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Odds and Ends

Written by Scrivs on July 21, 2005

Sometimes great content doesn’t come in the way of words, but through pictures. Even better is when you get to experience both and that is exactly what Odds & Ends provides. Lim Zhi Xin takes you into his world where you no longer have to picture what is happening because you get to see it right before your eyes.

I always want to be a better writer and I go through my “time to be a photographer” phase every couple of months and I don’t think Zhi Xin is going to help me push those urges away.

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Adding tags to your site

Written by Colin Devroe on July 20, 2005

Application specific plugins, although useful, are limited in their user base. If you really want to contribute to a community, create something that everyone can use.

Jonathan Snook, one of the newest members of the 9rules Network, has written a great article on adding tags to your site using PHP and mySQL. His method is not limited to any specific CMS, which makes it relatively easy for anyone wishing to use tags on their site to do so. This type of contribution is far more reaching than developing a plugin for any specific app.

If you are not sure why someone would want to use tags over categories, check out the Wikipedia article on Tags. Also, for great examples of Websites that use tagging see: Technorati, Flickr and del.icio.us. All of which are thriving folksonomies.

I personally look forward to Jonathan’s future in the Network. Check out his archives for other great finds.


Written by Scrivs on July 20, 2005

To many people blogs are sites with two columns and comment forms at the bottom. According to Jonathan Snook a blog has four columns with the comment form being in the third one staying constantly at the top of the screen.

Jonathan is a web guy. I won’t call him a developer or designer because it seems he can do it all. Sort of a good fit having a well-rounded guy in an increasingly well-rounded network of sites.

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Written by Scrivs on July 20, 2005

There is a running joke amongst the 9rules crew that the way we pick our sites is by seeing who the latest Stylegala members are. In this case it just happens to be a coincidence that Avalonstar was featured the same week on Stylegala and 9rules.

Bryan Veloso is a funny guy and a hell of a designer. He also likes to announce that he joined a certain Network a day early. Check him out.

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Devil’s Details

Written by Scrivs on July 19, 2005

A short time ago if you visited Stylegala you could see an ad for Devil’s Details, a site that focuses on the details of design. What a great site I thought to myself and then Walter asked how he could join. Just ask was basically my reply.

The site is loaded with content so make sure to take the time and browse around.

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