The über geeks

Its not everyday that your CEO says: “Sure its ok that you pimp yourself via the 9rules blog”. This is an opportunity that I could not pass up. has been in the Network since the beginning. Since that time the site has changed, was redesigned and picked up a few new authors. We’re proud […]

The Largest Blog Network Around

Well at least according to this comprehensive list put together by the fine folks over at Bloggers Blog. Of course this is ignoring the sites which are powered by MovableType, but we think this is kind of cool nonetheless. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. Quantity is an easy thing to achieve with regards […]

Advertising/Design Goodness

What makes up quality content? Is it the amount of words you find on a page? Is it the pretty design of the site? In Frederik Samuel’s case, it’s his ability find great advertising around the world and showcase it on his site. Advertising/Design Goodness focuses on what’s good about advertising and that’s what makes […]

Instablogs Launches

Instablogs finally launched only a few hours after they were supposed to. I distinctly remember talking to Paul a full 24 hours after they were supposed to launch (east coast) but maybe I was hallucinating. As a designer and reader, I’m a bit disappointed to see that every single one of their weblogs suffers from […]