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Running With Sprites

Written by Mike Rundle on July 28, 2005

Over at Avalonstar — that is the COOLEST domain name! — Bryan Veloso talks about how to do some nasty semantic hotness with image rollovers sans image maps which are sooo 2001. Your HTML Lizard Style is no match for his CSS Dragon Style!

Fanblogs is the best of the Web

Written by Colin Devroe on July 27, 2005

Don’t let the title fool you, we’re not joking. Fanblogs.com, a 9rules Network Member Site, has been named as one of the Best of the Web in the Sports Blogs category by Forbes. A huge congratulations goes out to Kevin Donahue and his team.

What does this mean?

Fanblogs.com is a great example of what the 9rules Network is all about. Great content deserves recognition above all else. Writing on the Web is not a simple task, and doing it well and consistently is even harder. We’re glad that Fanblogs.com has been recognized for excelling at these very things.

Particle Tree

Written by Scrivs on July 26, 2005

I had lunch with the guys from Particle Tree last week and we discussed the Network and having them join. What did I get from this lunch? Well I learned that I sound like a babbling idiot sometimes (heh, probably all the time) and that these guys could quite possibly be the next big thing in the design community. Why? Because they have a passion for writing and creating that has seem to left the community over the past year.

If the Network was created to showcase sites with great content, then this site was made for the network. Remember when ALA would pump out quality article after quality article and you came to expect something great every single week? This is the feeling you get when you read Particle Tree.

So welcome Chris, Kevin and Ryan to the Network. I couldn’t be more excited about them joining. Atom Feed. RSS Feed.

Hiring Blog Writers

Written by Scrivs on July 22, 2005

9rules is looking for writers for a couple of our upcoming sites. These will be paid positions ala Gawker and Weblogs, Inc. The sites won’t be launching for some time, but we figured it’s best to start looking for the talent now.

The topics include:

  • Cars
  • Gadgets (not another Gizmodo/Engadget…)
  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • Celebrity gossip along the lines of The Superficial meaning someone who is funny

If you are interested then write 3 entries for one of the topics above and email them to bloggers{AT}9rules.com. The amount that each writer will earn has not been set. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

And no site announcements today, but we are not done either. More to come starting Monday.

Unmatched Style

Written by Scrivs on July 21, 2005

In these first two rounds I think it is safe to say we have become a design-dominated network. The balance of power will even itself out over time, but for now let’s just tip the scales a bit more with the addition of Ryan Latham’s Unmatched Style.

Recently redesigned for its 1 year anniversary Unmatched Style sports a new design and some new features. Go have a look.

Welcome Ryan and happy birthday. RSS Feed.