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My Mean Girl

Written by Scrivs on September 8, 2005

Today we have at least five different sites to announce to you and I figured I would start off with the funniest one of the bunch. My Mean Girl is written by Chris Rhee and it’s a personal blog. A very personal blog. It’s about his girlfriend and believe me I wasn’t too excited about it either, but after reading it for some time I am amazed at how humorous he portrays their relationship.

This is definitely a departure from the type of sites we have been adding to the Network, but I feel it deserves its place because of the content. Be warned though, after reading a couple of entries you will either be:

  1. Eager to get a girlfriend
  2. Fearful of woman for the rest of your life

Well, I guess that’s the case with life anyways. Welcome Chris. RSS Feed.