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Written by Scrivs on September 23, 2005

Greg Storey lays it on the WordPress default GUI in Yugo (where he comes up with these names I have no idea) and I can’t really blame him. We use WordPress extensively here and if Colin hadn’t switched to another them for the admin section I probably would have gone insane. He also touches on an interesting point about the “battle” between backend developer and frontend designers.

Yes I know WordPress is free and I am friends with Matt Mullenweg so I am not promoting the downfall of WordPress. I am promoting the need for it to be prettier because that’s what it deserves.


Written by Scrivs on September 23, 2005

Back in 2003 when I started blogging on Whitespace I decided I would pick one archnemesis and have internal competitions with him to prove that I could outblog him. D. Keith Robinson became that enemy and no matter how hard I tried, he would always seem to push out an entry more thoughtful and insightful than mine on the same day…and he didn’t even know we were competing!

I gave up competing with Keith a long time ago because he is just better at this writing thing than me and he has also become a good friend. Keith is a veteran of the web design community and while we usually only add the up and comers we are always glad to let the old guard make their presence felt within the Network.

I can’t welcome you since you already have To-Done in the Network, but I can thank you for allowing us to add this valuable resource into our community. RSS Feed.

Chekhov’s Mistress

Written by Scrivs on September 22, 2005

When I was younger my mom would bring home the New York Times every Sunday. I only read one section of that paper and that was the Book Reviews section. It wasn’t that I had a fascination with the books they reviewed (this was mostly during my Fantasy genre phase), but the writing of the reviews made me feel as though I was sitting in a room of intellects. I get that same feeling when I read Bud Parr’s Chekhov’s Mistress.

Chekhov’s Mistress is a literary blog that goes into fascinating details with its entries and reviews. Bud is a very intelligent individual and not a single entry on the site will make you doubt otherwise. When we talk about adding the best sites in every genre this is what we are talking about. Now if only Winter would hurry up so I can start the fire and sit back with the laptop to read the site in tranquil bliss.

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Travel Dive

Written by Scrivs on September 22, 2005

Both my roommate and Mike Davidson are constantly nagging me to get my scuba diving license and I continue to tell them that I really have no interest. Well, at least that was until I started reading Travel Dive. I never saw the fascination of fitting into a tight suit only to jump in the water and maybe look at some fish. Silly, silly me.

Think about the most beautiful place that you have seen above water. Well, that place has nothing on the most beautiful places under water. Travel Dive is dedicated to traveling the globe and searching for these places and making sure you there to enjoy the ride. Already ranked as one of the top 5 scuba sites on the web we are very, very proud to welcome the Travel Dive team aboard the 9rules ship.

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Blog Networks are the New Black

Written by Mike Rundle on September 21, 2005

Weblog Empire strikes back against the notion that “one more weblog network is too many” by posting a list of 36+ weblog networks who all operate essentially in the same manner. Writers write, the networks own the content and the sites, and money is exchanged in a manner similar to a newspaper paying a guest editor. Our friend Jason Calacanis (no, really, he is our friend!) is nearly dominating that business model right now, so much so that many call the aforementioned network structure the “WIN Model” of weblog networks.

If you look carefully at the list you’ll see that 9rules is not included. It’s not because Duncan hates us or anything, but simply because 9rules doesn’t fit the criteria of all weblogs in the network being owned by the network itself. Another soon-to-be huge network not on the list is John Battelle’s Federated Media Publishing, which will run in a similar manner to 9rules in the sense that they (supposedly) will not own the content their sites produce, but rather “partner” with sites to build a community of the best weblogs on the planet.

We don’t pay our writers, in fact, we don’t even like to call them “writers” because we feel that pigeonholes them a bit. Our members aren’t just faceless weblog authors, they are captains of their industry, amazing web innovators, university professors, brilliant entrepreneurs and much more.

We’re not included in the same-old-same weblog network business model list, because that’s not who we are. We wouldn’t get this excited about what we’re doing if it had been done 36+ times over before we even got our feet wet. 9rules is about connecting the connectors and bringing together the best weblogs in the world under one umbrella. So far we’ve managed to find nearly 70 of (what we consider) to be the best of the best of the weblog world. Soon we’ll be unveiling our first round of 9rules Spanish members, which represent the most amazing talent in the Spanish-speaking world. And around that same time, we’ll also be releasing 9rules v2.0 — a full redesign of 9rules.com which better highlights our members and provides some other goodies we can’t mention yet.

Why are we adding more quality weblogs? Why are we redesigning our award-winning site? Because we’re obsessed with making 9rules the very best it can be, for our readers and our members. Our #1 goal is putting our members and the user experience above all else, and if that puts us in a different list than the rest of the networks, then that’s fine by us.