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Written by Scrivs on May 18, 2005

The Doctor is in. D. Keith Robinson has been on a site launching binge as of late and one of his most recent releases is To-Done. This has led many people to believe and even jokingly (or non-jokingly) say that Keith is in competition with 9rules.

Keith told me about his plans for his sites a while ago and of course I was interested in knowing more since he has proven that he can generate quality content. When I heard about To-Done I was interested because life hacks seem to be one of those hot new trends going on and knew that it would make a strong entry into the network.

So with that there is no competition between 9rules and 7nights, just a friendly partnership that we are looking to grow further in the future.


Written by Scrivs on May 17, 2005

I first got to interact with Mike Papageorge last fall in Fantasy Football and right off the bat decided that I couldn’t stand the guy. He talked too much trash and was too good for someone living in Spain.

Well I still don’t like him, but I do enjoy his site. He has been traveling as of late, but is back now so the content will once again be fresh and clean. There are a good bunch of entries to browse around through to help you become good at that web design thing and his insight is second to none.

So I would like to welcome my fantasy football arch-nemesis to the network. May we meet again in September.

The Weekly Standards

Written by Scrivs on May 16, 2005

James Archer is now the first non-Scrivens member of the network to own and run three sites in the network. They all offer unique and quality content that not one man should be able to produce on his own and still manage his own company, but James is able to somehow pull it off.

The Weekly Standards (more like monthly) returns from the grave with a new feature on the AT&T standards-based redesign. Unlike most of the articles you see on corporate redesigns, James take this up another notch by offering five pages of indepth analysis and interviews.

I was fortunate enough to be the inaugural guest pundit on the site so if anything go over and read one of the few times that I am able to form intelligent sentences.

Aurum3 Movies

Written by Scrivs on May 13, 2005

When looking at the submissions for the network there were a couple of movie sites submitted and I must admit the thought of adding a content-based movie site to the network was intriguing. However, most of these sites were mostly newsbits pointing out to other sites and lacked a certain design quality that I felt a movie site should possess. Then I came across this…

…and knew that I had found a good movie site for the network. A professional design mixed with professional reviews and previews is what Aurum3 Movies is all about.

Friday is new movie day so it is only fitting that we welcome this kickass site into the network. Enjoy.


Written by Scrivs on May 12, 2005

Although the majority of the sites within the network easily fall under the category of “blogs” we never consider ourselves to be a blog network. Instead we refer to ourselves as a content network and this site exemplifies why we have made that decision. Wikipes is a wiki for recipes and it is also a wiki done right.

Most wikis use the default templates of the wiki package and are poorly managed. Wikipes is neither of these. A well-managed site that caters to all sorts of recipes and cultures, wikipes is your one-stop shop for cooking.

If you like cooking or are at least interested in giving it a shot make sure to spend the rest of your life going through the recipes that wikipe offers.