more sites to go through by the end of today, but since I said everyone would know by the 30th if they are in or not, that’s what I am sticking with. Don’t know what I was thinking.

OSM + Pajamas + $3.5M != 9rules

Written by Scrivs on November 29, 2005

I can’t say I know how familiar everyone is with the disaster that is Pajamas Media, but if you do a search in Technorati or simply read my partner Mike Rundle’s rants over at Business Logs you should get a clear understanding of the mess they have created. Admittedly I get a bit nervous whenever any new type of content network starts because they usually start with big names and lots of money and Pajamas was no different. Then I read this blogjam session by some of the Editorial Advisory Board (who in the hell needs that?) and just sat there dumbfounded as they tried to define their company and the blogosphere.

Let me pull some choice quotes and see if I can follow with some commentary.



Written by Scrivs on November 28, 2005

Admittedly personal sites are tough to let into the Network because you are never quite sure where the content is going and therefore the consistency in quality is questionable. However, Ms. Lindsay has her stuff together. A beautiful site with an imaginative way of opening the door to her life. Personl? Yes. Amateur? Not even close.

Formerly known as DizzyLimits, Dizzy Island is the latest evolution of my personal blogging experience. I have been blogging for almost 7 years; essentially before blogging ever became the craze that it is today. One thing that I feel sets my blog apart from other personal blogs is that I often write about things that other people find far too personal to share with the whole world. Even the layouts I design for my site are highly personal, and are a graphical poetic expression of whatever I may be going through at the present time. My life truly is an open book, and it is my candid nature that has helped me to retain my readership over the years. On the same token, a lot of these ultra-personal subjects make people
uncomfortable, and I think that is why my blog has continued to be somewhat of an ‘unknown’ in the blogging community. I’m really honored and excited about being accepted into the 9rules Network. If my blog only ever accomplishes one goal, I hope it would be to encourage people to venture out of their comfort zones to discuss challenging subjects such as
financial instability, disordered eating, spiritual indecision, mental illness and infertility; issues that many of us face, but are too afraid or ashamed to talk about.

Welcome Lindsay.

Centripetal Notion

Written by Scrivs on November 28, 2005

Centripetal Notion. I am going to say this is the most unique site to enter the Network. What is it exactly? I’m not even going to try to explain it because Justin does it so well below, but I do find that the site has a strange ability to continue to draw me back. That’s what I like to see in sites.

Centripetal = center seeking; unifying; transmitting sensory impulses to the central nervous system. Centripetal Notion is a daily-ish node for the synaesthetic at heart, inasmuch as it being a fusion of art, design, music, science, and technology, in the interest of encouraging a unified appreciation of the aforementioned as an extension of nature. In other words — a collection of miscellaneous badassery — where form meets function, but decides they’re too much alike and breaks it off before things get boring. Special attention is given to ideas involving data visualization, new media, and interactivity. Regular video downloads and music reviews are offered regularly, alongside other interesting artifacts and curiosities.

Welcome Justin.

Life Coaches Blog

Written by Scrivs on November 28, 2005

I always find that around this time of year I start to contemplate my life a little bit more than usual. Maybe it’s the fact with the new year approaching a new hope is born or something. Well now thanks to Alvin, I have to contemplate life every single day with the induction of Life Coaches Blog.

A fun team-blog of Life Coaches hailing from the sunny island of Singapore sharing tips, tricks, tools and thoughts on how to increase your quality of life and the lives of the people around you.

Welcome Alvin…again.