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And He Can Cook Too

Written by Matthew Oliphant on June 23, 2005

Erik Sagen reminds us that doing good work, even if it isn’t in your job description, can lead to great benefits. It isn’t always about pleasing everyone, but it’s often about getting the job done.

An Argument Against the Network?

Written by Mike Rundle on June 22, 2005

Matthew Pennell posted an entry titled “Them and Us” at his weblog which detailed how he was very much anti-9rules and what we’re trying to accomplish. Is he right? Are we the Evil Empire™?

9rules is trying to showcase the best content on the web, regardless of if the content is in a wiki, a weblog, a website, or anything else. We’re trying to make it easy for non-technical people to find weblogs about topics they love to read without resorting to Google or other search engines (many features associated with this coming soon.)

But regardless of whether I agree with Matthew or not, we love to hear this kind of feedback. We’re trying to stay transparent and keep our feet on the ground while doing something we love, and people voicing their opinions regarding 9rules is never a bad thing.

Better Typography

Written by Mike Rundle on June 21, 2005

Mark Boulton describes how you can go from being a type amateur to a more accomplished novice in just five simple steps. Part of a great ongoing series, so make sure to read them all.

9rules About Page

Written by Mike Rundle on June 20, 2005

Learn about your favorite content network on the new 9rules About Page. The right side is still being worked on (just like everything on this site) so expect testimonials and team bios in the sidebar soon.

Safari (v1.3 on Panther) doesn’t seem to like the anchor links on the top paragraph section, so let us know if your browser conks out just like mine does. Strizzzange.

An Audience With Scrivs

Written by Scrivs on June 20, 2005

Chris Garrett has posted an interview with yours truly. I am never good at interviews because I just don’t find myself to be that entertaining answering questions, but you might find something there you like.