Are You My Future Husband?

When you run a Network of over 85 sites it gets very, very tough to play favorites, but I must confess that of all the members, girlspoke might be my favorite because it is continuously updated and continuously funny. The women over there have put together a wonderful site that gives you a Sex in […] v2.0 Coming Soon

If you’ve wondered what the 9rules crew has been up to the past few weeks, wonder no more. We’ve been hard at work on the second version of our website which will provide multilingual support, an updated user interface (I get sick of looking at my sites after, say, 3 months), and a whole lot […]

Calacanis Fires 700 Employees

Okay not really, but I thought it would be a funny title for this entry. Today AOL cut 700 jobs from its Internet division only a week after spending more than $20 million to purchase WIN. Does this seem messed up to anybody else out there? Could you imagine working and watching your company buy […]

The 9rules Technorati Valuation

A website called Central Scrutinizer took the Technorati valuation numbers behind the Weblogs, Inc. deal (which are hilarious, but probably not a real way to value a website) and applied the math to the 9rules Network to see what 9rules would go for. Obviously it’s a bit different since we don’t own the sites in […]