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New Linking Policy

Written by Scrivs on September 19, 2005

Of all the entries that we have written on this blog the one to receive the most amount of feedback and linklove (besides the Spanish entries) is the one concerning A Little Brand Cleanup. When we put that entry up we really thought nothing of it. We saw when people linked to us they spelled our names many different ways so we figured they just weren’t sure how it should be spelled and we figured we would write an entry informing them on how we do it.

Little did we know that our poor taste in humor would backfire so quickly. Over the last two weeks whenever someone writes 9Rules, 9 Rules, Ninerules or anything besides 9rules there is almost always at least one comment saying how they wrote the name wrong. It has almost become its own little meme.

Now we weren’t trying to show our disrespect for anyone that links to us. We love everyone that links to us. I guess the entry could’ve been written differently or in some people’s eyes not at all. We all make mistakes and we are quick to point out our own so in light of this we are implementing a new link policy.

Instead of following what we said in the previous entry, we believe you should be able to use an adjective and animal to link to our network. For example:

  • Hairy Llama Network (I love llamas)
  • Dry Elephant Network
  • Tall Monkey Network
  • Fat Ant Network
  • Ridiculous Duck-Billed Platypus Network

Those are just a few that we could come up with. Hopefully this new linking policy will end all confusion and set everyone’s mind at ease.

  1. Mike Rundle Says:

    Paul is our Urinating Dolphin CEO. You heard it here first.

  2. Scrivs Says:

    Dolphins are just as smart as humans so I take that as a compliment. But do they urinate?

  3. Mike Rundle Says:

    If a dolphin urinates in the sea and no one sees it, does this comment really matter?

  4. Daniel Nicolas Says:

    Maybe this time they’ll see the sarcasm and humor in your writing.

    RDBP Network sounds almost good enough for making a separate network about ridiculous things that happen, written by a duck, Bill Gates, and a platypus.

  5. If Else Says:

    That’s the problem with satire; there will always be someone who falls for it.

    “Hairy Llama Network (I love llamas)”

    Everybody likes llamas, right?

  6. Scrivs Says:

    Phu, I was thinking the same thing but then I decided I would type in Ihatellamas.com to see if anything was there. Sadly, something was there.

  7. Julian Says:

    Ihatellamas.com is actually a cool website, maybe you should ask them to join the network 😀

  8. Michael Arrington Says:

    ok, that’s funny. even I’m able to “get it” now. 🙂

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  10. Gordon Says:

    Careful. That Llamas line will get you into trouble with WinAmp!! 😉

    I’m considering setting up a counter network – the Skinny Wet Ant Network (SWAN).

  11. If Else Says:

    That Llamas line will get you into trouble with WinAmp

    LLama’s were cool before Winamp; try a search for Jeff Minter… it’s times like this that I feel old.

  12. Proud Says:

    You know Llamas used to be the [official?] mascot over at Maxis.

  13. Anthony Says:

    I’m really sorry but I can’t help myself with opportunities like this, it’s just like word association tests for me. That’s why I’ve come up with these Australian themed ideas for people to lazy or disinterested to think up their own.

    Ugly Wombat Network

    Vicarious Bracauda Network

    Tenacious Dingo Network

    Rambunxious Possum Network

    Pretentiousness Bottlenose Dolphin Network

    Gregarious Koala Network

    Self-indulgent Croadile Network

    Freindlly Brumby Network

    Naughty Kookaburra Network

    Autocratic Bluebottle Jelly Fish Network

    Overzealous Kangaroo Network

    Hilarious Emu Network

    Salacious Goanna Network

    Nude Tasmanian Devil Network

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  15. Mike Rundle Says:

    Haha, I’ve seen some ugly wombats in my day but THAT one takes the cake!

  16. Wezzul Says:

    ihatellamas.com is domain abuse. But I’m happy I registered it.


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