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Solution Watch

Written by Scrivs on August 26, 2005

Have you ever read a site that pumped out awesome content on a consistent basis only to wonder how it’s possible? Do they have a job or do they just sit in front of the computer conjuring up their next masterpiece? That’s the impression I get when I read Brian Benzinger’s Solution Watch.

Solution Watch is a blog that provides a descriptive view, from the eyes of Brian Benzinger, on solutions that are made to benefit the user. The blog is to inform the visitors with possible solutions that he or she can use as a service, on their website or computer, business, or even life. Solution Watch is also to benefit the creator(s) of solutions.

That’s really what it is. Welcome Brian. RSS Feed.


Written by Scrivs on August 26, 2005

What if there was a site that had great interviews of entreprenuers along with reviews of software that makes everyday life easier? Would you be interested? That is exactly what WorkHappy is all about and it has quickly become one of my favorite sites on the web.

The man behind this wonderful resource is Carson McComas. He writes, reviews, pauses, writes, interviews and writes some more. If you are a budding businessman or just love to read about new resources then this is the site for you.

Welcome Carson. RSS Feed.

Slacker Manager

Written by Scrivs on August 26, 2005

If you are familiar with ChangeThis then you should be very familiar with Brendon Connelly’s manifesto Slacker @ Work. Essentially it describes the work situation that many of you face day in and day out.

Brendon has taken that philosophy and built it around a wonderful, business-oriented site. Here is what the site is about:

The truth is, I define slackers as “people who are good at doing what is important to them.” So no, by that definition I’m not bothered at all. I understand that most folks think of slackers as do-nothing layabouts, but that’s just an example of a slacker doing what’s important to them.

Welcome Brendon to the Network. RSS Feed.

Read/Write Web

Written by Scrivs on August 25, 2005

Whether you are a fan of the term Web 2.0 or not it doesn’t matter. The fact is the web is going through a change and Richard MacManus seems to be front and center in discussing those changes.

Richard focuses on the web of the future and doesn’t do so in tiny newsbits, but well thoughtout entries that not only explain what’s happening, but also provides the reader with an opinion that you feel you can trust. Many of you in the design community might not be familiar with him, but he is certainly making a name for himself in other arenas. Make sure to explore his site as it is very much worth your time.

Welcome Richard to the Network. RSS Feed.

Vote for 9rules Network Blogs at BusinessWeek

Written by Scrivs on August 25, 2005

BusinessWeek is doing a Best of the Web poll and to no one’s surprise all of the sites that are on the poll are more of the same so we are asking all 9rules readers to vote for their favorite 9rules sites or the 9rules Network site itself.

The more we can help the little people of the web out the better. We are trying to do our part.